12 August

High cholesterol in the blood - Myths and Reality

The population has long formed the opinion that cholesterol is a harmful substance that enters our body with food, causing atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Some people are so sure of that, worrying about their health, are excluded from the daily diet fat, holesterinosoderzhaschuyu food and so on., Knowing that high cholesterol in the blood caused by the abuse of such products.

However, several popular hypotheses about the causes of the growth of its level in the blood, the role of this substance in the human body waste does not correspond to reality.

1 Myth: Cholesterol enters the body only with food

No, actually most of the cholesterol is produced by the human body, and only a small part of it comes from food.It is believed that up to 70% of its own body synthesizes only 30% fed with food.

Therefore, dietary cholesterol restriction of exposure does not have such an important role in the prevention of an increase in its level.Limitation holesterinosoderzhaschih

foods in the diet is not advisable to carry out preventive, and already at a high cholesterol in the blood.

most saturated cholesterol foods are fatty dairy products, pork, hard cheeses.Not many people know that a particularly large amount of harmful cholesterol containing palm and coconut oil, so all the pastries, ice cream, sweet pastries, even butter contain these oils, and also an additional source of it.

2 Myth: Cholesterol - a harmful substance

Not at all, cholesterol is divided into two types, one of which carries the body a lot of useful functions, is an important component indevelopment of sex hormones, bile part of the nervous tissue, purifies the blood of harmful substances patches vascular defects.Another type can actually have a negative effect on the vascular wall, but only when its level is in excess.

3 Myth: High cholesterol rate in the blood causes disease

This is the most common misconception, because cholesterol itself can not be the cause of any disease.Elevated levels it is a signal indication that the body has a metabolic disorder, liver disease, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, diabetes and so forth. Illnesses that lead to an increase in its level.This is not the cholesterol is the culprit of atherosclerosis and abnormal, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, lack of physical activity, smoking (see. Cancer and cigarettes) leads to atherosclerosis, and to learn how the body developed atherosclerosis pass the test for cholesterol.In the biochemical analysis of blood can determine the number of its indices:

  • triglycerides should be less than 2.0 mmol / L,
  • overall - up to 5.2 mmol / L,
  • high-density lipoprotein 1.0 to 1,..9 mmol / l.
  • 2,2- and low density 3.5 mmol / l.

latter type (low density) is just the most dangerous, and when combined with a low level of "useful" (high density) - is considered the most unfavorable factor.

Myth 4: The main indicator of fat - is cholesterol

Among the indicators listed above is actually more important than any - is the level of triglycerides.It is believed that the slight increase in blood cholesterol is too dangerous, unlike high triglyceride values.

Myth 5: The lower the cholesterol, the higher the duration

life Many people think that a person with high cholesterol live on less than people with low levels of it.Many studies confirm this, however, in 1994, there have been studies showing that cholesterol is not the 100% factor having a clear impact on life expectancy.So convincing arguments supporting the reduction of life expectancy is not at a high cholesterol.

Myth 6: Only medications can lower cholesterol

also confusing, there are foods that contain not only cholesterol, but the substance, normalizing cholesterol metabolism and reduce its level.These products include: nuts, olive oil, lard, soy products, etc.