Vitamins for immunity - harm or benefit of synthetic vitamins ?

The fact that vitamins are essential for the immune system, good health - every schoolboy knows.At the same time the question arises, how he knew?Advertising multivitamin supplements around us.On television, in the newspapers, the Internet and other media go on about the need to take Vitaminka.

People zombie straight from kindergarten - it is useful to eat vitamin pills.Thus there is a terrible and sometimes criminal substitution of concepts.You say. "Vitamin C is overriding in our metabolism"However, not everyone knows that vitamin C and ascorbic acid is not the same thing.


history Almost all the most important vitamins for the body have been identified and synthesized in the early 20th century.Beginning era of synthetic vitamins laid Casimir Funk - Polish biochemist, because he coined the term vitamin, and deciphered the formula, and developed a method for chemical synthesis of B1 - the first synthetic vitamin.

first artificial vitamins are used only for the prevention and treatment of

vitamin deficiency in people at high risk of vitamin deficiency:. Sailors, submariners, polar explorers, astronauts, pilots of distant aircraft, etc. But when Linus Pauling (2-dy Nobel laureate), bookswhich is about a healthy lifestyle were quite popular, published in 1970 an article entitled "Evolution and the need for ascorbic acid," the situation has changed.

In it, he argued intake of vitamin C in high doses for the prevention of diseases, particularly viral and cancer.His arguments were not supported by any clinical studies were purely theoretical, based on the literature of the time.As to his opinion and listened to millions of books have been very popular, took advantage of the farm cartels, seeing the prospect of huge profits.As you know, demand creates supply, want to take synthetic vitamins in large quantities - no problem for your money every whim.

euphoria around the artificial vitamins lasted about 20 years, but it was enough, it has had its detrimental effect.The pharmaceutical lobby leads to the fact that the future professionals (physicians) more students are convinced that the diet is poor in vitamins food today, and every day, all year round, it is necessary to take a multivitamin complexes.Moreover, told that synthetic vitamins are essential for the immune system, so to speak, to strengthen it !!!(See. Whether the drug to enhance immunity need a healthy person).

counted up the potential level of farm income cartels?Every day 6 billion people drink Vitaminka!No one disease - not flu treatment (antivirals) or Ebola fever or tuberculosis or cancer treatment do not bring income farmindusrii such proportions as vitamins, promoted by aggressive advertising from all sides.

Vitamins do not relate to drugs, they do not need a recipe, moreover, they can not even buy in a drugstore.The manufacturer need only demonstrate to the regulatory body that they can not be poisoned - and everything does not require any clinical trials, no evidence of therapeutic efficacy.Any pharmaceutical company creates a vitamin preparation, and then register it as a dietary supplement (dietary supplement), and earns millions a year, and the test becomes a trusting buyer these same additives.The worst thing is that many food manufacturers for some reason (marketing techniques) added synthetic vitamins in their products (for example, the addition of vitamin E in sunflower refined oil), or added vitamins in baby food !!!

Under the guise of "health pills" farm cartels vparivayut us chemicals, only vaguely reminiscent of vitamins, and this "chemistry" is not harmless.Articles about the dangers of synthetic vitamins is full of internet.To summarize the available information:

more dangerous synthetic vitamins: study scientists

Everyone has long known that people who consume large amounts of plant-based foods that are rich in vitamins, live much longer and better than their counterparts who eat junk food.So why synthetic vitamins are harmful to our health, and natural on the contrary, necessary for the normal operation of the immune system?The fact that the artificial vitamins similar, but not identical natural and the body recognizes this difference.

The effect of vitamins on the mental abilities of children

three pharmaceutical companies who claimed that multivitamin complexes increase the intelligence of the children in 1992, lost the case in the British courts.The loss due to the fact that the claim was unfounded, they are not able to provide conclusive evidence.A group of scientists from the 1988-1991 tried to find confirmation of this.They studied the effect of vitamins on children in the US, the UK, Belgium, and found out that there is absolutely no link between multivitamins and the level of intelligence in children.

