Overview sedatives for children: vegetable , homeopathic , best

Restless child of any age is a rather serious problem, exhausting the patience of parents and often irritating others.

Modern pharmacology is ready to provide a rich variety of drugs that can calm the most violent kid or teen.But how it is advisable to resort to different groups of sedatives in pediatric practice?Try to understand.

Sedations child

Sedatives (sedatives) are designed to gently adjust the balance between excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex.Most of them - herbal preparations, but there are also synthetic liquids.Today is very popular combination of drugs in teas or tablets.This group of drugs acts much softer than tranquilizers or sleeping pills, and may enhance their effect.

not sleeping at night

babies frequently do not adhere to the traditional daily schedule (eating and sleeping).Many of them, for some reason prefer to cry almost round the clock or to sleep for half an hour after the evening bath, come scream of hours until four in the morning.

Outset that a healthy child is the first three months of life, normal eating and sleeping most of the day and night.In no precocious awake for more than four hours a day at this age is not justified.And the grown up kid who has not reached one and a half years, at night to sleep because of hours of ten in a row (on the condition that he fed and change).

  • Effects of hypoxia

What makes suckling comes a cry or just watch at an inopportune time?As a rule, all the fault of cerebral hypoxia, transferred in utero or at birth and the subsequent postnatal encephalopathy, which flatly reject Western neuroscientists, but that, however, there calmly and without this recognition.

Lack of oxygen, leading to damage of the cells of the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres, if not to the bleeding in different parts of the brain, leaving behind or increased intracranial pressure, bursting with the child's head and disturbing his headache, or dysfunction of the cortex, is reflected in the nervous excitabilitybaby.

, muddle day and night, (born from mothers who loved during pregnancy does not sleep at night) above are not relevant, as this category of kids quickly enters into a normal schedule with careful adherence of the day within the first month for newbornslife.

  • Intestinal problems

second common cause of restless behavior of suckling - intestinal discomfort against the background of dysbiosis, irrational feeding or intestinal infection.Stretching gases intestine causes so much pain that the child is ready to rage and scream most of the day (see. Colic in the newborn, what to do).

  • Otitis in a child

third, a rare pathology, forcing the baby to scream - an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), in which the pain is also not weak, and endure it without any anesthesia is not possible.

  • Rickets in children

rachitic lesions of the nervous system - are also common problem, especially in the northern latitudes.In addition to the child sweating appears overreaction to sudden noise, it shivers in his sleep and generally get too hectic.

  • Teething in infants

Only somewhere on the fifth place staying as favorite pediatricians teething (which rarely someone of the kids actually make not sleep at night or zapoloshno yelling), and other diseases that haverather expressive symptoms (fever, snot, coughing, well, or at least some kind of rash).

To soothe the baby, it is necessary to follow the following algorithm

  • Feed
  • Costumed
  • Mark as pens and shake.Remember that Dr. Spock's recommendation that the child gets used to sleep naoretsya and he has already given a couple of generations of neurotics, accustomed from infancy all seek only scream.Calm the child as soon as he cried, do not lead to hysteria - it's part of the baby's habit and then to deal with this much more difficult.
  • If a child can not breastfeed for as long as he needs to buy a pacifier.For infants sucking - the best sedative.
  • Show pediatrician and neurologist.
  • Make cerebral ultrasound and deliver the crop of a feces on a dysbacteriosis.
  • compensate intracranial pressure (if any) diakarbom or magnesium.In severe forms of hydrocephalus consult a neurosurgeon, if necessary, make bypass surgery (see. Increased intracranial pressure in a child)
  • Prosanirovat intestine dysbacteriosis (bacteriophages or enterofurilom), and then drink a couple of courses of probiotics (premadofilusa, lineksa, bifidumbacterin see. Probiotics listLinex analogues).At the same time to give the child defoamers, dividing the gas bubbles (Bebikalm, Espumizan, Bobotik).
  • parallel to show the child LORu and eliminate inflammation of the ears.
  • Translate baby feeding on age, adjusted mom nutrition (breastfeeding, see. It is possible to have a nursing mom), stop overfeeding and feed soup with bottle-five months (see. How to introduce solid foods a child).
  • Do not neglect preventive intake of vitamin D. If in a region where the baby lives, the sun shines not for eight hours a day five months of the year, this drug overdose afraid silly.After such severe rickets, both the Russian North, in Europe not seen in quite a while.
  • Establish day baby mode.More than a walk with the baby.Restless and unruly children to dress warmly and put to sleep with an open window.
  • Do not be nervous, approaching the child.Do not scream and do not swear in his presence.Take herbal calming himself.

