GMOs are harmful or beneficial to humans , the list of genetically modified foods

Today, in many countries (and in Russia in particular) the concept of GMO turned almost equivalent concepts of "products that cause mutations and cancer."GMO throw mud on all sides and for a variety of reasons: unsafe, tasteless, threaten food sovereignty of the country.Is it afraid of these same GMO and that it is in fact, try to understand.

GMO - decoding

the concept of genetically modified organisms - is altered genetically engineered organisms.In a narrow sense, the concept applies to plants.Earlier breeders like Michurin had to achieve certain beneficial (in terms of man) properties in plants using different tricks: vaccinations cuttings of one tree to another, or selection for planting plant seeds only with certain qualities, and then the long and hard to wait for the results, whichfirmly manifested only after a couple of generations of plants.Today it is possible to transfer the gene to the right place and get what you want.

Taki, the GMO - is accelerating the evolution and direction of i

ts track.

Initially, the aim was to improve the breeding of GMO plants yield, increased stability to unfavorable weather conditions (drought, lack of nutrients), the appearance of insensitivity to viruses or fungi, herbicides, which poisoned weeds, uninteresting for naseokmyh parasites.That is wanted scientists to obtain plants that would grow only at the lowest cost, and gave high yields, solving the food problem, standing sharply in many countries.

How are GMO

To create a GMO plant, you can use several methods.Today, the most popular method of transgene.To do this, the gene of interest (eg, resistance to drought) is isolated from the DNA chain in a pure form, and then bring it into the DNA of the modified plant.

Genes may climb from related species, and then the process is called tsisgenezom.When the gene is taken from species far this body, talk about transgenesis.It

of transgenesis walk horror stories.Having learned that there is now a wheat genome scorpion, many are beginning to fantanzirovat on themes rather than whether otrastet Now those who would have it, the tail and claws and whether salivary venom appears.Fuel to the fire pour the many illiterate publication on websites and forums where the topic is being discussed actively GMOs.

This is not the only thing that frightened potential consumers GMO-product "experts" who know little about biology and biochemistry.

Products containing GMO GMO products

today agreed to call all that is a genetically modified organism, or any products that contain ingredients such organisms.That is not only genetically modified corn or potatoes are GMO-food, but also sausages, which, in addition to sodium nitrate, toilet paper and offal will dobalvena GMO soybeans.But the meat of ladybugs, which were fed with wheat-GMO, GMO product is not.And that's why.

whether GMOs Fitting into our cells?

not read any normal physiology and biochemistry of journalists who understand the urgency and relevance of GMOs subject, but Leonid seriously study the issue, launched to the masses "duck" that GMO foods cells, getting in our stomach and intestines, are absorbed into the bloodstream andspread to organs and tissues, which cause mutations and cancers.

With great regret to note that this fantasy story is untenable.Any food in the stomach and intestine breaks down into its component parts under the influence of gastric juice secretion of pancreatic and intestinal enzymes.And an integral part of these - not genes or even proteins, and:

  • amino
  • simple sugars
  • triglycerides
  • fatty acids

then in different parts of the digestive tract all this beauty is absorbed into the bloodstream and is spent either:

  • energy (sugar)
  • or to its reserves (fats)
  • or as a building material a person's own proteins (amino acids)

And if for example, take a genetically modified organism (say, an ugly apple, more likecucumber), it is easy to be chewed, swallowed and broken down into constituent parts the same way as any other equipment that is not past genetic modification.We give a few weird / creepy example, but who will explain the more popular that genes will not embedded in the assimilation in the digestive tract, if a crocodile (or cannibal) eat a child with Down syndrome, and eat a healthy child, and he and the other equally learned and noway affect the crocodile or Kanibaev.

other horror-GMO

second, no less chilling, bike for the fact that the transgenes are integrated in the human genome and lead to, God knows how, dire consequences, like the same cancers and infertility.

Risk of Cancer: Pro cancer in mice that were fed genetically modified corn, the French first written in 2012.In fact, the head of Gilles-Eric Seralini experiment (Inmstitut biology Caen University, France) was made a sample of 200 rats Sprague-Dawley rats, one third of which were fed genetically modified grain corn, a third - genetically modified corn treated with herbicide, and a third - the usual corngrains.As a result, those female rats that were fed GMOs for two years at 80% gave a tumor growth.Males on this diet earned hepatic and renal pathology.It is significant that one-third of the rats on a normal diet and died from tumors of various organs, and in general, this line of rats prone to the spontaneous appearance of tumors, regardless of the nature of power.So the experiment questionable purity, and he was recognized as unscientific and unfounded.

Earlier, similar surveys conducted in 2005, biologist Ermakova (Russia).She at a conference in Germany made a report about the high mortality mice fed genetically modified soy.After that, this statement is confirmed in a scientific experiment, went for a walk through the cities and villages, leading to the tantrums of young mothers who have to feed their children with artificial mixtures, where this GMO soy Well just heaps.Later, five Nature Biotechnology experts agreed on the ambiguity of the Russian experiment, and did not recognize its validity.

