Scarlet Fever

12 December

Skarlatina- incubation period .Quarantine of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever - vysokozaraznoe infectious disease that begins with symptoms of intoxication, a characteristic skin rash and sore throat.More often than not that the disease affects only children of 2-10 years.In fact, scarlet fever - is the primary contact with the streptococcus.Therefore, except for a sore throat and there is an eruption, as the primary allergic to a streptococcus.Today...

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12 August

Scarlet fever in adults - symptoms, treatment , symptoms

Adults are ill with scarlet fever - is for many can be a surprising statement, since the majority of the population is convinced that the scarlet fever is exclusively a childhood disease.Can adults infected with scarlet fever from a child? adults with weakened immune systems when exposed to a sick child may be ill with scarlet fever.In adults, symptoms often are somewhat worn out charac...

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