12 August

Why does a person snores , how to get rid of snoring treatments

Everyone knows what snoring, as they suffer 30% of the adult population of the Earth.And if for others it is a definite nuisance when snoring someone from home, for the owners of this disease is a serious health risk.

Snoring is one of the main symptoms of the disease, which is called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS).This pathology is manifested by short stops breathing during sleep, followed by loud snores.

Interesting facts about snoring:

  • every fifth Russian snore, 60% of Americans snore during
  • dream most often snore men, smoking people, fat people, the elderly snore often young
  • children also sometimes snore
  • snoring -it is not normal and snoring treated
  • snoring is sometimes the only symptom of sleep apnea (sleep apnea).

mechanism of snoring and OSA

Why people snore?The cause of snoring - narrowing, bending, relaxation of airway walls:

  • When breathing air flow changes. Normally when breathing air passes directly through the nose and throat very quickly and deliver oxygen
    to the body in time.When the modified wall (available barriers curved wall), the air swirls creates turbulence which creates noise.Furthermore, there may be fluctuations in the soft tissue (uvula) that amplifies sound.
  • Movement pharyngeal soft tissue. snoring sound indicates that the throat touch oscillate or vibrate.This is due to a decrease in muscle tone, as well as from the reduction in the distance between the walls.

When changing muscle tone?This contributes - age, alcohol, low thyroid hormone levels, chronic inflammation in the throat, smoking (replacement of muscle connective tissue), violation of the innervation of the pharyngeal tissue.

When decreases the distance between the walls? contribute to this - excess fatty tissue in the throat, enlarged tonsils (adenoids, hypertrophy of the tonsils), swelling in the background of allergic reactions.

What is Apnea ?During sleep, reduced overall muscle tone.In particular, the throat muscles relax constituent structure.If there are predisposing factors causing airway constriction, there is a runout of the sagging of the soft palate of the throat during the passage of the air flow.If the airway is completely overlap, there is a brief cessation of breathing - apnea.During the night of the stops can be up to 400.

  • During apnea there is partial or complete impulse in the brain, which leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of sleep.
  • patient often wakes up with a feeling of suffocation, sleep becomes restless and refreshing.
  • OSA is a major source of nightmares.
  • Happy patient feels tired and sleepy, increased irritability, mood deteriorates (see. Why always want to sleep)
  • consequence of this situation is the increase in blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • also possible memory loss, impotence and development.

Causes Snoring

Diseases for which there is snoring:

  • Violations nasal breathing , and violation of this should be significant to get the patient to go to the night mouth breathing.Among these reasons appear: the curvature of the nasal septum, nasal polyps, pathology of the nasal valve, adenoids in children, bag Tornvalda etc.
  • Benign or malignant tumors airway
  • Inflammatory processes in the nose - narrowness of nasal passages due to chronic.rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis (including angina)
  • Congenital structure of the nose or throat, a long uvula, malocclusion, underdevelopment of the upper and / or lower jaw
  • Allergic diseases - asthma,allergic rhinitis, allergic cough
  • Acromegaly - dysfunction of the anterior pituitary
  • OSA - obstructive sleep apnea
  • diseases thyroid - hypothyroidism
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Injuries, leading to the defeat of the cranial nerves, damage to nerves of the pharynx during operations
  • Neoplasms or stroke.

Change airway walls contribute:

  • Overweight - the main cause of snoring.People with obesity 1 degree (BMI & gt; 29), the probability of occurrence of OSA in 8-12 times higher than without it.People with grade 3 obesity (BMI & gt; 40) OSAS observed in 60% of cases.The mechanism of snoring is the narrowing of the lumen of the pharynx fat, deposited in the face and neck organs.
  • Alcohol - a dream that occurs under the influence of alcohol, resulting in a significant decrease in muscle tone and, consequently, to snoring.
  • Smoking - tobacco smoke is bad for the state of the muscles of the pharynx.
  • Hypnotics drugs (see. How quickly sleep without medication)

Danger snoring

In severe cases of OSA stop breathing to occur 40-60 times per hour, ie every minute.As a result, the brain is experiencing enormous stress, tissue, and the brain in particular, do not have enough oxygen, develops acidosis (acidification of the body).The result of this situation is the active development of atherosclerosis, and therefore:

  • High blood pressure - In 50% of snoring adults has hypertension.A characteristic feature of the disease is the excess pressure of the night over the day, an increase in diastolic blood pressure in the morning, and even a reduction of pressure in 20 - 30 minutes after waking up.According to some scholars, in patients who have blood pressure can not be cured (it takes more than 3 drugs) in 83% of cases of OSA.
  • Cardiac arrhythmias - People with OSA incidence of cardiac arrhythmias can reach 50%.It should be remembered that any arrhythmia translates patient at risk for sudden death.
  • Coronary heart disease - In patients with coronary artery disease snoring occurs in 30% of cases, which is much higher than in people without coronary heart disease in similar age groups.
  • diabetes of the second type - In patients with diabetes, OSA rate reaches 36%.International Diabetes Federation recommends that all physicians when it detects the patient's obstructive sleep apnea syndrome to examine him for diabetes (see. The rate of sugar in the blood).