In concluding this section, I want to write, that even if some piece of foreign DNA (as they write some sources) and fall into the human blood stream, there is no way that genetic information will not embed and came to nothing lead.Yes, naturally, there are cases in embedding pieces heterologous genome.For example, some bacteria genetics thus spoil flies.But such phenomena are not described in the higher animals.In addition, different genetic information than enough in all other products without any GMOs.And if they are not built so far in our genetic material, then you can safely continue to have all that can digest and assimilate the body.

GMO: harm or benefit

US company Monsanto has in 1982 introduced a genetically modified cotton and is also the author of Roundup herbicide, killing all vegetation except the GMO-modified.

In 1996, when the markets were thrown-GMO products Monssanto competing with her corporation to save their income, have started a massive campaign to restrict the flow of products containing GMOs.The first in the persecution of the GMO was noted British scientist Arpad Pusztay that fed GMO potatoes-rats.True experts later smashed to smithereens all the calculations of the scientist.

potential harm from the Russians for GMO products

  • Nobody hides that land sown grain-GMO, never and nothing grows except themselves. This is due to the fact that the herbicide resistant soybean varieties or hlopchatika not moryatsya herbicide which can be sprayed in any quantity, achieving total extinction of other vegetation.
  • most common herbicide - glyphosate is .Generally it is sprayed before maturation that enters the food quickly decomposes in plants and not retained in the soil.But sustainable plant GMO allow spray it very, very much, which increases the risks of accumulation of GMO plants.It is also known that glyphosate causes obesity and bone overgrowth.And in the United States and Latin America, too much people who are overweight.
  • Many GMO seeds are only designed for one crop. That is something that will grow out of them will not give offspring.It is rather a commercial trick, as so increased sales of GMO seeds.Well, there are GMO-plants, which give excellent next generation.
  • allergization .Since some artificial genetic mutations (eg, potatoes or soybeans) may increase its allergenic properties, says that all GMOs - are powerful allergens.But some varieties of peanuts, deprived of their usual protein do not cause allergies, even in those who had suffered by it is on this product.
  • -GMO plants may displace other varieties of its kind .Due to the nature of pollination they can reduce the number of other varieties of the species.That is, if two sites next to plant wheat-GMO and conventional, there is a risk that GM will replace the usual, pollinating it.Whoever gave her grow together.
  • dependence on firms holders seed. abandoning their own seed fund and clicking only GMO seeds, especially disposable, the state will sooner or later fall into dependence on food holders seed GMO plants.

answer to the aspirations of the people

After repeated replication in all media tales and horror stories about GMO products, a wide public resonance vector headed Contrary intrigues imperializma, completely denying the possibility of eating expensive Russians harmful and unsafe products containingGMOs or their traces.

Rospotrebnadzor, going to meet the wishes of compatriots participated in numerous conferences on the subject.In March 2014 at a conference in Italy Rospotrebnadzor delegation took part in the technical consultations on the low content of GMO in food and low content themselves GMO-products in the turnover of Russia.Thus, today the accepted policy of almost complete avoidance of GMO products on the Russian market of food and GMO-delayed use of plants in agriculture, although in 2013 it was planned to start the use of GMO seeds (RF Government Resolution dated 23 September 2013).

Ministry of Education and Science has gone even further and, taking into account the aspirations of the people, instead of the proposed notes, "does not contain GMOs" use the bar code, which would contain all the information on the genetic modification of the product or its absence.Starting good, but read the bar code will not be possible without special devices.

Conclusion: GMO issue is clearly exaggerated, the real long-term consequences of eating GMO foods are not known, reputable scientific experiments to date on this issue is not conducted.

For those who are still afraid to eat GMO products, that's not a complete list of products containing GMOs.

