Stones In The Kidneys

Renal colic : symptoms, treatment , causes

Probably everyone or almost everyone has heard of the existence of renal colic, symptoms and treatment of her care a lot, so this article will be very crucial. What is meant by the term "renal colic"? This caused sharply twinge in the lumbar region.It is pathognomonic symptom of urolithiasis (for details, see kidney stones:. Symptoms, Treatment). How does it manifest itself? Typicall...

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The classification of renal diseases , symptoms, diagnosis

kidneys - one of the main body's filters.After they filtered blood plasma, turning first to the primary and then the secondary urine, carrying an excess of nitrogenous waste products and mineral salts.Normally, the internal kidney Wednesday sterile. However, often in the kidney appears microflora, causing inflammation.It is promoted by abnormal development (extension pyelocaliceal appar...

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Reasons for the presence of slime and protein in the urine of children and adults

for many diseases of the urinary system is characterized by the appearance of pathological impurities in the urine, as evidence of inflammatory changes in the urinary tract or kidney.The most typical components of urine sediment are mucus, white blood cells, red blood cells and protein.Consider a situation, characterized by two of them: the mucus and protein. What is mucus in the urine?...

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