Medicinal properties of burdock root

Burdock is rightly called one of the most commonly used in alternative medicine plant.As a rule, the curative effect of burdock root, to a lesser extent also the fruit and leaves.Leaves of plants collected in the summer and the roots are harvested mainly in autumn.Widespread use of burdock in folk medicine due to the presence in it of essential substances, such as:

  • proteins
  • tannins
  • vitamins B, A, C and E
  • polysaccharide inulin
  • stigmasterol and sitosterol
  • essential oils (bardanovoeetc.)
  • stearic and palmitic saturated fatty acids
  • micronutrients - iron, strontium, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, tin

What is the curative effect of burdock - burdock root?

Medicinal properties of burdock root have been known for a long time.Root has choleretic, diaphoretic, diuretic, mild laxative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.In addition, it greatly stimulates the enzymatic activity of the pancreas, a beneficial effect on the skin, cleanses the intestines.Burdock root is an excellent antisep

tic and disinfectant, destroys microbes, eliminates allergies and itching.

The table shows the main areas of application of burdock root in medicine.

Pathology method of using medicinal properties
Kidney and gallbladder Infusions from the leaves and roots choleretic, diuretic
Skin diseases, dermatitis, hair care packsof decoctions and infusions of burdock root on the skin, burdock oil for hair wound healing, blood-purifying, antifungal, antibacterial
gastrointestinal disease Broth Recovery acidity, healing, anti-inflammatory
Constipation, hemorrhoids Infusions of the roots and leaves of burdock Laxative

On the basis of burdock root is manufactured drugs used for inflammation, diabetes and injuries.Inulin, abundantly contained in the plant, normalizes the number of leukocytes in the blood, improves metabolism, promotes hair growth, prevents the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder, excessive deposition of salts.

Moreover, burdock root is the main component of some decoctions and infusions that are used to address a variety of symptoms and diseases.Among them:

  • gastritis, duodenal ulcer and stomach, while gastropathy after taking NSAIDs
  • chronic pancreatitis
  • cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, abnormal liver function, hepatitis
  • dermatitis, ulcers on the skin, eczema, psoriasis, abrasions, seborrhea, acne, plohozazhivayuschie wounds, sores, burns (limited lesions)
  • rickets in the child (symptoms, treatment)
  • urethritis, cystitis, urolithiasis, edema
  • gout, violation of uric acid metabolism
  • hemorrhoids
  • as an antipyretic, detoxifying agent for feverish conditions, infectious diseases
  • diabetes as prevention and treatment (polysaccharides that make up the mug improve insulinoobrazuyuschuyu function of the pancreas)
  • poisoning by toxic substances, alcohol intoxication
  • possible effect on the development of malignant tumorsas prophylaxis
  • as a "burdock oil", which is an infusion with almond and olive oils, used to give strength, shine, strengthen hair
  • arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system
gastric ulcer

In particular, gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis treated by fresh roots of the young burdock.Pre-roots should be well washed, and then eat raw.At the same time it is necessary to bear in mind that the nutrients and healing properties of burdock root stored very long, so it is desirable to use as soon as possible, immediately after the excavation.

bowel disease

various disorders in bowel habits, including colitis (colitis bowel symptoms) and constipation (laxatives all constipation) can be successfully treated with the help of broth from the plant and its seeds.First of all, we should pour two cups of boiling water burdock seeds and leave them for half a day.Then you need a good infusion strain and drink after a meal.

eczema, rheumatism

In rheumatoid arthritis and eczema is very effective ointment that is applied to the damaged areas.It is made from fresh young plant roots.After application the patient should go for half an hour in the steam room and small sips to drink a glass of warm decoction of burdock roots.This beverage enhances sweating, but you can not go to the steam room, as long as the patient is not completely dry.In the case of thirst it is recommended to drink whey.After that painful joints should again apply ointment and bandage.These procedures are best done just before bedtime.Recipe ointment is: chopped burdock roots combined with water, and then the mixture was boiled to reduce the volume of the original twice and added to butter, combined 1: 4.The ointment can also be used for burns.