Snoring in children

child snores for the same reasons as adults, namely:

  • Increased tonsils and adenoids (see treatment of adenoids in children.).
  • Difficulty of nasal breathing caused by rhinitis, nasal polyps, congenital anomalies, or any other causes.
  • Obesity.

Snoring children affects their physical and mental development.Such patients become irritable whining, falling school performance, behavior deteriorates.Snoring and sleep apnea can cause nightmares, bedwetting and sleepwalking.Severe sleep apnea in children has serious consequences: the lag in mental and physical development, marked hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.

should be remembered that such causes of snoring in adults as obesity and malocclusion in childhood.Causes and their feeding, unfortunately, very fashionable in our time.

Snoring Treatment - prophylactic measures

purpose of : reduce the influence of the factors contributing to snoring - allergens, airway wall edema, inflammation.
Pros: safe
Cons: if combined several causes of snoring and sleep apnea - these tools are ineffective, moreover, require the regular performance for a long time.

  • denial or restriction of smoking, alcohol (at least 3 hours before bedtime)
  • exception of allergens in the room - dust, pets, woollens, blankets, feathers, feather pillows, flowering plants
  • orthopedic pillows - eliminate the positionalsnoring
  • restore normal nasal breathing - extending strips on the nose vasoconstrictor nose drops
  • losing weight - obesity, even 10% of its reduction improves
  • humidification - the use of ultrasonic humidifiers, air conditioning systems
  • hydration of the mouth and pharynx- bedtime mouthwash vegetable oil
  • exercise pharyngeal muscles

can stop snoring folk remedies

The most popular of them saves from positional snoring, when a person snores, lying on his back.By the nightgown on the back between the shoulder blades sewn pocket, which is placed a round object, such as walnut or golf ball.Sleep on a "Pea" is impossible, snoring to sleep on your side, keeping your health and sleep of others.

Acupressure and special ring snoring

Acupressure produced warmed his hands, fingertips - it's fast, deep pressure for 30-40 seconds at a specific point indicated in the figure.It should be done regularly as a treatment for snoring and for the prevention, it increases muscle tone, promotes the normalization of sleep, reduces the degree of overlap of the airways.In addition, you can wear for a night on the little finger ring with a special two bulges on the inner side, which is pressed to such a point on the finger, mimicking acupressure (cm. Ring snoring).

Medicines for snoring - snoring treatment tablets

purpose of : reduce mucosal swelling and increased its tone
Pros : simple, not expensive, convenient
Cons : restrictions for people with allergies, have contraindications, can not be used without a doctor's prescription, rigorous course and dosage, the "magic" pill snoring does not exist.

Medications used in the treatment of snoring:

  • Treatment with topical corticosteroids specific course in the form of inhalations.Used when enlarged tonsils and allergies.Local hormonal reduce inflammation of the mucosa and locally reduce the swelling.
  • drops or spray with vegetable ingredients that increase the tone of the mucous and reduce the vibrations of the walls in a dream.However, these funds at high risk of provoking allergies and high efficiency.

Special devices - mouthpiece, orthoses nipples snoring

devices placed in the mouth or nose snorer - splints, caps expand the lumen of the respiratory tract due to the extension of the jaw forward during sleep.Have a different structure (adjustable and no individual or standard), but very low efficiency and is not suitable for everyone.Not everyone can sleep with a certain object in the mouth.They help mostly those with deep bite and a small lower jaw.Given the potential "customer base" (one in three adults), such devices are in most cases "divorce on the money."In addition, if your device is lost or broken, snoring returns.

The goal: increase the clearance between the walls of the airways
Pros : few contraindications, convenient to use while traveling
Cons : do not use in children, it takes time getting used to at least 2 weeks (most generally can not get used)not a pleasant sensation in the joints and muscles of the jaw.


The goal: expansion of the lumen and eliminating movement of the soft palate
Pros : if you eliminated the only cause of snoring, it may be a good effect
Cons : a lot of contraindications, the high risk of complications, painful recovery period, whenseveral causes of snoring - is ineffective.
Efficiency :

  • 80% - with uncomplicated snoring
  • 50% - with mild OSAS
  • less than 20% - in patients with severe OSA

Allows you to make the soft palate more dense, so it is less slack in his sleep.For this palate is exposed to laser or liquid nitrogen (krioplastika) therein and scarring processes developed.Some doctors practice surgical clipping uvula.Neither surgical method does not provide a complete cure, and, moreover, an absolute guarantee.

If a patient is diagnosed multiple violations -. Obesity with a deviated septum, hypothyroidism and smoking, micrognathia and neuro-muscular diseases and so forth, then surgical treatment may not only be ineffective, but can cause complications in death.

American Academy of Medicine found no effective use in laser operations sky with sleep apnea, and contrary to the interests of patients.

Types of surgery depends on the cause of snoring:

  • Remediation rhinitis - submucosa osteokonhotomiya
  • Removing obstacles: adenoidectomy (adenoids), tonsillectomy (tonsils), uvuloektomiya (palatal reed), polypectomy (polyp)
  • Plastic walls of the airways- uvuloplastika, uvulopalatoplasty, septoplasty or nasal valves,
  • reducing the size of the language
  • seal of the soft palate to reduce vibration of the soft palate -implanty

snoring is not such a simple matter as it might seem.Do not rely on neighbors, her friends and colleagues.Consult a qualified ENT doctor or a sleep.