Liver cleansing at home: how to help and not harm the liver


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  • Symptoms of liver damage
  • What methods can be used for the treatment of liver diseases in the hospital?
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  • household hazardous cleaning methods
  • Bile methods are also not safe

Most of our compatriots, feeling discomfort or pain right under the edge, beginning to look for ways that would help conduct liver cleansing inhome.Especially in this search with further testing every "folk remedies" on themselves engaged in people who understand that are not quite the right way of life, knowing about his "love" to "harmful food" and alcohol.

But our body - intelligent self-renewing system.Processes maintain its integrity and normal functioning of all cells come every fraction of a second, without stopping in his sleep, or on vacation.As long as the body copes, and there are no symptoms of liver damage (of which we will discuss later), stop him from some folk remedies, be they many times "verified" by the advisor, not worth it.Such "efforts" can end

up in a hospital bed, and even - when using aggressive methods such as the treatment of celandine - get a ticket for consultation pathologist.

We do not say that the liver does not need help: in fact this body plays a huge role in our life, as if it defeats the man permanently out of order.But the best support for the main filter of the body - not removing the ephemeral "toxins", and the creation of optimal conditions for its operation.How to cleanse the liver from toxins, some of the "pitfalls" can be broken and why - read on.


This organ is one of the largest in the body.In structure it is a gland, but the products of their work, it does not send the blood as an endocrine gland of internal secretion, and in the gall bladder.

liver Performs the following functions:

  • synthesis of proteins.Thus, it produces:
    • albumin - a protein necessary for the retention of the liquid portion of the blood in the vessels;
    • proteins bind a variety of hormones;
    • proteins that bind toxins;
    • globulins.Some of them works in conjunction with the immune system by destroying micro-organisms, as well as memorizing them to respond faster when their secondary ingested;
    • proteins of the blood coagulation system.Thus, the liver is involved in hemostasis: in violation of its functions can occur spontaneously (without injury) massive bleeding.
  • Conversion of different substances (amino or fatty acids) into glucose, which provides the body with energy.
  • glucose storage as glycogen in the absence of an emergency power will provide it for 1-2 minutes.
  • Depositing some body needs vitamins.
  • cholesterol synthesis (it is necessary to ensure that any cell could maintain its integrity), phospholipids, lipoproteins (read about the normal level of cholesterol in the blood).
  • secretion of bile, without which the digestion of fats coming from the food.
  • some storage required for biochemical reactions, trace amounts of cobalt, copper, iron.
  • synthesis of certain hormones and enzymes.
  • The basic function of the liver is the detoxification , ie cured.Thus, the liver captures toxic fat-soluble bilirubin is formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin from the exhaust or dead red blood cells, it binds to glucuronic acid, which is why it becomes water-soluble and can be disposed of with the feces and urine.Captures

liver and other toxic substances are formed in the body (excess hormones, vitamins and substances which are obtained during normal metabolism), and those that come to us through the mouth, skin, or with air.Only a few substances, and the fact that enter the body, soaked in vessels or mucosa of the mouth, or nose, with its metabolism can bypass the liver.The rest, whatever way they would not have entered into the body, be sure to go through this body.

It turns out that the liver - the largest filter in the body, which - and this is its uniqueness - is able to recover from all the remaining ¼ of healthy tissue.But it does not work as an industrial filter, whose cells can become clogged with frequent passage through the "grid" of filterable substances.At the cellular level, the structure of the liver is very difficult, and the screen is not recalled.Neutralization is going through chemical reactions that result in a potentially dangerous substance is modified to a non-hazardous.There is another form of disposal.It is carried out specific immune cells of the liver - retikuloendoteliotsity that "absorb" and "digest" the dangerous bacteria and contamination products.

Therefore cleanse the liver from alcohol or other substances do not need some "washing" and enough of its blood supply and the absence of receipt of potentially hazardous substances.


term "toxins" in medicine there.It is a substance potentially dangerous for a single organ or the whole body.Toxicologists so-called microbial products, but physicians of other specialties such words denote:

  • of household and industrial chemistry;
  • poisons used to kill insects or weeds;
  • drugs;
  • some plants and fungi;
  • substances that are formed in the affected organ itself (for example, in malignant tumors), or those which can not neutralize it and they are forced to accumulate.In the case of liver disease is - decay products of proteins, ammonia, specific neurotransmitters and bilirubin, toxic brain.

