12 December

Salmonellosis : how is transferred , the incubation period , the way of salmonella contamination

Salmonellosis - this is a common intestinal infection, which is the main source of infection is contaminated food.The causative agent of salmonellosis - a variety of Salmonella spp.In our country, they are almost 500 species, the most common of which S. typhimurium, S. Heidelberg, S. enteritidis, S. derby, S. newport, S. Anatum, S. cholerae suis, etc., The susceptibility to which the per...

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12 August

Any questions about salmonellosis - symptoms, treatment , How Not to Die

Salmonellosis - an acute infectious intestinal diseases, which pathogens are different kinds of bacteria of the genus Salmonella.Salmonella affects the digestive tract, can sometimes occur with typhoid symptoms, at least in the form of a generalized septic forms. Medicine 2 thousand known serovars (species) Salmonella, however, in our mill only 500 kinds of provoking intestinal diseases...

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