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Chlamydia Treatment - drugs , treatment regimens chlamydia

To date, the problem of treatment of chlamydia for many doctors and patients is very difficult, because often after treatment with antimicrobial agents over time happens again manifestirovanie this insidious disease.The problem is that the majority of patients registered chronic urogenital chlamydiosis treatment drugs which happens quite often ineffective.

Until now, the problem of effective treatment of chronic chlamydia is not solved, and many experts believe that this is due to the formation of abnormal or inappropriate immune response of patients to infection.Specialists in this field, a number of studies, the results of which said that because of immune in patients with impaired immunity detected - in 70% of cases it was noted cure of chronic chlamydia without the use of antibiotics, that is, the spontaneous cure the body of infection.

However, it should be remembered that the adjuvants and immunomodulators can not be assigned without complex immunological examination.This is due to the fact

that 66% of patients with chlamydial infection the lymphocytes are not susceptible to immunomodulators.

choice of drugs for the treatment of chlamydia

At active inflammatory process requires a whole range of drugs for the full course of treatment of chlamydia.Drugs used in treatment regimens, selected physician taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the clinical symptoms of the disease, the severity of the inflammatory process and the results of all tests - immunogram, liver function tests, blood count, urine culture, PCR results, ELISA and other laboratory data..

Stimulation of the immune system - treatment of chronic chlamydia necessarily include immune drugs, as they are an important component in the treatment of any sexually transmitted diseases.

If not worthy of the immune response to the introduction of germs into the body, no antibiotic for chlamydia does not give a complete cure of the patient.The full course of treatment should be promptly chlamydia include adequate immune stimulation.

Choice immunomodulators, interferon preparations gepateroprotektorov, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, as well as the treatment of chlamydia is presented in the tables.

All information on medicines and treatment regimens intended for information.Chlamydia Treatment is prescribed by a qualified physician for test results, taking into account the patient's medical history, concomitant diseases, etc..

name drug scheme of treatment of chlamydia
drugs interferon
TSikloferon intramuscular injection of 200 mg 10days, every day
Amiksin only during recurrence 1 p / day to 250 mg.2 days, then 125 mg.a day for a month
Ridostin only during the period of relapse 8 mg.intramuscularly №3, 3 days
Neovir only during a relapse of 250 mg.intramuscularly every day №3.then every other day №3
IFN every day 1 million. intramuscularly 14 days
Poludan daily 200 micrograms.im №10
leukinferon intramuscularly 2 to 3 p / week for 21 days
Interlock one day intramuscularly for 14 days 500 000 IU
polioksidony 6 mg.one day intramuscularly №10
Timalin intramuscularly every day №10
Derinat 5 ml.intramuscularly 1 time in 3 days №5-10

enzyme therapy - is one way to effectively treat chlamydia with a specially composed mixture of high-level animal and plant enzymes that have a positive effect on the reparative processes, the immune reaction of the body.The use of enzymes allows to achieve the maximum concentration of antibiotics in the foci of infection.Enzyme preparations contribute to the stimulation of the kidneys, liver, reducing the toxicity of the body, and they also contribute to the rapid recovery of the body.

Systemic enzyme
preparation Name Regimen chlamydia
Wobenzym Table 3.3 p / day for a month for 30 minutes before eating
Phlogenzym 2 table.3 p / day for a month for 30 minutes before eating
Longidaza intramuscularly 2-3 times a week for a month or suppositories 1 time per day at night №10-20
Trypsin intramuscularly number10
  • vitamin complexes and antioxidants, and synergists - also a component of the treatment regimens of chlamydia, as their use enhances the immune response against infectious agents.
Antioxidants and synergists
name drug Regimen chlamydia
thiosulfate Na 10,0 ml / per day, for a course of 10 injections (acute process)
Vitamin E capsule 1 2 p / day 14 days
Ascorbic acid Table 3.3 p / day 14 days
Glutamic acid Table 2.3 p / day 14 days

Hepatoprotectors - drugs that increase resistance to liver pathological effects of various factors, the toxic effects of antibiotics, strengthen the function of neutralizing Pechini.Many of hepatic used to date also possess antioxidant, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties that the treatment of chlamydia antibiotics with toxic effects, is very necessary for the protection of the liver and a speedy recovery (see all medicines for the liver -. Gepatoprotektorov list).

name drug Regimen chlamydia
Karsil Table 1.3 p / day for a month
Essentiale Forte 2 capsules 3 r / day for a month
Phosphogliv 1-2 capsules 3-4 p / day for a month
Legalon 2 tablets 3 p / day for a month

probiotics - for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and intestinal dysbiosis, after treatment of chlamydia is recommended to take probiotic preparations (see all probiotics -. drugs list of prices and composition)

name drug Regimen chlamydia
Bifikol 5 doses of 3 r / day for half an hour before meals for 14-21 days
Lactobacterin 5 doses3 p / day for half an hour before meals for 14-21 days
bifidobakterin 5 doses of 3 r / day for half an hour before meals for 14-21 days
Enterol 1 capsule 2p / day for half an hour before meals

Antibiotics for chlamydia

Antimicrobials are fundamental in the scheme of treatment of chlamydia.And usually, chlamydia chronic treatment with drugs is the use of a combination of two antibiotics.The duration of treatment, the individual dose is determined by the attending physician depending on the type of disease, the dynamics of the inflammatory process.

