Bladder Cancer

12 December

Symptoms of bladder cancer

Among all malignant neoplasms affecting the human body, bladder cancer Statistics ranks 10th in women and 5 men, which amounts to about 3 percent of the total number of cancer.Among the malignant lesions of the genitourinary system it owns 70 per cent, 90 per cent are transitional - cell carcinoma of the bladder.To determine treatment tactics effective therapy of this disease are very ...

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12 August

Treatment and symptoms of cancer of the bladder in men and women

Contents: Predisposing factors Classification Symptoms Diagnostics Treatment forecast The patients after treatment FAQs patients Any malignant tumor - a threat to human life.Gradually developing, most of them reveal themselves only in the later stages, when there are warning signs of the disease and the patient's general condition is deteriorating rapidly.The eff...

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