How to get rid of cellulite through diet , procedures , exercises at home

Under cellulite understand pathological structural changes of the subcutaneous adipose tissue localization, which lead to violations of the microcirculation of blood and lymph drainage.The adipose tissue congestion occur, leading to its gradual degeneration.

To determine cellulite, do not have to be a professor.Familiar to many women change skin bump, bumps and dimples, whose number is gradually increasing, clearly indicates the presence of this problem.Changed cellulite areas of the body have an unhealthy color, bad and uneven tan.


cellulite Cellulite - a disease of subcutaneous fat, not obesity, and metabolic disorders, leading to clogging of pores cells.So that of cells to be output - in them remains and accumulates.These cells eventually grouped forming islands in the connective tissue, solid to the touch.These islets in turn blocked lymphatic flow and blood flow, leading to the accumulation of calcium (calcination) in fat cells.

  • If more and squeezed nerves - there are painful
  • cellulite cells have the ability to attract water - creating a swelling of the affected areas.

Cellulite, depending on the location, requires a different approach to treatment, ie,a single method of therapy that would permanently get rid of the ugly "orange" skin does not exist.

  • about 96% of cases of cellulite in women is localized on the buttocks and thighs
  • to 44% falls on the stomach and knees
  • 16-40% of the pathological changes in adipose tissue is found in the hands of
  • change subcutaneous fat and possibly elsewhere,as well as several cellulite areas (thighs, buttocks and abdomen, and others.).

on cellulite location affects chronic pathology:

  • in violation of venous circulation and lymphatic drainage occurs cellulite picture on his feet
  • problems with the digestive system (bloating, constipation and diarrhea) together with the functional changes of the lymphatic system leads to cellulite in the abdomen
  • sedentary work leads to the formation of cellulite on the pope.

causes of cellulite

  • pollution - air, food, water
  • poor diet
  • stress
  • absence or low physical activity
  • hormonal disorders

Cellulite is a problem of the female half of humanity, and is not seen inmen.The structure of the male and female skin is different.Women have thinner skin, but a large layer of subcutaneous fat while the skin in men is thicker and contains more collagen.Gender determines the distribution of subcutaneous adipose tissue.Anatomical differences of the skin associated with the female reproductive function.

  • for women characterized by the predominance of fatty tissue in the lower part of the body, ie,on the thighs and buttocks
  • for men - in the upper part of the body: the abdomen, shoulders and chest.


It is characterized by a significant increase in body weight, which means - the skin should be able to stretch.Connection female skin tissue and weak looser than in men, and thus capable of effectively stretched without damage.

  • Another feature of a woman's skin - a parallel arrangement of connective tissue fibers, so that the fat cells can be "forced" through the fiber.
  • In men, the fibers of the connective tissue has a cross-shaped arrangement, thus forming a barrier for forcing fat cells.

Female sex hormones

Effect of estrogen, the female sex hormones on the skin is also significant: by the action of estrogen increases levels of hyaluronic acid in the dermis, increasing the function of the sebaceous glands.This leads to an increased moisture content in the skin, promotes the modification of soluble collagen, and transforming it into an insoluble compound.

Cellulitis often occurs in response to hormonal changes a woman's body: puberty, pregnancy, abortion, oral contraceptives, menopause.

Despite such significant differences in the structure of tissues, men may develop cellulite due to changes in the balance of the internal environment and the formation of stagnation.Male characteristic cellulite in the waist as overhanging on the front abdominal region and hips.


Earlier cellulite determined by pinch: when you squeeze the skin between the toes, resulting in skin folds visible grooves.Now cellulite is determined by the "orange peel - the result of accumulation of tissue fluid in the inner layers of the skin.

stages of cellulite

generally accepted classification of cellulite progression stages not developed.Different researchers called for 4 to 6 stages.

Stage 1

small swelling and tissue swelling, but the relief of the skin is not changed, that is, if the skin does not compress - cellulite is not visible when squeezed - he said.However, the affected areas observed a longer course of the regeneration process - longer to heal wounds, bruises slowly resolved.The tissue observed stagnation, there is fluid retention in subcutaneous fat and accumulation of metabolic products in the interstitial fluid.

