12 August

How to get rid of freckles on his face ?And whether it is necessary to remove them ?

Efelidy, more commonly known as freckles, are nothing but age spots.They usually have a small size, yellowish-brown (sometimes red and even black), close to the rounded shape and the location of the group: in fact, looking at the freckled face, it seems that they are "scattered" in the skin.

preferential localization: exposed skin such as the face, shoulders, arms, chest and back.First freckles appear in person at the age of 5 years, the highest number of age spots occurs during puberty.

With age, after 40 years the number of sunspots decreases, but is characterized by bursts of rash during the hormonal changes during pregnancy and breast-feeding women.

Freckles in virtually 100% of cases are inherited.Blonde, blue-eyed and red representatives of humanity are subject to "sun kisses" more people with darker hair color, which is associated with less melanin in the first place.

High activity pigmentation observed in spring and autumn.Actually the name of the freckles went because of the spring char

acteristic manifestations on the skin.In the spring and especially summer freckles become darker brown and parallel to the skin tan.

causes and triggers the emergence of freckles

Underlying appearance of freckles is genetically caused change in the structure-melanocyte cells.These cells synthesize the pigment melanin, which gives color visible freckles.Intensive production of melanin and its uneven distribution leads to the formation of freckles.

natural freckles provoking factor is ultraviolet radiation from the sun: under its influence the activity of melanocytes increases and they are performing a protective function against the damaging effect of UV light, begin to produce large amounts of the pigment melanin.With each passing day more and more pigment is produced, and because of the uneven distribution of melanin produced focally in the form of freckles.

pathological provoking factors are:

  • frequent peels
  • hormonal disruptions and restructuring
  • stress
  • liver disease and gall bladder
  • gipovitaminoz
  • pregnant women freckles appear on the background of hormonal changes and changes in metabolism.

treatment of freckles freckles

Treatment - a very relative and precarious employment, since they are not a disease and does not threaten the health of the owner!

whitening masks, creams and lotions

intended for use outside the exposure to the sun, ie,in the evening or at night.Requires regular, long-term use within 2-4 weeks.Applied to the skin with light massage movements and maintained the required amount of time.Remains of a cosmetic product is washed off with water (see. How to get rid of age spots).

Popular cosmetics with whitening effect:

Cream freckles KORA Snow Cream asset from Biocon cream night perfect whitening of Vitex Night CreamWhite linen from Floresan cream lightening Amanita by NPK "Trinity M»

Cosmetic removal of freckles

be understood that pigmentation occurs in the epidermis, so removing freckles is only possible with the simultaneous removal of the surface layerskin methods:

  • Kvartsevanie (about 10 sessions), which causes flaking of the skin;
  • Cryodestruction , at which the burning of pigmented spots with liquid nitrogen.The procedure is performed only once, but it carries the risk of scar formation at the site of impact;
  • peeling with acidic compositions - this method helps to quickly remove freckles, but damages the epidermis down to the strong inflammatory response;
  • Hardware peeling alexandrite and erbium laser .It will take approximately 2-5 treatments, depending on the area to be treated;
  • Microdermabrasion , requiring a repeat procedure within 3 months;
  • Dermokoagulyatsii , used to remove wrinkles of old age, which allows get rid of pigmentation.

Disadvantages of such invasive procedures:

  • After these rather aggressive influences the skin for a long time remains inflamed and damaged
  • or visible in direct sunlight after the procedure is strictly forbidden.
  • With each subsequent peeling increases the skin's sensitivity to any attack.
  • costly procedures
  • have a number of strict contraindications, such as cancer, and pustular inflammation of the skin, pregnancy, blood system diseases, diabetes, and any disease in the acute phase.

Lotions and topical formulations

Enjoy depigmenting (whitening) and peeling effect:

  • mixture , which includes salicylic acid, white mercury ointment, phenol 20%, and fresh-water sponge, bleach spots and exfoliate the toplayer of the epidermis.Apply no more than a week due to the danger of mercury effects on the body.
  • mixture 1,5 g salicylic acid, 3 g.vitamin C, 24 c.olive oil, 4 g.glycerin, 3 g.wax, 6 c.spermaceti, 5 gr.water (can be ordered at the pharmacy for this recipe).Apply a thin layer at night.

How to remove freckles from the face of traditional methods

Lemon juice diluted in water

few slices of lemon squeezed into a glass of cold water, mix and get a lotion rubbed the skin several times a day.It has a bleaching effect.

