A Brain Tumor

12 December

Symptoms of brain tumors

If a person concerned about persistent headaches, in addition to thousands of their causes, we can not exclude such a terrible disease as cancer education since the very first major sign of a brain tumor is - a headache.This symptom of cancer process recorded half of the patients in the brain.However, there are such types of tumors that do not cause the characteristic signs of brain tumo...

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12 August

Brain Tumor : symptoms, signs , causes, treatment , diagnosis , prognosis

brain tumor called arisen increased cell division, which consists of the brain itself, his prostate gland (the pituitary and pineal gland), its sheath, blood vessels or nerves coming out of it.The same term is called oncopathology when the tumor grows in the brain, formed from the skull bone cells or when the blood flow brought here tumor cells from other organs (usually the lungs, diges...

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