The protein Dukan Diet : menu , table , recipes , what is its potential danger

Diet - this is known to all the notion that 90% of the population is associated with limitations in the power mode for a specific period of time with a view to the normalization of weight.However, this concept has a broader meaning, and in a literal translation from Greek means "power mode".Simply put, it is a lifestyle, eating habits and diet, that person or nation should be for life.

addition to the general concept, there are different types of food, such as rational, therapeutic diet, vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, halal, kosher and other types for which limited or eliminated certain foods in the diet.

How safe diet?

course, eating habits and the choice of a certain type of food affects human health.With regard to temporary diets that suggest a change in the diet advocated - they also have an impact on health, and sometimes not the best.Especially dangerous is the dramatic weight loss immediately after delivery.It would seem that this time limit, why they are dangerous for the body?

Stress for the body

new diet, violation of digestion and metabolism, the destruction of adipose tissue are a real stress for the body, which is trying to adapt to the new conditions of existence, giving all the power to maintain vital functions.Special hazards in this case bring a technique involving a sharp, rather than phasing out of certain products.In another case, the stress state of the organism are driving themselves "strong" ladies who tomorrow eat an apple and water, but also pamper yourself today kebab with pita bread.

Intolerance body

This is the main flaw of most diets.Rarely slimming thinking about possible contraindications to the chosen method of losing weight, based on the opinion of friends and acquaintances, whom she helped himself the weight loss process was easy.Deterioration of health and appearance is nothing but a dysfunction of the digestive, urinary and other systems of the body, whereas in the diet sources of these negative phenomena referred to as "the restructuring of the body", "a reaction to the destruction of fat tissue," etc.

Lack of vital substances in the body for some time

substances necessary for life, but not from food or coming in small amounts, will be picked up from the depot in the body.However, this period is not long, and vitamin and mineral deficiency or nutrientnaya affect both the metabolism and on the internal organs, not to mention the appearance.


Psychological side - one of the main subject to a limited diet.Initial euphoria and belief in the result after 3-5 days of dieting are replaced by a depressed mood, apathy, and can result in a nervous breakdown.

Loss of muscle mass

One of the negative effects, but it is likely at low-calorie diets, because it reduces not only the adipose tissue, and muscle, which adversely affects the health and appearance.


This phenomenon is typical for salt-free diets as complete elimination of salt from the diet leads to the loss of fluid from tissues, subsequent accumulation of toxic products of metabolism, and disturbance of all biochemical processes in the body.

immunity Reduced

Unbalanced diet, stress and slowing metabolism reduces the body's resistance to infections.


accelerated disintegration of adipose tissue leads to the formation of toxic products of metabolism.At the same nutrient deficiency leads to a protective slowing of metabolic processes, including the detoxification of the liver.metabolic products accumulate in the body and poison it.

appearance Change

It would seem - is the result of diet, and in this endeavor.But the change of appearance may not be quite the same as expected.Saggy, flabby and dull skin, aged person, brittle hair and nails, lost shape breasts and buttocks, sunken eyes - not a complete list of all the changes that occur in the process of losing weight.

sharp increase in risk of any diseases and activating dormant pathologies

body, weakened by a diet - an ideal environment for the development of any infection, including the activation of their own conditionally pathogenic microflora, as well as exacerbation of chronic pathologies.It is very likely after some time manifest disease of the body's system, which has undergone the greatest change in the diet.Also on the background of metabolic and hormonal increases the risk of cancer.

addition to health problems, most people are faced with emotional dependence on diet after its abolition.Fear of gaining extra pounds is enhanced by the victims, who had to go on during weight loss.All this leads to the rejection by the body of "forbidden" foods, the development of depression and the extreme conditions in the form of anorexia or bulimia.

protein Dukan Diet - weight loss methods are

author of the technique is the French doctor Pierre Duc.Since its introduction Ducane method has gained a huge spread due to the fact that the excluded severe restriction in the diet."Eat as much as you want" - says P. Duc.

