Ent Diseases In Children

Causes of elevated ESR in the blood of the child and adult

Contents: What is ESR? Diseases accompanied by high levels of erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR - norm and pathology techniques ESR determination and interpretation of results Factors affecting the rate of blood If elevated ESR in the blood of a child - what does it mean?When increased ESR is considered safe? Causes of false-positive tests What if the reasons for an ...

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Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck : Causes, symptoms and treatment of cervical lymphadenitis , what to do if you are ill , enlarged lymph nodes

Lymph nodes - a small organism filters.Through them passes protein-rich fluid, lymph, blood which eliminates dangerous for the organism microorganisms and toxins, as well as to modify the cell.Located one by one, they check back lymph to as immunity gather their strength, the disease process has not gone beyond this area. Lymph nodes are the same, and those bodies that first confronted ...

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