When choosing an antibiotic for chlamydia are essential laboratory data to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to a specific antibacterial drugs.Therefore, it is advisable to culture methods of laboratory diagnostics complement antibiotikogrammy.

name drug Regimen chlamydia
Doxycycline (Doriks, Vibramitsin, Vibra-tabs) 2 p / day, 100 mg.after a meal in patients with uncomplicated chlamydia 10-14 days in chronic and complicated more than 14 days
Erythromycin (Eritrotsin) 4 / day, 500 mg.one hour before meals, duration of treatment as well as in Doxycycline
Sumamed, Zithromax 1 p / day, 250 mg.course of 11 days, a full course of 3g.first receiving 500 mg., in complicated forms 2 weeks.
lomefloxacin (Levakuin) 1 p / day after meals 600 mg.within 10-14 days., in complicated forms for more than 14 days.
Ofloxacin (FLOXIN, Zanotsin, tarivid, Ofloksin) 2 p / day after meals 300 mg.10 days, 14 days of complicated shape.
Rovamycinum 3 p / day for 3 million.IU through 2 hours after meals for 10 days, with 14 days of complicated form.
Vilprofen 2 p / day, 500 mg.after meals for 10-12 days, in complicated form 14 days
pefloxacin (Abaktal) 2 p / day 400 mg.vo meal time, 10 days, 14 days, complicated form
Ciprofloxacin (TSifran,tsiprobay, tsiprinol, Cipro-bid) 2 p / day, 500 mg for a week
Levofloxacin (nolitsin, norbaktin, urobatsid) 2 p / day, 400 mg.for 7-10 days;

scheme of treatment of chlamydia

the treatment of the lower portion of the urogenital tract, ie in uncomplicated forms of the following recommended treatment regimen of chlamydia:

  • Preparation - week.It starts with the immune if misbehaving immune status - Amiksin or polioksidony.Systemic enzyme therapy - trypsin or Wobenzym.Local treatment - microclysters with chlorhexidine solution, instillation, bath.Vitamin therapy - any multivitamins, vitamin E.
  • basic treatment - duration of treatment of 14 days.Antibiotics for 14 days, antifungal agents if indicated, to improve digestion enzymes - Pancreatitis, Festal, Mezim, basic treatment is performed on the background of the ongoing Phase 1 treatment.
  • Recovery - 14 days.Restoration of intestinal microflora using probiotics, reception hepatic, physical therapy may be needed.

scheme of treatment of chronic chlamydia

The treatment of chronic chlamydia depends on the degree of clinical symptoms of the disease, a combination of various bacterial infections.In complicated forms of chlamydia (inflammation of the pelvic organs in women and the scrotum in males), an atypical course of the inflammatory process is recommended following scheme:

  • basic treatment. antibiotics, immune drugs, vitamin antioxidants.A week after the start of antibiotics chlamydia added antifungal drugs (antifungal) and systemic enzyme therapy.
  • recovery phase. Hepatoprotectors, on the testimony of possible physiotherapy - lazeromagnitnoe, ultrasonic treatment.Complement treatment should be local procedures - microclysters, baths with chlorhexidine solution or perftorana.

treatments for chlamydia sluggish

  • Preparation. immunotherapy, systemic enzyme therapy for 14 days, local treatment.
  • basic treatment. A week after the start of Phase 1 treatment prescribed antibiotics, antifungal agents on the testimony, multivitamins, antioxidants.
  • recovery. Physiotherapy, gepatoprotektory, preparations of hyaluronidase - Longidaza, probiotics, local treatment, anti-oxidants.

When chlamydiosis - treatment with drugs will be successful if:

  • For treatment to be used only by drugs, a good penetration into the cell and having a high antichlamydial activity
  • will be taken into account: the clinical picture of inflammation - asymptomatic, acute, torpid, subacute,and the timing infitsirovaniya- chronic leakage, contamination of fresh
  • treatment will be at least 2-3 weeks because of the parasite life cycle is 2-3 days, treatment should cover 6-7 chlamydia development cycle.

Once again we remind that assigns a course of therapy only physician, self-diagnosis and self-treatment will not be tolerated, it can harm your health.