Vitamin E

next victim farm cartels - vitamin E. If you take any synthetic multivitamin complex, then the instruction will know that it contains alpha-tocopherol, which we give of vitamin E. Natural vitamin contains not one, butfour tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) and four tocotrienols (alpha and beta, gamma and delta).Some manufacturers provide vitamin E, consisting of 2 or 3, tocopherols (natural proportions of speech certainly is not), but they do not contain tocotrienols accurately.What do the studies:

  • first information about the dangers of synthetic vitamins have appeared in 1994, when Finnish scientists have tried to analyze the effect of vitamin E for the prevention of lung cancer in smokers.The result was spectacular - instead of reducing risk, vitamin E increased the incidence by 18%.
  • Israeli team of scientists has found that a combination of vitamin C + E is 30% faster progression of atherosclerosis of brain vessels and neck.
  • large study in the United States, Denmark, Serbia, for 170 thousand subjects showed that A + E vitamins in combination increases by 30% the risk of bowel cancer.
  • since 2005 prohibited any advertising of vitamins in the EU, if it heard the word "extend", "treat", "helps to heal" and so forth.
  • In France, products containing vitamin A, are forbidden to use.
  • In the UK, it is not recommended intake of vitamins A and E.

Vitamin A

There is a food supplement as E160a or carotene.It turns out it in two ways:

  • Extraction of natural resources:. Carrots, oranges, maize seeds, red palm oil, red pepper, etc.
  • synthetic methods.

natural carotene consists of two major factions: the alpha and beta, as well as several small: gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta.Synthetic carotene - this is only one fraction - beta-carotene.The interesting thing is that both species are referred to the same E160a, sometimes referred to as natural E160a (1), and a synthetic E160a (2).

main producer of synthetic carotene is the United States, namely, American scientists have called the beta-carotene vitamin A. In fact, beta-carotene is not a vitamin at all, and pro-vitamin, which the body turns into its active form.In addition, carotenes may be stored in the body, primarily in the liver and skin.It is thought that the yellow color is due to our fat deposition carotenes.With the accumulation of synthetic beta-carotene how many times it is associated carcinogenic effect.


  • Another confirmation harm vitamins - in the prestigious American journal "The Lancet" one scientific team published their findings, according to which vitamin A increases the risk of cancer gastrointestinal tract by 30%, and the combination of A + E vitamins - 10%.
  • wishing to prove the role of artificial vitamins in the prevention of Oncology, there were many.Effect of vitamins A + E in people who work with asbestos (carcinogen that causes lung cancer), and in smokers was studied in 1996.The study was stopped prematurely because the group taking the vitamins, the incidence of cancer increased by 28% and mortality by 17%.
  • group of French scientists found that if a smoker takes 20 mg of vitamin A per day, it increases the risk of heart failure by 13%.

Directly vitamin A can be considered as a mixture of a group of substances: retinol (akseroftol) degidroretinol, retinal (retinene) and retinoic acid, which together are called retinol, said the list is not complete.Synthetic vitamin A also represents:

  • Retinol acetate - acetic acid salt, in which the human body is not contained at all.
  • Retinol palmitate - salt, similar to natural retinol.

Do synthetic retinols because cause cancer and increase the frequency of deformities in babies when taking pregnant, they just LIKE to natural?

Vitamin C

Farm businessmen convince us that ascorbic acid is vitamin C, but in fact it is not.Natural composition of vitamin C in addition to ascorbic acid comprising: rutin, bioflavonoids, tyrosinase, ascorbigin, Factor K Factor J, the P factor, and in certain proportions.If you want to create a really similar to natural vitamin C, you need to synthesize all of these ingredients and mix them in the right proportions.Askorbinku not cure scurvy.Cabbage, hips and even the potato treats, and ascorbic acid - no.

  • Scientists from the US have found that the use of vitamin C at a dose of 500mg per day increases the rate of progression of atherosclerosis in 2,5 times.
  • Researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that people taking vitamin complex A, E, C (so-called antioxidant), the risk of early death increases by 16%.
  • Incidentally, dextrose, ascorbic acid is practically not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, unlike pellets (white tablets of 10 pieces. "Twist").

Vitamin B12, B1

Natural Vitamin B12 is cobalamin group - biologically active substances, which include cobalt.These include: cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin and 5-dezoksiadenozilkobalamin.Synthetic vitamins include only one of these components - tsiankobolamin.The substance is produced bioengineered means.

