What if the house crashed mercury thermometer ( thermometer) ?

If you have a home broken thermometer having mercury tip - you need to implement a clear sequence of actions to neutralize the dangerous substance.The main thing - do not panic, because the situation is, though unpleasant, but not catastrophic, every family that happens.

read this article would not want - you'll be ready for such a domestic emergency.And yet - Swipe the conversation with your household, especially children and explain, if one of them will break the thermometer - you can not hide it, you should immediately tell an adult or call the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

How dangerous a broken thermometer?

Mercury, which is contained in the tip of the thermometer is hazardous for health.The hazards of mercury vapor, which in the case of developed thermometer fall into the human respiratory organs.Wrong actions, unfortunately, can lead to the fact that small balls of mercury will be a long time indoors and poison the air.

danger of broken mercury thermometer that is very moving mercury

bulbs can easily hide in the gap, roll into the far corner of the room, they will be seen and will be very difficult to get.As these are not big balls will then evaporate toxic toxic fumes.

Mercury evaporates at a temperature of 18 C, toxic evaporation into the body mainly through the lungs (80%).With a large evaporation when there was a large drain metal mercury vapors enter the body through mucosal and skin pores, primarily affecting the central nervous system, kidneys, gums.

It is believed that the thermometer be so dangerous, he would not have sold freely and without restrictions.Of course, the acute toxicity of mercury from a broken thermometer does not cause, but to undermine the health when you are in the room for a long time can.If the thermometer has broken, there are consequences to health by prolonged inhalation of even significant mercury vapor (see. Chronic poisoning mercury vapor).

  • gingivitis
  • hand shake
  • change in the central nervous system condition (insomnia, anxiety, loss of memory and cognitive function, depression, paralysis)
  • development of irreversible processes in the kidneys, liver
  • affected thyroid, cardiovascular system
  • possible respiratory failure, pneumonia

for children and pregnant women, mercury is most dangerous:

  • changes in the kidney and lungs can be observed in children
  • pregnant also threatened intrauterine fetal damage in chronic mercury exposure.
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Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, in the event of a spill of hazardous metal mercury vapor leave the contaminated room and consult the Environmental Service Utilization of Mercury.Certified specialists with higher chemical education as soon as possible to arrive at the place of the emergency.Find and eliminate the negative effects.Work carried out by the testimony of attorney gazortutnogo analyzer to display in the air with MAC standards SanPiN.
Hour Hotline: +7 (495) 968-10-86.

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So crashed mercury thermometer, what to do?

If you panic forgotten all that have read in this article - MOE dial number (phone 01 or 112 if you call from a mobile phone) or health services, and clearly follow their instructions.If you are able to deal with the problem yourself, then crashed to raise the thermometer, it should do the following:

  • Print the people and animals out of the room, where there was a "failure", close the door tightly.
  • Prepare:
    • saturated solution of potassium permanganate, as well as the soap-soda solution;
    • jar (preferably three-liter) with a tight lid, which was filled with cold water or a solution of potassium permanganate at 2/3;
    • 2 sheets of paper;
    • medical syringe or a pear;
    • piece of cotton wool or a brush;
    • knitting needle or awl; adhesive tape or adhesive tape or electrical tape;
    • flashlight.
  • shod with rubber slippers (not fabric) which is not a pity to throw away or put on its feet plastic bags.
  • Wear a wet gauze on the face (or adapt a piece of cloth) to protect the lungs, as well as rubber gloves on his hands (preferably medical, tight-fitting - in the household gloves will be inconvenient to perform delicate manipulation).
  • in a strong solution of potassium permanganate wet rag and lay it on the threshold of the room where the thermometer broke.
  • firmly close the door and open the window.In this window in the other rooms should be closed.
  • Raise the thermometer and all that is left of it, taking care not to scatter the remaining mercury in the tip, and place it in a jar with water.
  • Carefully expel small beads of mercury into one big (they will be merged) with sheets of paper.
  • tire out large balls on a sheet of paper with the help of cotton wool and merge them into a jar of water.
  • After eye visible mercury beads will be collected, should be collected with the help of fine scotch by gluing it to the surface, where the thermometer broke.After treatment, scotch should be sent in a jar with water.
  • Inspect using the flashlight all the cracks and places where the mercury can to roll the balls (they will light metallic color).From the hard to reach places the mercury goes with a sharp, thin object (needle) or absorbed into a pear or a syringe.
  • syringe or a bulb with mercury also dipped in a jar.
  • If mercury could roll under the plinth - it should be dismantled and collect mercury above methods.
  • Close the jar.
  • Sex and the surface where the mercury was collected, washed with a solution of potassium permanganate or soap-soda solution (can be first the first, then the second);
  • Remove clothing, gloves, mask, shoes or bags and put everything in a single package, tied tightly.
  • Call MOE and find out where you can take a jar of dangerous content, as well as all of the items have been in contact or can contact with mercury (gloves, pears, cotton, doormat, your clothes and shoes, etc.).
  • Take a shower, rinse your mouth with soda solution.

