Symptoms of mercury poisoning is dangerous if the crashed mercury thermometer , treatment, and prevention of mercury poisoning

Mercury poisoning is a serious intoxication of the human body, which leaves a number of negative health effects.This condition fear adults and children, especially panicked at the time of the partition of household mercury thermometers.In this article, we will understand what the symptoms are chronic and acute mercury poisoning, and under what circumstances, it is really possible to get.

mercury Feature

Mercury - the substance of the first class of danger.It is a transition metal is a silvery-white liquid with a heavy weight, a pair of very toxic (under the usual temperature of living quarters).

Metallic mercury as such has no toxic effects on the body.But couples and soluble (especially organic) mercury compounds are highly toxic - are cumulative poisons.

Even small amounts of mercury is able to cause significant health problems.Toxic effects on the digestive, nervous and immune systems, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and eyes.Therefore, mercury poisoning, the symptoms associated with dysfunc

tion of these systems and organs of the body.

However, mercury is widely used in industry and manufacturing.The most famous object of mercury - a thermometer with a "silver" at the center, which is used by many people to measure body temperature.

poisoning that occur as a result of the decomposition of household mercury thermometers are extremely rare and can occur in families, completely neglecting safety rules and often broken thermometers without further demercurisation.If there was mercury poisoning from the thermometer, symptoms will likely be chronic.

Acute mercury poisoning are possible at random partitioning a large number of fluorescent lamps (see. What to do if the broken energy-saving lamp).

where people can meet with mercury in everyday life?

Despite this danger metal, met with mercury is not so easy, especially in such an amount as to cause serious disease.

  • Mercury is used in the power industry in the production of mercury-galvanic battery, in metallurgy to produce different alloys with aluminum recycling in the chemical industry as a reagent, in agriculture for seed treatment pesticides - in the case of mercury poisoning is possible in the course of professional activitypeople of certain professions.
  • Earlier silver amalgam is used in dentistry, but with the invention of photographic materials the filling material is already excluded from the application.One seal contains several hundred mg to metal.
  • mercury vapor inside fluorescent lamps are, becausea pair of glow in the glow discharge.Mercury content: 1-70 mg.In medicine
  • metallic mercury is used as a filling thermometer as characterized by high thermal conductivity does not wet the glass, and the measurements are very accurate (up to 0,01 ° C).The thermometer contains up to 2 grams of mercury.
  • Elemental mercury and mercury compounds can accumulate in seafood, it is hundreds of times higher than the metal content in the water.And the seafood processing technology does not reduce the mercury content in the product.

So to get poisoned by mercury, it is also necessary to look for!Which makes some curious people, bringing your home or garage, unknown devices or devices that can be a source of dangerous mercury vapor.

Sometimes, rarely, chronic mercury poisoning are found in humans, once upon a time bought second homes in the crevices of floors and walls which was inexplicably got there mercury.

With all of this should be particularly vigilant - if you do and there was a "household accident" - broke a thermometer or mercury lamp (see detailed instructions -. What to do if you break a mercury thermometer at home), you should perform a series of simple steps that will protect you, yourfamily and pets from mercury poisoning.

Specific effect of mercury vapor on the human body

inhalation of mercury vapors at a concentration of 0.25 mg / m leads to metal accumulation in lung tissue.At higher levels of mercury is able to be absorbed through intact skin.Depending on the length of mercury in the body, and the amount of supplied metal having acute and chronic poisoning.In a separate category are mikromerkurializm.

Symptoms of poisoning with mercury vapor


first manifestations observed in a couple of hours of direct poisoning:

  • general weakness;
  • headache;
  • lack of appetite;
  • pain when trying to swallow anything;
  • metallic taste;
  • salivation;
  • bleeding and swelling of the gums;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting.

Later arise:

  • very severe abdominal pain, mucous bloody diarrhea,
  • cough and shortness of breath - joins inflammation of lung tissue, qatar airways, chest pain, shivering
  • characterized by the rise in body temperature to 38-40 ° C.
  • in urine in the study found mercury.

mercury poisoning symptoms are the same in adults and children.Only the child develops symptoms more quickly, the clinical picture is brighter, and require immediate assistance!

Chronic poisoning mercury poisoning

- is a common poisoning due to chronic exposure to vapors and mercury compounds, much higher than the norms for 2-5 months, or years.Manifestations depend on the condition of the body and the nervous system:

  • fatigue;
  • causeless drowsiness;
  • general weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • migraine;
  • emotional disorders: lack of confidence, shyness, depression, irritability.

There is a loss of self-control and memory loss, decreased attention.Gradually develops a bright characteristic symptom - "mercurial tremor" fingers and toes, lips, eyelids, which occurs when the excitement.There have urge to defecate and urinate, the fall of smell, tactile sensitivity, taste, increased sweating.Significantly increased thyroid gland is not functioning properly in heart rate, pressure drop.

Mikromerkurializm - chronic poisoning with the above symptoms, which occurs at a constant action of small amounts of mercury for many (5-10 or more) years.

consequences of mercury poisoning

  • In the absence of timely assistance acute mercury poisoning can result in death.
  • People with chronic mercury intoxication can not lead a normal life, become psychological disabilities.
  • particular danger mercury poses to pregnant women because there is a risk of fetal pathology.

it possible to detect the excess concentration of mercury vapor in the room?

Of course, after every situation, bearing the risk of exceeding the maximum permissible concentration of mercury in the air, should be invited and accredited laboratory to conduct measurements (standard - no more than 0.0003 mg / m³).

There are domestic tests, which help to roughly estimate the concentration of mercury in the air space (paper impregnated with selenium sulfide or odnoyodistoy copper), allowing at 8-10 hours of observation to find out if there is excess of MPC.They can be purchased on the territory of the former Soviet Union an estimated value of 150 rubles.


Acute poisoning are treated only in hospitals, integrated and differentiated taking into account losses.Chronic mercury poisoning can be treated in a hospital, sanatorium treatment and require transfer to another job.For the treatment of specific drugs are used:. Unitiol, Methionine, Taurine, dimercaptosuccinic acid, etc.


  • Accidental partition thermometer or fluorescent light to carry out the whole range of necessary measures to eliminate accidents.
  • People employed in occupations involving contact with the mercury, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorate during the shift and after work.
  • When poisoning with salts of mercury adsorbent is a raw egg white - several proteins to be taken inside.