Stage 2

skin texture becomes bumpy, especially when muscle tension.Venous and lymphatic system can no longer cope with the outflow of fluid from the tissues and blood vessels increases interstitial fluid pressure accumulated.Swelling, tension and tissue accumulation of metabolic products leads to seal fat.

Stage 3

Changing the subcutaneous tissue becomes clearly visible upon visual inspection.Picking skinfold seen the effect of "orange peel".Arterial blood vessels are swollen tissue impaction.Develops stagnation of blood circulation as venous and capillary.capillary walls due to weakness become more permeable, blood and lymph tissue propotevayut and permanent skin bruises observed.Proliferation of connective tissue results in the formation of densified capsules inside of which is adipose tissue.

stage 4

skin Modification tougher: the type of skin becomes uneven and bumpy even in a relaxed state, for example, lying.Connective seal merged into conglomerates, forming the so-called makronoduli or cellulite stones.Connective tissue grows even more, and the lack of blood supply to the affected areas gives the skin a bluish color and coldness, the skin in these areas is cool to the touch.When pressed on the skin feels much pain.

On 5 and 6 stages of cellulite affected area extends to occur even more pronounced changes.


cellulite Cellulite treatment - it is always a complex of measures, which are reduced to improve blood circulation and limofdrenazha in problem areas, breaking up the fat and connective tissue septa.All treatment methods can be divided into 2 groups:

  • internal exposure on pathologically altered adipose tissue, which is achieved by the active work of muscles (fitness, yoga, exercise, breathing exercises), ie the decline in the proportion of fatty tissue and increase the proportion of muscletissue, which is achieved through diet in combination with active training.
  • external influence , including a variety of treatments (massage, body wrap, hardware manipulation, etc.) - ineffective without internal.

When skin diseases, pregnancy, cancer pathology, all diseases in the acute phase or exacerbation of chronic pathology to treat cellulite is impossible.The methods allow to get rid of cellulite, you should be agreed with your doctor!

General principles of treatment of cellulite

  • 1 stage - it is enough to eliminate the causes that led to changes in fat metabolism, in order to eliminate the first appearance of cellulite.Treatment is aimed at enhancing the outflow of excess fluid from the tissues and excretion of metabolic products: lymphatic drainage, sauna, anti-cellulite body wraps, also shows diet and exercise.
  • 2 stage - are required intense physical activity, diet, lymphatic drainage and hardware cosmetology.
  • stage 3 cellulite - in addition to diet, active exercise, shows ultrasound therapy, deep-tissue massage, hardware lipolysis.
  • 4 stage - in running 4 or more stages only external influence and exercise do not help, surgical removal of fat deposits in the absence of contraindications.

internal exposure

medicines that could cure cellulite does not exist!All that is positioned as a means of cellulite is most often a dietary supplement of the vitamins and minerals (uncontrolled production of questionable quality, see. Synthetic vitamin dangerous to health) or homeopathic preparation, which, as known, can not lead to poisoning withouthave an active acting formulation (see. how the placebo effect).Considering the causes of cellulite, to count on the effect of the drugs inside labeled "cellulite" is silly.

Water and thermal procedures

  • and relaxing underwater massage - gentle on the fabric with water, supplied with a certain pressure.The procedure increases the effects of hardware techniques, relaxes the muscles, activates the metabolism and tones the skin.
  • Sharko shower - active hydro leads to increased blood circulation in the tissues are broken down fat connective capsule fat actively broken down and excreted in the exchange of products.
  • Scottish shower - kind Charcot shower, which uses the water of contrasting temperatures.Regarded as more effective.
  • Sauna - thermal effects (70-100 C) leads to increased lymph flow, elimination of excess fluid through the pores, improve skin turgor.At the first stage of cellulite rather sauna sessions weekly for 45-60 minutes if there are no contraindications to visit the baths and saunas (see Contraindications. Saunas and baths).