Your actions have to be careful, but at the same time, it is impossible to stretch the most dangerous part demercurisation - collecting mercury - on the clock.The next 7 days, try to eliminate the presence of people and animals in this room constantly ventilate it, eliminating drafts.Every day you need to wash the floor and surfaces contaminated with mercury soap-soda solution or water with chlorine disinfectant.

If the thought of a possible remaining ball of mercury somewhere in the crevices keeps you awake - call the laboratory service (if the MOE, sanitation center), who will conduct measurements of the concentration of mercury vapor in your apartment.See. Also what to do if a broken energy-saving bulb.

What absolutely can not do if you broke a thermometer:

  • Broken thermometer collected mercury, materials that you intend to metal or even if the thermometer has broken, and the mercury is not drained out - you can not throw it in the garbage disposal, sewage or garbagecontainer.
  • If you followed the algorithm and all dipped into the jar with potassium permanganate, the bank also can not be disposed of in the above mentioned places - neutralization of the mercury does not happen, it is only a temporary measure until disposal of the specialized organization.
  • Do not use a broom and a vacuum cleaner to collect the mercury.
  • can not wash clothes, and shoes, in which you carried out the work on the collection of mercury, they should be handed over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Popular questions and answers

What to do if a mercury thermometer broke, but at me was wearing expensive clothes that could contact with mercury, but it is a pity to throw it to me?

clothing should be folded into a bag and hang on airing outdoors.Of course, not on the balcony, where you often go out, and will breathe mercury vapor.It can be in the attic garden, in the barn, etc.Clothes should erode about 3 months, and then a few times to wash it in soap-soda solution.

What if the thermometer has broken on the carpet, the mercury hit balls on the soft toy or on the bed?

collection of mercury from the carpet is much more complicated.Most likely, you will have to part with carpet and toys and take them for recycling, and, without delay, and immediately after harvest.If the things you value - should do the same as described above with clothes.After weathering the carpet and toys to be subjected to the dry cleaners.Worse, if the thermometer crashed on the bed, on upholstered furniture, if the bedding, it should erode 3 months if the furniture was not covered by anything, it is best to bring it up to 3 months in a garage, shed, to the country.

If mercury from a broken thermometer hit on a hot radiator, if I own clean room at the above algorithm?

No, in this case, you should immediately leave the room and close the door tightly and make a call to the ministry.Mercury already boils at 40 ° C, so in this case, all ranked on mercury radiators get into air.

What categories of persons prohibited from contact with mercury?

Children up to 18 years, the elderly over 65, pregnant women and persons with pathologies of the nervous and urinary systems.

My baby swallowed mercury from the broken thermometer.What to do?

you should contact the first aid to the child examined by a doctor.To poison ingested mercury is impossible, but the child should be examined (in addition to mercury, in the gastrointestinal tract could get a piece of glass from a broken thermometer).

Households broken thermometer mercury vacuum and collected.What to do in this case?

This is a terrible mistake which carries mercury dispersion into small balls and throw them into the air through the outlet of the vacuum cleaner filter systems.It is necessary to carry out demercurization by the algorithm, and dispose of the vacuum cleaner or remove the filter bag and remove the corrugated hose, which pass to the scrap - these components have to say goodbye.Vacuums should be eroded in a few months in the open air.

child broke a thermometer in the bath and washed thoroughly mercury down the drain with water.Mercury can poison the room left in the sewers?

Of course, such an action is unacceptable, but since mercury is heavier than water, it is washed off and goes with the waste water in the city collector.If the sewer system in your apartment has a knee, mercury easily settle there.Therefore, the knee must be disassembled to check for the presence of mercury balls, if any show up - they need to be drained into the jar with potassium permanganate, which deliver for disposal.

precautions when handling the thermometer

  • Buy electronic or infrared thermometer: it is no less accurate, but is completely safe.
  • the temperature measuring children pressed tightly against the child's hand
  • Do not give into the hands of children
  • Gently bring down reading it, away from solid objects in order to avoid a sharp blow.
  • Keep in a special case made of plastic.
  • If it crashed, be sure to collect all, according to the recommendations, and dispose of properly.