List GMO producers


products, technologies that use GMO

  • Chocolate products Hershey's Cadbury Fruit & amp;Nut
  • Mars M & amp;M, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way
  • Cadbury (Cadbury) chocolate, cocoa
  • Ferrero
  • Nestle chocolate "Nestle", "Russia"
  • Chocolate drink Nestle Nesquik
  • soft drink Coca-Sola "Coca-Cola" Sosa-Sola
  • "Sprite", "Fanta" tonic "Kinley", "Fruktime"
  • Pepci-From Pepsi
  • "7-Up", "Fiesta", "Mountain Dew"
  • Cereals Kellogg's
  • Soups Campbell
  • Figure Uncle Bens Mars
  • sauces Knorr
  • Tea Lipton
  • Cookies Parmalat
  • seasonings, mayonnaise, sauces Hellman's
  • seasonings, mayonnaise, sauces Heinz
  • Baby food Nestle, Hipp, Abbot Labs Similac
  • yogurts, kefir, cheese, baby food Denon
  • McDonald's (McDonald's) network of "restaurants" fast food
  • Chocolate, chips, coffee, baby food Kraft (Kraft)
  • Ketchup, sauces.Heinz Foods (Hayents Foods)
  • Baby food products "Delmi" Unilever's (Unilever)
  • JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Oil and Fat Plant" (mayonnaise "Ryaba", "for the future", and others.)
  • Products "Bonduelle"(Hungary) - beans, corn, peas
  • JSC "Baltimor-Neva" (St. Petersburg) - ketchup
  • JSC "Mikoyan meat processing plant" (Moscow) - pates, beef
  • UAB Europe Foods GB "(Nizhny Novgorod region.) - Soup "Galina Blanca"
  • Concern "White ocean" (Moscow) - chips "Russian potato"
  • of "Lianozovo dairy" (Moscow) - yoghurt, "Miracle milk", "Miraclechocolate "
  • OAO" Cherkizovsky MPZ "(Moscow) - frozen minced meat
  • Ltd." Campina "(Moscow region..) - yogurt, baby food
  • " MK Gourmet "(Novosibirsk) - pates
  • Ltd "Frito" (Moscow region..) - chips "Lazy"
  • Ltd. "Hermann" (Mosk.reg.) - Yogurt
  • LLC "Unilever CIS" (Tula) - Mayonnaise "Calve"
  • Factory "Bolshevik" (Moscow) - Cookies "Jubilee"
  • "Nestle" (Switzerland, Finland) - drymilk formula "Nestogen" mashed "Vegetables with beef"

List GMO producers

  • Ltd. "Daria - semi-finished products"
  • OOO "Meat Factory Klin"
  • inventories "Tagansky"
  • inventories "KampoMos"
  • CJSC "Viciunai"
  • Ltd. "MLM-RA"
  • Ltd. "Talosto products"
  • Ltd. "sausage factory" Bogatyr "
  • OOO" ROS Marie LTP "

company Unilever:

  • Lipton (tea)
  • Brooke Bond (tea)
  • "conversation" (tea)
  • Calve (mayonnaise, ketchup)
  • Rama (oil)
  • "Doughnut" (margarine)
  • "Delmi"(mayonnaise, yogurt, margarine)
  • "Algida" (ice cream)
  • Knorr (seasonings)

The manufacturer Kellog's:

  • Corn flakes (cereal)
  • Frosted flakes (cereal)
  • Rice Krispies (cereal)
  • Corn Pops (flakes)
  • Smacks (flakes)
  • Froot Loops (colored cereal-rings)
  • apple Jacks (cereal rings with the taste of apple)
  • Afl-bran apple cinnamon / Blueberry (bran with apple flavor, cinnamon, blueberry)
  • chocolate Chip (chocolate chips)
  • Pop Tarts (cookies stuffed with all flavors)
  • Nulri grain (toast with a filler, all kinds)
  • Crispix (cookies)
  • all-Bran (cereal)
  • Just Right Fruit & amp;Nut (flakes)
  • Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (cereal)
  • Raisin Bran Crunch (cereal)
  • Cracklin'Oat Bran (cereal)

The manufacturer Mars:

  • M & amp;M'S
  • Snickers
  • Milky Way
  • Twix
  • Nestle
  • Crunch (chocolate rice flakes)
  • Milk Chocolate Nestle (chocolate)
  • Nesquik (chocolate drink)
  • Cadbury (Cadbury / Hershey's)
  • Fruit & amp;Nut

The manufacturer Nestle:

  • Nescafe (coffee and milk)
  • Maggi (soups, broths, mayonnaise, Nestle (chocolate)
  • Nestea (tea)
  • Neseiulk (cocoa)

Company-Manufacturer Hershey's:

  • Toblerone (chocolate, all kinds)
  • Mini Kisses (candy)
  • Kit-Kat (chocolate bar)
  • Kisses (candy)
  • Semi-Sweet Baking Chips (cookies)
  • Milk chocolateChips (cookies)
  • Reese's peanut butter Cups (peanut butter)
  • Special dark (dark chocolate)
  • milk chocolate (milk chocolate)
  • chocolate syrup (chocolate syrup)
  • Special dark chocolate syrup (chocolate syrup)
  • strawberry syrup (strawberry syrup)

The manufacturer Heinz:

  • Ketchup (regular & amp;no salt) (ketchup)
  • Chili Sauce (Chile Sauce)
  • Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (sauce with meat)

The manufacturer Coca-Cola:

  • Coca Cola
  • Sprite
  • Charry Cola
  • MinuteMaid Orange
  • Minute Maid Grape

Production company PepsiCo:

  • Pepsi
  • Pepsi Cherry
  • Mountain Dew

Production company Frito - Lay / PepsiCo:

  • (GM components can be contained in the oiland other ingredients) Lays Potato Chips (all)
  • Cheetos (all)

The manufacturer Cadbury / Schweppes:

  • 7-Up
  • Dr.Pepper

Production company Pringles Procter & amp;