  • excluded fried, spicy and fatty foods, fast food, sauces and savory dishes that will relieve the liver and kidneys, are responsible for the excretion of metabolic products.
  • sweets are excluded, the excess of which is transformed into fat depot.
  • excluded caffeinated beverages, constricts blood vessels, which automatically contributes to the stagnation of fluid in the tissues.
  • increasing consumption of fresh water in the morning.After 19:00 you can drink only to quench thirst, to excess water in the tissues is not postponed.
  • The share of fresh fruits and vegetables, which act as a brush, cleaning the intestines of toxins (see. How to clean the body of toxins without harm to health).

Exercise cellulite

Every self-respecting fitness club certainly has a price list in the so-called anti-cellulite program, including those or other exercises that:

  • train the muscles;
  • ┬źdisperse┬╗ thus fat;
  • activates blood and lymph circulation, metabolism;
  • tone the skin.

question of the effectiveness of exercise is not even worth it - regular exercise with sufficient load necessarily lead to positive results within a few months.Where there is muscle tissue, fat is not the place.Perhaps, the total weight loss will be negligible, but the body will get relief, and the skin - smooth and elastic.

Can I get rid of cellulite at home, without a visit to the salon?

There are three very effective exercises to help overcome cellulite:

  • hula-hoop - a familiar name to many, but is often confused with the usual hoop, familiar to us from the physical education lessons.Hula-hoop - a weighted hula hoop, made with special embossed bulges, which can twist and in the hips and the waist.Enough 15-minute daily work.
  • Rope - all available means, including the work of almost all muscle groups.It helps to quickly get rid of cellulite on legs.Begin with 15 minutes of jumps and gradually adjusted to the duration of the exercise to 45 minutes every day.
  • Walking up the stairs - every day is necessary to cover the distance in two ten-house.The main thing - do not run up soon, to quickly "run rate", and climb the stairs at the same pace, controlling the breath.

very tangible effect in the fight against cellulite is achieved such as the breathing exercises Bodyflex.Just 15 minutes a day of light poses breath-hold give amazing results.

Bodyflex - breathing exercises with elements of isotonic and isometric exercises, women can perform perfectly at any age.The great thing about this property:

  • no need to go to the gym - saving money and time
  • learn how you can own (free video tutorials on the web, on TV, a lot of information)
  • happens
  • grueling physical exertion exercises easy to rememberand made it very easy, the occupation -15 minutes
  • enough to perform 10-12 poses every day - pulled muscles, improves wellbeing, smoother skin, reduced appetite, drop off extra weight and decreases the severity of cellulite
  • at a delay of breath and the maximum retraction of the abdomenthere is a massage of the internal organs, as in yoga class - that has beneficial effects on the entire body
  • this gymnastics - salvation for women after giving birth, gain extra kilos!

manual mechanical action

Manual anti-cellulite massage, called manual lymph drainage, assigned and carried out strictly medical specialists.Intensive effects on tissues leads to softening and breaking up of fat capsules, the active removal of tissue fluid and toxins, improves circulation.Massage improves cellulite inflows into the tissue, as well as normalize the immune system.

Hardware correction

figure Aesthetic cosmetology offers hardware technology lymphatic drainage, which may act as an independent treatment or combined with other techniques.Mechanical lymph drainage is contraindicated in many diseases of the pelvic organs (uterus myoma, endometriosis, polycystic, inflammation of the female genital organs, and others.) - In these cases, a procedure generally not permitted, any impact is only possible on the hips.That is not to hold them without consulting a gynecologist and examinations.

Vacuum massage

effective and painless method of destruction of pathological subcutaneous fat.A special machine delivers the thin air, which has a powerful effect - loosens the connective tissue capsule containing tallow, and softens the fat tissue itself, which begins to actively removed.The result is a smooth skin, healthy color of the skin, lack of swelling.


This is a more powerful and effective impact, which includes vacuum, vibration and kneading.The patient wears a special individual suit, and it is supplied through the thin air, which leads to a rush of blood to the tissues.After heating tissue massage rollers grab the tissue and actively knead them.

During the procedure, it seems rolling tissues throughout the body.Processed whole body, but especially - the problem areas.Each patient is given an individual program.The procedure is well tolerated and does not cause pain and discomfort.The result - the disappearance of edema, improvement of trophic tissue, skin tightening and improving its elasticity.