Cervical Cancer

12 December

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer - a cancer that the Statistics ranks third in frequency of occurrence in women after breast cancer and uterine cancer. Malignant cervical tumors account for 15 per cent of other tumors of the reproductive system of women, and this type of tumor is considered one of the most easily diagnosable types of cancer, as more visually available for diagnosis. However, in Russia ...

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12 August

Why do I get warts in women look like genital warts and flat , methods of their removal

One of the problems that make women see a gynecologist, are warts in the genital area. In a study of women human papilloma virus, that causes warts and it is found in 40 - 80% of cases, but only 3% of the patients of the fairer sex are clinical manifestations. Warts are not only a cosmetic defect, but also subjected to a serious threat to the female body - cervical cancer. What are wa...

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