That is a bacterium mutant introduced gene, allowing it to synthesize cyanocobalamin, and although genetic engineering is nothing dangerous to health, still stands on a box with a synthetic B12 write "Contains GMO" (see GMO harm or benefit.).It is also used in the production of a number of very dangerous substances: phenol, cyanide, acetone, chloroform, tetrachloride, etc. And where is the guarantee that the final product is adequately cleared of extremely toxic ballast.?

Artificial vitamin B1 increases the mortality of patients with diabetes.

Vitamin D

Artificial vitamin D for pregnant, causing a lot of problems with the skeleton of the newborn, in the elderly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke due to vascular calcification.


Against the background of such propaganda vitamin in developed countries, doctors are more likely to deal with hypervitaminosis, ie with opposite conditions associated with an overdose of vitamins.They can also occur in excess of these substances in food (for example, vitamin A marine animal liver and shellfish), and when receiving a large number of long-term use, and vitamin complexes.

  • Excess vitamin A - can cause nausea, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, skin rashes, seizures.
  • Excess vitamin D - the deposition of calcium salts in the walls of the vessels of the heart and kidneys.
  • Excess vitamin C - insomnia, diarrhea, increased anxiety, feelings of heat.
  • Vitamins E, A, D - fat-soluble and can accumulate in body fat, causing intoxication.
  • vitamins C, PP and group B - the most allegorical, often cause allergic reactions.

When expedient taking vitamins in pill?

be very definitive, of course, it is not appropriate and it is not necessary to reject completely all the artificial vitamins.For example, over 100 years of aspirin use on its side effects were killed far more people than the use of vitamins together, but from the use of aspirin is not yet fully abandoned.

And of vitamins in some cases, can not refuse, for example:

  • taking medicines that interfere with the absorption of vitamins (chelators, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy drugs, anticoagulants, etc.).
  • various gastrointestinal diseases, violates digestion
  • severe infectious diseases (tuberculosis)
  • recovery in the postoperative period
  • people who work in difficult conditions (miners, divers, explorers, astronauts and so forth.)
  • during the forced absence of the normal power supply., as well as rigid diets, fasting, etc.

but if you're looking for an answer to the question - what to choose vitamins for immunity, to prevent, to the alleged "increase ogranizma resistance" it is clear that it is not only appropriate, but alsonot harmless.

And what is the conclusion from the above?

  • Refers to any vitamins to be like a real drug, taken only on strict conditions, prescribed by a doctor, preferably 1-2 component drugs, not multivitamin complexes.
  • Do not take yourself "for prevention."
  • If you eat a full and varied, every day eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, seafood, fish and meat, unrefined olive oil - no vitamins to enhance immunity you do not need, and no matter the time of year.
  • No pill can not replace a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juice - carrot, orange, apple, tomato - natural juices available for the Russian product.

Video transmission "Vitamins: benefit or harm"

  • minutes from 3:00 to 14:00 - multivitamin complex reduces a person's life - it is proved by scientists.Vitamins should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor to diagnose them scarce.The opinion expressed: a practicing endocrinologist Olga Demicheva and head.the Department of Pharmacy Artem Markarian.
  • with 14:00 20:00 - In what products the highest content of vitamin C, A and Group B.

alternative to synthetic vitamins - organic foods

Below are lists of products with a maximum content of certain vitamins (A, C, E, E, B1, B6, B12, B9).Comparing daily rate (estimated) quantitative content of vitamins in the products you will notice that eating diverse, including in your diet fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, meat, fish, cereals, vegetable oil - the person does not require additional admission synthetic substances,remotely resembling them.

Vitamin C

following is a list of fruits and vegetables, the leaders on the content of vitamin C (in the crude product and boiled), and which are often on the table at the Russians.This is not a complete list of foods rich in vitamin C, almost any vegetable and fruit contains it.The daily requirement of Vitamin C - 150 mg.for an adult.The table shows - approximately how many grams of the product contain daily norm of vitamin (in descending order).The table shows that the person has enough to eat just 1 kiwi fruit per day, or 1-2, or orange sweet peppers to get the daily requirement of vitamin C.

in a day.

  • Rosehip

enough 38 gr boiled, 15 dry

  • sweet pepper

250g boiled, 150 fresh

  • Seabuckthorn

188 grams of boiled, 75gr crude

  • Kiwi

200g boiled, 83 raw

  • Blackcurrant

188 grams of boiled, 75 crude

  • Parsley

250g boiled, 100 g of crude