Toxins accumulate in the body, many - only in certain tissues.They are derived in several ways (each has its own way of removal):

  • through the lungs - breathing (this way does not work when the liver is damaged);
  • through the kidneys - urine (if the liver is affected, and not temporarily "poisoned" by alcohol or "harmful" food this way - the main until a recovery of liver tissue);
  • through the liver - the bile (at time "stunning" of the liver, when its structure is not damaged, and basic are the following ways of detoxification);
  • through the intestines - in the feces;
  • through the skin - with pόtom.

term "slag" in medicine does not apply.This word - People's analogue of the "toxins".In the liver, or toxins, or toxins do not accumulate.There may be postponed only fats (it is called steatosis or FH) or copper (at illness Konovalova-Wilson).Toxins are also passing through this body, or lead to a transient (temporary) disturbances of liver tissue, or to permanent damage to its structure.

When a doctor says, "It is necessary to cleanse the liver of toxins" - is a figure of speech and means that the joint efforts of the physician and the patient should be allowed to the body to restore its tissue (if not rare genetic lesions that will progress, it is - it isperhaps).

Symptoms of liver damage

If there is an infringement of his work, is suffering the whole body: the nervous system is affected, suffering the metabolism and blood, disturbed digestion, changes the complexion and whites of the eyes.Symptoms that the liver suffers when you need help the gastroenterologist or infectious disease, the following:

  • yellow color only or whites of the eyes and skin, too;
  • darkened urine, which is stored not only in the morning;
  • light (colored clay) cal;
  • always want to sleep;
  • slightest tiring work;
  • severity under the ribs on the right;
  • appetite;
  • sick only mention of fried or fatty foods.

Many of the symptoms are non-specific, meaning they can appear in many diseases.Differentiate, that is, to distinguish one from the other, can only paramedic or doctor (man, a few years to study the structure and function of all organs, as well as their defeat symptoms).And he does not just hear about harassing you manifestations of the disease, but also to examine you, probe / percuss liver, analyze its function by blood tests, urine and feces, learn from the doctor of functional diagnostics features of the structure of the body by ultrasound.

If the doctor is convinced that this - the signs it hepatic abnormalities is recommended in-patient treatment in the relevant hospital (self-treatment of liver diseases fatal):

  • if there has been a poisoning: drugs (tetracycline, salicylic acid, valproate,drugs against AIDS or malaria, kordaronom, methotrexate, arsenic, vitamin A), yellow phosphorus, mushrooms - treatment takes place in a hospital or toxicological multidisciplinary gastroenterology department;
  • if found markers of viral hepatitis , treatment is carried out under the Infectious Diseases Hospital;
  • if Doppler ultrasound revealed pathology vessels as a possible cause of liver disease, treatment is carried out in a department of vascular surgery;
  • when possible causes of liver disease were burns, treatment is carried out in the burns unit;
  • fibrosis, cirrhosis, Wilson's disease , liver damage with heat stroke or supercooling is treated in the therapeutic general hospital ward.

What methods can be used for the treatment of liver diseases in the hospital?

  • Detoxification infusion therapy or, in the popular "dropper".Here, in the vein poured 1.5-3 liters of crystalloid solutions (sodium chloride, Ringer's solution, 5% glucose solution), designed to bring more urine bilirubin and other products resulting from the damage to the liver.
  • Supplementation lactulose (Duphalac), whose task - binding protein breakdown products and the elimination of toxins from the intestines, which form the bacteria in it, "raised his head" in terms of liver damage (before their growth is inhibited).
  • sorbents : Atoxil, Activated Carbon, Polisorb.Their task - to tie all toxic substances from the intestines to the body.
  • Hepatoprotectors "Geptral", "Glutargin", "Hepa-Merz".Their task - to inactivate toxic products of nitrogen metabolism.
  • Protein drugs that are administered intravenously : «Albumin».It will bind soluble toxic products, and in particular, bilirubin, and then - display them.Albumin also helps to retain water in the bloodstream.
  • odnogruppnoy transfusion of fresh frozen plasma .It has all the clotting factors, which are so lacking in lesions of the liver.
  • proteinase inhibitors : «Contrycal", "Gordoks".They are used to improve the blood coagulation system in terms of its failure.
  • Plasmapheresis - a hardware method of purifying plasma from toxic products when withdrawn from the vascular certain amount of blood, it is centrifuged and return only the red blood cells.Instead of autologous plasma with a large amount of bilirubin, ammonia, secondary and colloidal molecules poured crystalloid solutions, as well as some odnogruppnoy plasma.
  • Antiviral drugs based on interferon .They apply only in viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.
  • Enema .This event - always with liver disease, if one day there was an independent chair.Otherwise, the situation may occur that the products from the processing of food, would suck.