Infusion of parsley

melkoporublennoy Two teaspoons parsley boiled water and insist 20 minutes.We get the lotion several times a day, wipe the skin.Also whitens skin, but acts less aggressive than lemon juice, suitable for sensitive skin.

Cucumber mask

Fresh cucumber rubbed on a coarse grater and dense layer is placed on problem areas.You can do this pleasant procedure daily, especially after intensive sun exposure.

Fresh juices

The same effect has the juice of black currant, quince, cranberry, cucumber juice and grapefruit juice: fresh juice rubbed the skin instead of lotion.

Dairy products

yogurt, kefir, mare's milk, sour cream.Most gently lighten pigmentation, parallel moisturizing and purifying the skin.Can be used as masks for little starch thickened fermented milk base, and for wiping.The main thing is that the products were fresh.

Mask of protein and lemon juice

whipped egg white with 1 teaspoonlemon juice.The composition is applied to the pigmented areas of the skin with a thin layer, after drying on top of the next layer is applied.The procedure is carried out for 20 minutes, then washed first with hot, then cold water.

Cucumber Lotion

Package cucumber seeds a few days insist in a glass of vodka or diluted up to 40 degrees of alcohol, filtered and diluted with water 1:10.Use for daily rubbing of the skin or for lotions (5-10 minutes).

Lotion from celandine

About 100 grams of celandine juice mixed with 50 grams of vodka, rubbed the skin resulting tincture 2 times a day.Read about the benefits and contraindications of celandine.

Infusion dandelions

How to get rid of freckles on her face at home using the infusion dandelion flowers.A handful of steamed flowers cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes and strain.Rub lotion places where freckles 2-3 times a day.

mask horseradish, oatmeal, yogurt

half a teaspoon of fresh grated horseradish mixed with a quarter cup of sour milk and 1 tbspoatmeal.Apply the mixture on a thin layer of the pigmented areas, incubated for 15-20 min.

Castor oil

Apply the oil on the skin with a cotton swab, gently rubbing.The procedure is done at night, oil residue wash off in the morning.

prevention of freckles

Avoiding or minimizing the triggering factors allows to at least partially prevent the appearance of freckles (and also a possible allergy to the sun):

  • With the approach of spring should review your diet to includefoods rich in vitamins, especially C and PP.A large number of vitamins is in vegetables and fruits, buckwheat, poultry, beef, liver.
  • gradually get used to the sun - it will provide a uniform production of melanin.In the first days of spring sun, wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and also avoid the appearance of the street for the period from 11 to 15 hours, when the sun is most active.
  • Always use sunscreen with a protection factor of 15-30 SPF.They should be applied to exposed skin, paying particular attention to the favorite places of freckles - the cheeks and nose.Protective cream reduces ultraviolet aggressiveness under the influence of it on the skin.

Popular sunscreens: Sunvita of vitex, cream barrier against sunburn and freckles on Floresan, Cream "Solar Series" F-100 from Floresan, cream-gel sunscreen Miracle Lukoshko.

  • As an additional measure, you can use a powder with quinine or salol, which protects the skin from sun radiation.

freckles - it's beautiful or not?

This question was repeatedly asked by people with freckles.And 95% are women, men can not ignore this feature of their own skin, as long as they do not tell about it.

True connoisseurs of beauty and well-known fashion designers consider freckles particularly attractive feature of the face, gives a person the immediacy and freshness.People with freckles looks younger than his years.Please look on the face with the world's catwalks - freckles can be seen in almost every model!Hence the conclusion that the freckles - this is not only not a disadvantage, but the fashion trend!

As a fanatical desire of some persons in that something was not deduce freckles - it's empty, and sometimes dangerous occupation.To struggle with nature is useless!How to expose your skin traumatic and chemical effects, which are often offered in beauty salons, it is better to love your appearance as it is, and the time and energy spent on the selection of the appropriate hairstyle and image.

Unfortunately, there are also negative examples of people experimenting on themselves and trying to change their natural appearance, some of them paid with their health, and some lives for rash actions!

Most whitening and exfoliating treatments lead to dryness, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, and this is not the most terrible consequences.

Only a small part of the people has freckles constantly, usually a seasonal phenomenon.If freckles deliver psychological distress and deprive normal life, to be taken for their prevention measures and treatment begins with gentle folk methods.Before calling in a beauty salon, where not always work health professionals should visit a doctor-dermatologist and discuss with him acceptable ways of removing freckles.

Freckles - this is the most striking sign of naturalness that never goes out of fashion.Allow them to decorate your face and make them their dignity!