Lungs' Cancer

12 December

The symptoms of lung cancer , the first symptoms , treatment, prevention

Lung cancer - the most common localization of the cancer process, characterized by a rather hidden passage and the early appearance of metastases. The incidence of lung cancer depends on the living area, the degree of industrialization, climate and production conditions, gender, age, genetic predisposition and other factors. noted a gradual increase in the number of cases of people eve...

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12 August

Genetic mutations of smoking , leading to lung cancer , can occur in 20 years to aggressive tumor growth

Everyone knows that cancer in the early stages of the process are asymptomatic, and their diagnosis often occurs accidentally. According to the World Health Organization, the world leader in the number of deaths from cancer belongs to lung cancer (symptoms, diagnosis), a major risk factor which is considered to be smoking, as well as work in hazardous environments (asbestos, arsenic, bi...

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