Breast Cancer

12 December

The first signs of breast cancer - self-diagnosis

Breast cancer - cancer that with timely diagnosis and adequate treatment to date can have a favorable prognosis for a long time to extend the life of a full-fledged woman. However, deceit cancer is not only the chest, but also any other location, lies in the fact that just at zero, the first stages of the disease when very effective treatment, notice starting the growth of the tumor its...

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12 August

Symptoms of breast cancer treatment at different stages , the prognosis

Breast cancer - the most common cancer in women in the Russian Federation.It accounts for over 20% of all malignant tumors. The disease is almost always detected after 55-60 years, although in recent years breast "younger" cancer, occurring in women 30-45 years old.Breast tumors are potentially curable and have a good prognosis, it is important to identify them at an early stage (see. S...

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