Preventive Oncology

burdock root powder, decoctions and infusions are recommended for the development of tumor diseases.To do this, in the same proportions to take honey, rubbing alcohol and burdock root.This mixture was infused for two weeks and then used three times a day.


gastric mucosal inflammation (superficial gastritis, gastritis with high acidity) good treatable using a decoction or infusion of burdock.The infusion is done in the following sequence: burdock root is filled with a sufficient amount of boiling water, half a day is maintained and used several times a day.To prepare the broth as needed spoon burdock roots, which is filled with boiling water.The mixture is heated over low heat for at least 10 minutes and is used 3 times a day.

Hair Strengthening

decoction of burdock roots and bark of willow perfectly strengthens hair follicles, eliminates fungus and dandruff, itchy scalp cures.for broth components are taken in approximately equal amounts.It is also widely used for strengthening of hair, slowing down the process of balding - burdock oil.

Skin diseases

infusion of burdock is very useful for the health of the skin.For it will need 2 pieces of root plants and 1 part leaf elderberry, dymyanki and Saponaria.The mixture is poured water, infused for two hours, boiled for about 10 minutes and after 20 minutes carefully filtered.Infusion drink 2 times daily between meals intervals for 6 weeks.


For patients with diabetes can do the following collection, in equal proportions: bean pods, burdock root, bilberry leaf.Then, 1 liter of cold water poured 50 grams of this collection, insist night, in the morning boil for 5 minutes.After 2 hours after the infusion has cooled, strain and use inside the 5 p / day with 150 ml.

Also, the healing properties of burdock root can be used to rinse the mouth with gingivitis, stomatitis adults, stomatitis in children.When different types of depriving a person, with a fungus on his feet, inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

burdock root Contraindications

It should be used with extreme caution pregnant women and women during lactation, as well as people who are prone to the emergence of allergies (allergic rhinitis, hay fever, allergic cough)

How do burdock yourself?

Efficient and effective burdock oil is quite possible to make yourself at home.First of all it is necessary to crush freshly dug burdock root.Three tablespoons of the powder from the root to pour vegetable oil, high quality olive better (benefits and harms of olive oil) in an amount of 200-250 ml and left at room temperature for a day.The resulting mixture is simmered for about 15 minutes, then filtered and cooled.It must be stored in a cool place.Burdock oil promotes rapid healing of wounds and strengthen the hair.

Instructions for use of pharmaceutical finished vegetable raw materials - burdock root

Pharmacological group: vegetable antispasmodic
Pharmacological action: Burdock root has a number of medicinal properties - choleretic, diuretic, wound healing and mild anti-inflammatory effect.
Indications: externally - with trophic ulcers, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, eczema, burns, abrasions.Inside - cholecystitis (symptoms of acute and chronic cholecystitis), cystitis (see treatment of cystitis in women.), Urethra, biliary dyskinesia, gastritis.
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the medicinal plants, hay fever.
Dosage: Externally - rinsing, wet dressings, compresses, irrigation.Inside as a decoction for 30 minutes before meals 2-3 p / day for 100 ml., Course of 2-3 weeks, according to indications can be extended up to 4-5 weeks.
The instructions to the pulverized raw burdock root specified - the broth should be prepared as follows: '10 dry raw material is placed in a bowl, pour cup of boiling water, cover, and boil in water bath for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.Then cool 10 minutes, filtered, the resulting broth is diluted with water to 200ml.
Side effects: Patients who are prone to allergies, polynosis at high risk of developing allergic reactions.
average price in pharmacies: 40-50 rubles.for 50g.dried minced raw .

In the online pharmacies private manufacturers offer a variety of options for dietary supplements - extracts of burdock root, among them:

  • Berdok - 100 capsules with extract of root and burdock leaf (mug)
  • Burdock Root (burdock root), a manufacturer Vitalayn100 caps.
  • burdock root extract - 75 ml plastic bottle manufacturer Company "Biola"