Hypertensive Crisis

First aid in hypertonic crisis : symptoms, treatment , consequences

Systemic hypertension is a very common disease that affects more than 1 billion people in the world (in the United States - more than 65 million). People suffering from hypertension are included in the group of higher risk of early development of the cardiovascular system diseases, kidney and brain. annually kill about 7 million people from the complications of hypertension.About 30% o...

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The rate of blood pressure by age , the table top and bottom pressure in women , men, children

As long as you have this option fits into the normal range, you are not thinking about it.Interest in this parameter appears to the moment when it crashes into a class of tangible health problems.However, there are folk and scientific approach to the evaluation of this indicator - blood pressure, for the sake of brevity referred to as the acronym AD. What BP Another immortal hero of I...

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