Thus, the only situation where the infant from birth to one year really need soothing - a postnatal encephalopathy, cerebral hydrocephalus.In all other cases just need careful attention to the child and the patience of parents, most children under one year awake at night by 2-3 times, and are anxious for various reasons - this is normal!

Sedatives for infants

If neurologist diagnosed the infant's postnatal encephalopathy, if the child is too restless (little sleep, lots of screaming), and he has no other disease that might interfere with his life, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of a neurologist regarding sedation.

When intracranial hypertension:

  • As a rule, the majority of infants with intracranial gipertneziey come to an equilibrium state of mind already on diuretics banal.
  • Along with them the child may recommend medicine to citral, which is prepared in pharmacies on prescription neurologist.The preparation includes:
    • magnesium sulfate, reducing the pressure in the head, causing a weak soothing and hypnotic effect
    • soothing bromide, sodium
    • valerian, braking the nervous system.

    necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended dosage as valerian can slows the heart rate.Valerian prevents destruction of substances in the brain, blocking the inhibitory processes.It soothes, strengthens the hypnotic effect, removes intestinal spasms.

When rickets: rachitic children with lesions of the nervous system made bathing with sea salt and pine extract.

breastfeeding mothers can recommend soothing teas and fees, which are sold in drugstores (under the condition that they do not cause allergic reactions in a small).The same soothing teas are available and baby food divisions for the children themselves.

When bathing infants in the water, you can add valerian tincture or Leonurus (40 drops in the baby bath), not forgetting that alcohol solutions are not recommended for outdoor use, even in children.Decoction of chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint also relaxes babies.Recommended Hypericum perforatum and grass.

  • Bath with marjoram, motherwort, valerian and thyme - taken 3 tbsp.spoon mixture of herbs, brew, let it stand for half an hour, strain and pour into the tub, the duration of the procedure 15 min.
  • Bath coniferous soothing - perfectly removes excitation baby, but it does not take more than 5 minutes and no more than 12 baths per course.
  • Bath with sea salt - also great soothing and even recommended a newborn baby.Bathe your baby can be up to 30 minutes in the bath by dissolving 250 mg.sea ​​salt.


  • Phenibut 20tabl.120-170 rub.
  • Anvifen Table 20.180 rubles.(Analogue)

This is a more serious sedative often prescribed grdnichkam up to a year (although the instructions given contraindication to 2 years).It removes anxiety, irritability and fear, cause drowsiness, relieve increased muscle tone and excessive motor activity in children.However, it has side effects such as excessive drowsiness, allergic reactions, headache, disorders of the kidneys and liver.


  • syrup 320-370 rubles.
  • Table.400-480 rub.

commonly prescribed nootropics Pantogam (hopantenic acid).It not only improves nutrition of the damaged areas of the cortex, but also removes the increased tone of muscles, smoothes obsession motor activity, helps with motor disorders, delayed psychomotor development.

However, today belongs to medicines with unproven effect as wide randomized trial was conducted by means of (a large practical experience in pediatric neurology does not count, since the campaign, the manufacturer has not spent money on clinical trials).

From year to three

After surviving the first year of the baby, most parents are entering an era of normal life.However, not all children whose nervous system is faltering in its infancy, but well compensated by the year, receive any sedatives.After all, children's nervous system is under development and has great potential to heal itself.

