What kind of water to drink - filtered , bottled , tap , mineral

Water - a unique inorganic substance, which determines the possible existence of life on earth.It is the universal solvent, the basis for the biochemical processes.The uniqueness of the water is to dissolve both organic and inorganic substances.

Water accompanies man from birth to death.At school we were taught that the human body consists of water by about 70%.Accordingly, without this natural resource, human life is impossible.

What kind of water should you drink?

Water should be physiologically full health, ie:

  • have a natural origin from an underground source;
  • not contain artificial additives;
  • be subjected to a deep clean by osmosis;
  • be brackish (0.5-0.75 g / l).

only drinking water of natural origin contains all necessary macro-and micronutrients.It is the most valuable drink for the body that determines health!

How useful and safe drinking water in Russia?

modern cleaning and disinfection system brought water in our taps to safe values ​​for microbiological and chemical indicators.

However, deterioration of running water leads to what can be observed in the water excess iron content, detected by chlorine and even organic substances and bacteria.

If water enters the water from an underground source - a big plus.But most of the large cities receive water from above-ground sources - rivers, reservoirs and lakes.Yes, it gets to our taps after a multi-stage purification, but its quality indicators are far from the artesian water characteristics.

boiled or raw?

Raw water is preferable for the body because it contains trace elements in the form of salts.It has a unique structure of water molecules location.Often her name alive, and not without reason - Only this water helps cells regenerate and prevents the formation of free radicals.But crude (not purified) water to drink is not recommended due to the risk of the presence in it of harmful bacteria and toxic compounds.

Boiled water is not only useless, but also harmful."Dead Water" - a frightening phrase called her some experts:

  • by boiling useful salts fall into an insoluble precipitate;
  • significantly reduced oxygen content;
  • chlorine contained in the water from the tap, when boiling is converted into toxic compounds, leading to kidney stones and cancer pathology (see chlorine effects on health.);
  • altered by boiling the water structure helps to ensure that within a day this water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

But the issue of water security is not going away - to ensure that the raw water does not contain harmful microorganisms can not.

If you still safety reasons you prefer boiled water, let stand the raw water for 2 hours, then boil and turn off the kettle at the beginning of boiling: this water will be decontaminated, and most of the minerals remain accessible for learning state.Drink only fresh boiled water, or allow it to long-term storage and use.

Which raw water and need to drink?

Tap water

This raw water, purified water utilities on and brought to the regulatory requirements.Not the best option for health.If there is no other option, then you can drink it after pre-treatment with one of the following methods:

  • boiling with the strict observance of the above recommendations;
  • filtration, as we'll discuss below;
  • settling for 2 hours and further using only the upper half of the liquid.But this method does not insure against germs and toxic substances.

Bottled water

This raw water, purified industrial way, but meets all safety requirements.It is packed in larger bottles and plastic bottles, which are implemented in stores.Often the first and highest category.

  • first - artificially purified water (tap water, from surface water) method of deep cleaning
  • Higher - water from artesian wells, purified sparing methods and disinfected with ultraviolet light.

far as it is useful? With proper cleaning this water is really useful and safe, it does not need to be boiled before drinking.However, manufacturers often save on the stages of water purification, resulting in realized product is far from what the label promises.

How to choose a bona fide producer:

  • The longer a company has on the market, so it is more reliable;
  • Solid manufacturer did not save on the packaging;
  • Oh well water will always go the popular rumor;
  • Council for the most demanding customers - purchase take water in a special laboratory and check its quality and safety.

Spring water

This natural water which has passed through the natural purification of the soil layers.Each spring is unique.As a rule, such water not only do not contain harmful impurities, but also enriched in the course of its passage through the soil minerals.Of course, from springs located near cities or boundaries, of little use.In Russia there are a lot of springs protected by the state, the water of which is rightly belongs to the highest category.These water bodies have official passports, and access to them is limited.

Spring water can be seen in retail sales - manufacturer packs up her exactly the same as the bottled.However, some of them sell for profit under the guise of an ordinary spring water artesian water, and then tap.In order not to be deceived, you should follow the recommendations concerning the choice of bottled water.Also on the bottle should be given a specific location water intake, iespring.

