Meniere's Disease

Syndrome ( Disease) Meniere : symptoms, treatment , prognosis

Meniere's disease or syndrome - a disease characterized by lesions of the structures of the inner ear, manifested by tinnitus, dizziness, and transient disorders of hearing. Studies have shown that the disease is detected in 1 out of 1,000 (0.1%).This figure is approximately equal to the frequency of multiple sclerosis. majority of patients - people older than 40 years.The incidence of...

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Why not hear one ear and causes hearing loss in adults and children

rumor - an important tool for human communication with the outside world.When violations of the auditory capacity narrows the load on the brain in the temporal lobe, is overloaded and attention fall human cognitive abilities (thinking, memory, learning ability). Besides hearing loss causes problems in communicating with other people and limits the adaptive capacity of a person.If you be...

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