12 August

Why burrs often occur on the fingers , how to treat , how to remove

barbs is a skin tear the nail fold.Most often occurs in the lateral roll of the fingers, ie,the side of the nail, as this area is most susceptible to mechanical stress.Several less burrs are found on the rear roller.Burrs on the toes also occur less frequently.

barb outwardly looks like a piece of leather or a portion of the skin exfoliation.This pattern did not decorate the nails, and even cause pain, bleeding, can cause paronychia (periungual Whitlow).

reasons burrs

The formation of burrs are most susceptible to dry skin sensitive.Permanent skin dryness when exposed to precipitating factors lead to its loss and thinning in the area around the nail elasticity.Why often appear burrs?The fact that even the slightest effect on the skin leads to a crack.

Precipitating factors

  • Long, constant skin contact of the hands with water and household detergents (often have burrs in women who do not use gloves when cleaning, washing dishes, etc..)
  • Working with different chemicals without protection glov
    es hands(see. how to minimize the damage to household chemicals health)
  • chapping, frostbite and skin over-drying, especially in winter
  • lack of proper hygienic care of the hands
  • harmful nail-biting, biting the skin around the nails, sucking fingers
  • Mechanical skin trauma atperforming edging pedicure and manicure
  • sand skin Injury, stones often causes burrs on the fingers of the child
  • Using low-quality nail polish, liquid for removing coatings (see. also why exfoliate and crumbled nails).
  • Substandard materials containing methyl methacrylate, used in nail enhancements
  • excess cuticle, increasing the nail plate
  • frequent walking barefoot, followed by injuries to the skin with sand and pebbles.

Internal reasons

  • deficiency of vitamins (A, B, E) and trace elements (see. Vitamins in foods and tablets, what is the difference)
  • Eating disorders, dieting, fasting
  • gastrointestinal disease
  • Dysbacteriosis
  • diabetes
  • Failure to observe drinking regime (dehydration).

Complications As with any skin damage, burrs can become a gateway for bacterial pathogens (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and fungal (dermatophytes, candida) infections.

  • constant plucking or sgryzanie burr leads to expose the tissue and the formation of bleeding weeping surface, which brings a touch of pain.
  • felon (felon) - inflammation of periungual roller occurs when the infection spreads to the soft tissues.If a swollen finger, appeared redness and throbbing pain - developed okolonogtevoy felon.Formation of further softening of tissue section with a parallel change in skin color to yellowish, says cluster purulent exudate at sub-or peri-ungual.
  • deformation nail - sometimes paronychia becomes chronic course with periodic exacerbations: the nail thickens, changes color and deformed.


burrs Burrs are small or large, multiple and single.Constant companion burrs are painful, especially if you accidentally touch, and bleeding.

  • addition to aesthetic and medical problem, burrs complicate daily life: cling to the clothes, the hair, causing pain.
  • Multiple barbs attach hands untidy and repulsive appearance, people with this problem experience psychological discomfort and constantly hides his hands.


Bright symptoms is no doubt in the diagnosis.Particularly noteworthy are the cases when the barb with due care and the absence of provoking factors are formed again and again.In this case, more research is needed:

  • blood chemistry
  • spectral analysis of hair to trace
  • possible analysis on the content of vitamins in the blood
  • study of fecal bacteria overgrowth

At deficiency of vitamins is also possible cracks in the corners of the mouth.When complications arise when a finger run up, held bakposev pus with the definition of the etiologic pathogen and sensitivity to drugs.

How to remove burrs at home

  • skin to steam in a hot bath for 10 minutes.The hot water is added soda or sea salt (1 tablespoon per 500 ml).
  • Dry hands with a towel, gently and carefully.
  • processed medical alcohol sharp nail scissors or clippers carefully cut the cuticle.Cutting the skin with scissors kept parallel and forceps - in a perpendicular position for a snug fit to the skin.Do not pull or tear burr - it will lead to the rupture of healthy skin, ie,It will form the basis for a new burr.
  • Treat the skin with an antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, an alcohol tincture of calendula), and then apply the cream Dexpanthenol (analogues Bepanten, Panthenol, D-panthenol, Pantoderm ointment), or moisturizing, nourishing hand cream.
  • Stick the patch on your finger from the middle of the fabric to prevent inadvertent injury to the treated skin for clothing.

For those who are afraid to cut off the burr, it is recommended this way: at night the skin at the site of burr marigold ointment carefully lubricated and tightly sealed with plaster above.By the morning of the burr softened and he removed when washing hands.However, complete removal may not occur, and the remaining small piece of skin, clinging to the clothes can be another burr.

Velvet hands -zazhivlyayuschy Sea Buckthorn Green pharmacy, healing and butter hand cream sea buckthorn Recipes grandmother Agafia -zazhivlyayuschy Ointments and creamsdexpanthenol

How to get rid of burrs on the fingers in the salons

in specialized stores carried the same actions as at home, but more professional and with less risk of recurrence.However, the interior, and the master must be credible as deburring tool untreated can lead to infection.Also, in the salons can perform the following types of professional care that prevent burrs:

  • Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • peeling hands and feet
  • Paraffin

Folk treatment

  • Oil baths.Heat a small amount of vegetable oil and hold it in your hands for 10-20 minutes.Oil can not wash off, and gently rub into the skin, wearing cotton gloves on top.Repeat every day for the night.
  • gruel of medicinal aloe .A few fresh leaves crushed and applied to the mush on the tips of the fingers, over wrapped with cling film.Ideally stand for several hours, but not less than 30 minutes.Repeat 1-2 times a week.
  • Sea buckthorn oil or oil hips - can be applied to place the burr, they have an excellent wound healing, cytoprotective action.


complications often happens that tore burr and finger run up after a while.With the development of the inflammatory process should not delay to contact the surgeon.

acute stage treated by conservative methods: effective warm compresses, finger outside the procedures held in the elevated position.If necessary, the doctor prescribes oral antibiotics to prevent an abscess.

okolonogtevogo When an abscess in a procedural cabinet held its drainage and autopsy.When subungual abscess removal of the nail plate to be partially or completely.


  • Professional care for hands and feet.High-quality manicure and pedicure virtually eliminates the formation of burrs.
  • skin disinfection after a home manicure and pedicure (hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil).
  • Eliminating habits of nail biting, sucking fingers, frequently observed in children.In addition to bleeding and painful burr, this habit can lead to OCI (intestinal infection) and worm infestations.
  • Skin protection from corrosion and environmental factors (protective creams, gloves).
  • Wash hands with soap baby.
  • nourishing and softening hand cream after each washing and manicure.The cream should be applied around each nail and rub with light massage movements until absorbed.
  • Application softening baths with sea salt, glycerin or soda 1-2 times a week.
  • Intake of vitamins and minerals.What kind of vitamins is not enough, can be determined by a blood test.
  • drinking regime.
  • Good nutrition.