12 December

Symptoms of leukemia in children and adults , treatment, prognosis

Leukemia - Cancer is a disease, which is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase in the number of leukocytes (white cells) in the blood. About 90% of leukemia diagnosed in adults.In 2000, during the diagnosis of the world "leukemia" was confirmed in about 256,000 patients.Of these, from the disease (and its complications) died 209 000. about ...

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12 August

Blood disorders : symptoms, treatment , causes, tests

primary analysis, which assigns a person of any doctor to whom he addresses with complaints - a general analysis of capillary blood.Popularly called the blood "of the finger," and doctors call hemogram.It turns out, it shows the level of inflammation, bacterial or viral in nature, it is through the hemoglobin level indicates the integrity of the delivery system to the tissues of oxygen. ...

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