Gastric Ulcer And Duodenal Ulcer

Causes and duodenal ulcer symptoms, treatment , diet , folk remedies

Duodenal ulcer often starts gradually with a sucking pain in the stomach, a heightened sense of hunger in the morning, light nausea. But just as often, these signals which delivers the body, not taken seriously.One simply does not realize the scale of the impending problems.For persistent pain and severe complications of the disease develops much later. If there is the slightest doubt ...

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Stomach cancer : symptoms, treatment , causes, triggers

At the moment everyone is afraid to hear the word "oncology".Especially when it comes to the defeat of a stomach tumor.Stomach cancer - it's hard, relentlessly progressive disease if left untreated, leads to the development of severe complications and death. According to WHO, gastric cancer ranks third after lung and skin cancer, and the second place in the structure of causes of death ...

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