His innovative method of weight loss physician has devoted 19 books.The scientist himself adheres to a diet for more than 40 years and, according to himself, no health problems does not feel.According to the author, the technique allows you to lose weight, strengthen and stabilize the result without strict fasting and intolerable practice.

on Dyukanu Diet refers to malouglevodnym, protein diets:

  • are practically no limits on the amount of food intake from the category of permitted;
  • There is a clear list of prohibited and permitted products;
  • basis of the power of protein foods;
  • significantly limits carbohydrates and fats are virtually eliminated;
  • minimize the amount of salt, which retains water in the body;
  • completely eliminates alcohol.The last stage is allowed to use white wine for cooking;
  • Required battery - oat bran, which replaces one of the meals during the day.Bran blunts hunger, normalize digestion and metabolism products output;
  • It is important to drink plenty of water, 2 liters a day, needed to reduce hunger and efficient excretion of metabolic products.You can drink at any time;
  • strictly forbidden to skip breakfast;
  • necessary to lead an active lifestyle to prevent kidney problems.

Why can lose weight without the risk of gaining weight again, eating protein food?

  • digestion of proteins is accompanied by a loss of more calories than is spent on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates;
  • protein in its pure form greatly reduce the feeling of hunger and does not retain water in the body;
  • Protein foods increases the body's resistance to infections;
  • protein prevents muscle "to lose weight", keeping them in good shape, and therefore exclude sagging skin.


menu Ducane Methodology consists of 4 successive stages.The first two stages allow to lose weight, and the last two - to consolidate and stabilize the achieved results.Each stage has a specific name and a list of foods that you can eat.The most important thing for losing weight - do not need to count calories, eating as much as you want from the list of allowed sites.In order to achieve the result you can not stick to a diet by half, achieving weight loss, but do not fix the result.

Dukan Diet: The first phase of the "Attack»

The shortest and most significant step in terms of weight loss.Allowed to eat only protein food.The average days of attack observed 5 days, ranging from 2 to 10 days, and depends on the excess body weight.Calculate the weight can be a simple formula: M = P - 100, where M - mass in kilograms;P -. Height in cm

Number kilogram above the norm duration of attacks (days) weight loss per day attacks (kilograms)
≤ 5 kg 1 ≈ 1
≤ 10 kg 3 1 - 2,5
11 - 19 kg 5 3
≥ 20 kg 7-10 5
  • meals should be regular.
  • You can eat as much as you want.
  • At this stage strong banned exercise enough 20-minute walk a day.

list of foods that you can eat in any quantity, combination and any time of day:

list of prohibited products:

  • Beef (except the ribs and steak);
  • Konin (except for the lower part of the abdomen);
  • Veal;
  • offal (liver, tongue);
  • Poultry without the skin (except duck and goose);
  • Rabbit;
  • pork, chicken, turkey ham fat content of 2-4%;
  • Fresh fish (white and red);
  • Smoked fish fat content of up to 10%;
  • Canned fish in its own juice, oil;
  • Crab sticks;
  • any seafood;
  • protein eggs in any form, without the addition of oil.Sometimes it is possible, and the yolk;
  • Dairy low-fat (0% fat);
  • One and a half tablespoons of oat bran every day (no more, no less), adding to the dairy or in the form of lozenges;
  • Unsweetened drinks: coffee, tea, herbal tea, soda without sugar (1.5-2 liters per day).
  • Spices: vinegar, cumin, garlic, onion, mustard, parsley, pepper.
  • Pork;
  • Lamb;
  • Sugar;
  • Vegetable and animal oils;
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream.

cooking methods:

  • on the grill;
  • In a double boiler;
  • in the oven;
  • Boiling;
  • Without oil and grease;
  • products can be combined with each other.

second stage "Alternation»

At this stage, the main weight loss.It will not be as sharp as during the days of the attack - about 1 kg per week.The duration of this phase depends on to what the numbers on the scale necessary to lose weight.Those.when you reach your desired weight should proceed to the next step.