If you take yourself out of the water of a spring - do not forget to do it in a clean container and periodically check the qualitative composition of the water in the laboratory.

Mineral water

This natural water with a high content of minerals and salts from the deeper soil layers.The mineralization of water occurs as it passes through the soil rock.According salt content mineral water is divided into:

  • medical (mineralization & gt; 8 g / l);
  • medical table (mineralization of 1-8 g / l);
  • tablespoon (salinity less than 1 g / l).

What is better to drink mineral water?

  • Dining mineral water. no health risk can drink a tablespoon water.Especially good this water after prolonged stress in the recovery period after the poisoning, diarrhea, acute intestinal infection.Still, you should not drink it all the time.
  • Therapeutic mineral water may only be assigned to a doctor in strict dosage and for a specific time period.She (like drugs) is a testimony and a sufficient list of contraindications to the use, it can not be used without a doctor's prescription.
  • medical-table mineral water also appointed a physician, but later the patient himself can conduct this course taking water.

By the way, only in a few countries, people drink mineral water instead of drinking water without restrictions, among them Russia.Well, healthy children under 12 years old should not be given even a tablespoon of mineral water.

Filtered water - harm and benefits

household filters for water purification can be found in every home.This is an economical way of producing purified water from a conventional tap.Filters are wetted, which are embedded in running water and jug, iemobile.

Since each filter has its own cleansing base, originally should undertake analysis of water from your tap, to know on what exactly you need to purify water (excess of chlorine, iron, sulfates, etc.).Filtered water is useful if the following points:

  • correctly selected filter system for a specific problem;
  • timely replacement cartridges, and should not wait for a resource declared by the manufacturer - it is better to cut that time in half;
  • periodic study of water obtained after filtration.

Universal filters

The use of such water - They are completely purified tap water of impurities, includingviruses and bacteria.In their work laid the foundation reverse osmosis mechanism only water molecules remain during the treatment.

harm - salt-free or distilled water is not very useful for the body, so this filter is mainly used in industrial situations.With regular use of such water there is demineralization of the body - devoid of salt water will take them out of human organs and tissues.All this threatens to diseases of the bone and cardiovascular systems, metabolic disorders and premature aging.

tricked filters are supplied with a system of artificial mineralization already purified water.Assimilation of salt added to the water artificially, leaves much to be desired.The best water invented by nature, and artificial additives - a blow to the urinary system and metabolism!The next danger - carcinogenic chlorine compounds can easily penetrate through the membrane back into the water.And this is the risk of cancer.

filter jug ​​

usually purified water only on specific pollutants.At the root is wrong: universal fashion for pitchers who supposedly are suitable for any kind of water.Without pre-filter water analysis may be useless in your case.Microorganisms, caught out of the water, can grow in the filter cartridge, enriching drinking water sources of infectious diseases.

useful to drink melted water?

Not long ago, the population has swept a real boom on the benefits of meltwater.At home, get a true kind of water is not possible.This method is comparable to uphold - after thawing is used only the upper part of the melt water, and harmful sediment discharged into the sewer.But, alas, not all impurities will be in this draft.

Myths about well water

Many people bring drinking water from wells on their relatives living in villages.She allegedly tastier and healthier.In fact, the well water frequently does not comply with sanitary regulations.At best, there will be off-scale content of iron, nitrates and sulfates, and at worst - detected pathogens.

Well water is extracted from surface aquifers, the most prone to contamination by sewage.Rain water is also often falls into the wells, contributing to pollution.For those who still have doubts, we note that when cleaning the bottom of the wells is very often found the remains of dead animals, empty bottles and other debris - obviously not healthy supplements.

What kind of water given to children?

Children under 3 years should be used for drinking and cooking bottled water of the highest category, after boiling it in compliance with the rules boil.Children 3 years after it is already possible to drink bottled water of the highest category, and without boiling, but reducing the shelf life of an open bottle twice.

But many doctors believe these restrictions are somewhat exaggerated and advise parents after year, to give their children a proven, clean water without boiling.As for the special children's water - as a rule, it contains very few minerals (0.2-0.3 g / l), and therefore, will flush the salt out of the body.