Loss Of Consciousness

Causes of loss of consciousness , fainting , what is the difference between them , first aid

Fainting - a state of unconsciousness that has occurred due to a sharp oxygen starvation of the brain, and a depressed reflexes and vegetovascular disorders.This brief loss of consciousness. first syncope was described by the ancient physician Areteem.The Greek name of fainting (syncope, ie, cutting) from the shores of Cappadocia (modern Turkey) gradually came to New Orleans, where jazz...

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Stop breathing and heart : the reasons , first aid, symptoms, signs

Cardiac arrest - the equivalent of clinical death.As soon as the heart ceases to perform its function of pumping and pump blood, the body starts changing, called tanatogenesis birth or death.Fortunately clinical death is reversible, and in some cases of sudden cessation of breathing and their hearts can be started again. Actually sudden cardiac arrest - this is the termination of its wo...

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