  • protein days alternating with protein and vegetables.This means that in the protein days can eat the same as that in the first stage, and vegetable protein and days - are added to the protein cooked or raw vegetables, but nevertheless base diet comprise proteins.
  • interleaving scheme is selected individually.For example, 5 in 5 days, or 1 through 1.
  • Vegetables can not be refilled with oil, but can be 0% yogurt, balsamic vinegar, garlic.
  • Methods for the preparation of vegetables: grilled, steamed, decoction, stewing, baking in the oven.
  • sure to consume daily 2 tablespoons of oat bran.
  • necessary to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day.
  • From physical activities recommended to walk at least half an hour a day.

Allowed Vegetables:

Forbidden vegetables:

  • Cucumbers;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Radishes;
  • Spinach;
  • Asparagus;
  • Green beans;
  • Cabbage;
  • Celery;
  • Leek;
  • Dill;
  • Salad leaves any;
  • Eggplant;
  • Courgettes;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Pepper;
  • Occasionally allowed beets and carrots.
  • Peas;
  • Lentils;
  • beans white and red;
  • Beans;
  • Potatoes;
  • Corn.

Features Stage:

  • first 2 weeks of weight stops - this is normal;
  • After pass 2 months from the beginning of the diet, weight also begins to lose more slowly due to the inclusion of protective mechanisms of the body (1,5-2 kg per month).Some dieters give up, not noticing significant changes in the balance.

third stage of the diet - phase "Securing»

At this stage, the weight is not lost, but the body becomes accustomed to the new diet for weight stabilization.The most difficult from a psychological point of view of a step due to the presence of a number of dietary restrictions.Duration is calculated as follows - 10 days for each kilo lost:

Lost pounds, kilograms phase duration, days
5 50-60
10 100
20 200
  • menu expands with new, tasty foods, but set strict rules for their use;
  • Stage is divided into two equal halves;
  • 6 days a week should eat protein and vegetable diet (as in protein and vegetable days stage "Alternation");
  • 1 day a week (Thursday) should be purely protein (as a stage of "Attack" days);
  • Every day should eat 2 tablespoonsoat bran;
  • should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day;
  • Exercise - walking distance about 25 minutes a day.

In the first half of the stage, in addition to vegetables, you can add the following products:

Explanation of new products:

  • 2 pieces of protein-bran, whole-wheat bread / day;
  • 1 serving of fruit per day;
  • 1 portion of starchy foods per week;
  • 40 grams of cheese per day;
  • Ham plain, roast pork, ham of lamb - 1 or 2 times a week;
  • 1 festive meal a week.
  • Fruits - all except bananas, cherries, grapes, dried fruits and nuts;
  • 1 serving of fruit = 1 piece for large and 2 small pieces of fruit;
  • Cheese - solid fat content of 15-17%, 60 g per day.Exception - goat cheese and cheeses such as Roquefort;
  • Starchy foods: pasta from durum grain (most preferred), bulgur wheat, couscous, polenta, wheat, lentils, beans, rice and potatoes (the least preferred);
  • meal - festive, favorite food 1 time per day.It does not matter, chocolate cake or smoked chicken.Initially, you can apply a large portion, eat slowly, savoring the product, but do not take the supplement.

In the second half of the stage is further resolved:

  • 1 portion of starchy foods per week (total of 2);
  • 1 festive meal per week (a total of 2, but not 2 days in a row).

fourth stage - "Stabilization»

At this stage, the final stabilization of weight due to the formation of protective mechanisms, which will have to comply throughout their lives!Diet is positioned by its creator as a proper, healthy food, so at this stage is no longer seen as a measure to preserve the harmony of shapes, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • core power up instructions on the stage of "Securing".
  • main diet will be vegetables and proteins.
  • 1 protein only day also remains (Thursday).
  • Daily should consume 3 tablespoonsoat bran.
  • should not forget about drinking regime - 1,5 liters per day.
  • necessary to do daily walking 20 minutes a day.

Changes in the menu on the day of protein:

  • limit consumption of red fish: no more than 150 grams of smoked and not more than 200 grams of crude.The number of white fish and seafood is not limited to;
  • When used banned chicken wings, thighs and tailbone.Turkey meat these restrictions do not apply;
  • Of dairy products with 0% fat content should be preferred to those that contain less lactose;
  • salt consumption in that day is reduced to a minimum.l.