patients showed a protein-free (in the acute phase) or a low-protein diet.It is necessary that the body no longer poisoned decay products of proteins that are diseased liver is unable to neutralize.

What can be done at home

Diet to help the liver

If signs of liver damage is not, and you only want to help her better cope with such loads as alcohol and "bad" fatty foods, youcan do the following:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day (if there is no heart disease or kidney disease).First 1-2 cups of it to use on an empty stomach, in a cool way.
  • refuse alcohol or reduce the amount thereof.
  • decrease the volume and then completely abandon fried and smoked foods, because they create an increased load on the liver tissue, which impairs its function of detoxifying.A similar rule applies to products with dyes, preservatives and stabilizers.
  • Exclude from the diet of chocolate, game, sorrel, green borscht.
  • eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and cereal grains.Foods rich in fiber, it is necessary to grind.
  • Meat and fish - only boiled or baked, low-fat varieties.
  • Eggs - in the form of steam omelettes, but can be 1 soft-boiled egg.
  • Dairy products - all but low-fat, non-sharp.Ideally - homemade yoghurt, kefir, yogurt or Narine.
  • compotes, mousses and jellies - possible.
  • From sweets can marmalade, honey, candy, lollipops, marshmallows.
  • Preference is to give baked, stewed and boiled dishes.
  • morning meal start with receiving a small amount of fat (such as butter) to stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder and bile ejection.
  • Try not to give preference to black tea and herbal teas with chamomile and mint.This grass try to buy at the pharmacy.

can perform a breathing exercises:

  • lie on the floor, knees bent;
  • do 10 breaths namely chest, controlling it with both hands, one of which lies on his stomach, the second - on the chest (the first hand must not move);
  • now need 10 breaths belly;control - the same;
  • bit breathe in a normal rhythm is not a rest;
  • breath-feeding, after which poperekatyvayte air without exhaling it from the chest cavity in the abdomen.Try to make about 10 of these "rifts", after which you can relax.

hazardous cleaning methods

the Internet and printed literature you can find many tips on how to cleanse the liver folk remedies.Here I must say that even if you decide to try any of them, pre-consult with their doctor about their feasibility.We are the most common, and rather dangerous methods.

frequent enemas

itself is a good method to eliminate the constipation in the absence of organic bowel disease.But he must be performed with knowledge of the art, that is - with cold water.A large number of warm liquid introduced into the rectum, certainly will suck, it is dangerous to increase the load on the kidneys and the heart, and even the development of cerebral edema (last - deadly complication).

Frequent holding enema, in the absence of liver disease, they can lead to goiter, as the water will wash the intestines of all there are the beneficial bacteria (see. Enema for constipation).Another danger enema - trauma rectal mucosa, which may lead (especially with hemorrhoids) bleeding.


urine - this is what happened after profiltrovyvaniya your own blood by the kidneys.That is, a product that the body initially "pushed" as a waste.


Thus the liver is not cleared, and the strains: it breaks down glycogen - depot glucose, impaired protein synthesis, because of what begins to disintegrate own protein.This leads to a change in blood pH, and such a state, if it exists is long, disrupts the functioning of the endocrine glands, and this in turn leads to anorexia.


This non-pharmaceutical products, which "attributed" properties to help the liver to recover.But the real composition of these supplements is unknown, and "help" - is questionable.We would not advise to use similar "drugs."