However, some children are saved anxiety, sleep disorders.In some form hysteroid behavioral traits.Some are fears, bedwetting or stuttering.Therefore, in this age it remains relevant problem sedatives.

should be remembered that part of the problems of a troubled child in this age group comes from the social or educational neglect.Therefore, for example, replace the problem of deprivation of medical diagnosis and to replace a full-fledged education and love for the child soothing agents series is not only wrong, but also criminal.

can prepare people sedatives yourself at home.Here are a couple of simple recipes:

  • mint and linden - take one part peppermint and linden blossom.Add half of the daisy.Pour two cups of boiling water and bring to a boil in a water bath.Infuse in an enamel pot.Giving your child a tablespoon for twenty minutes before bedtime.
  • Mint and valerian - two tablespoons of mint and valerian root pour two cups of boiling water and infuse for half an hour.Strain, cool, drink the child three times a day on a tablespoon for a week.
addition of vegetable sedatives:
  • infusion of valerian root
  • infusions pyatilopastnye pustyrnika
  • decoctions and infusions of camomile
  • Hoods peppermint
  • infusion of hawthorn and hops
the treatment of serious behavioral disorders in this age group use:
  • elenium
  • Atarax
  • lorazepam
  • remain valid Pantogam
  • Medicine with citral.

Many people believe that if a drug plant, so it can be used without control, is not limited, even "the more, the better" - and babies and older children.However, medicinal plants - is also a drug, the composition of which is very complex and ambiguous acts, many of the plants in a very composed and contain at least small doses but harmful compounds, and certainly before use should consult a pediatrician or phytotherapeutist.

For example, children can not eat just tea with mint or just Melis (mono tea).Soothing teas for babies usually contain valerian, chamomile, fennel seed, rose, series, lime color, etc. -. Soothing teas "Evening Tale", "children's soothing," "ka Uspokoy-" Fitosedan drops Bayu-Bay.

  • Tea Calm-Ka 40-50 rubles.

Green tea, thyme, motherwort, alfalfa, rose hips, lemon balm, mint, powder kelp extract.

  • Children's reassuring, "The strength of Russian herbs" 40-50 rubles.

Valerian, mint, thyme, motherwort, linden, St. John's wort, hawthorn, chamomile, plantain, rosehip, stevia.

  • Children soothing 50-60 rubles.

rhizomes and roots of valerian, dandelion, mint, walnut leaves of walnut, plantain, stevia, hawthorn, fruit of cumin, rose hips, hops, marjoram, St. John's wort, willow (willow-herb), Leonurus, yarrow, thyme, echinacea, black tea, hibiscus, chamomile

  • Evening tale 60-100 rubles.

extract of anise, lavender, mint

  • Fitosedan 50-60 rubles.

Sweet clover, valerian root, thyme, motherwort, oregano

  • Bayu-buy 120-150 rubles.

hawthorn fruit extract, oregano, peony, motherwort, peppermint, glutamic and citric acid

  • Tea Hipp 250-300 rubles.

lime blossom extract, lemon balm and chamomile, dextrose.

Depressants pills for hyperactive children

denying the existence of postnatal encephalopathy, Western neuroscientists, psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in the children's environment, it is very likely to exhibit diagnoses of hyperactivity and scattered attention.But not only put diagnoses, but also to fully treat patients with these illnesses, the process of connecting a plurality of drugs with sedative effect.

With the advent of the post-Soviet space era wild capitalization, the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the most profitable.Therefore, today we have a children's neurology and clinical psychology are not averse to a wide range of drugs, the problem of the destination which is very ambiguous.With great sadness we have to admit that many drugs, advertised as enhancing attention, memory, learning, or helping to prepare for the exams - a large pharmacological trick designed to extort money from the purses of patients.

All nootropics improve metabolism only in the diseased cortex.That is, they are effective in the areas damaged by oxygen deprivation or hemorrhage, but do not work for a healthy brain.But all of the cells, which could be restored, has rebounded under the age of child (up to three years).

Here is a list of drugs that treat attention span and hyperactivity can be, but to no avail:

  • polypeptides: Cortexin, Cere
  • racetam: Piracetam, nootropics, Rolziratsetam
  • Neuropeptides: Semaks
  • derivatives gammaaminomaslyanoy acid: Phenibut, Pikamilon, Pantogam.

Sedatives resorted to from three to twelve - it's all the same herbal sedatives:

  • Valerian, motherwort, bromides
  • Persen - combined pill - dry extracts of mint, lemon balm and valerian root
  • tenoten homeopathic children -