New home danger for children - Gel capsules for washing

on the shelves of supermarkets in Russia began to appear gel capsules for washing, which is already a long time (since 2010) is very popular with housewives European countries and the United States as an effective and economical means for use in an automatic washing machine.Sure it's convenient, it is not necessary to measure the amount of powder or liquid, you just throw the capsule in the machine.

However, these cleaning products are extremely dangerous for young children because they (pleasant to the touch and have bright colors) are perceived by kids as toys, candy, bags of juice and so on. And cause poisoning a child in a day across the world, even registered1 fatality.

Marketers modern industry, which produces household products, in the pursuit of increased sales and profitability, developing new attractive colorful means, absolutely not thinking about what is harmful, hazardous substances to be attractive and look like candy, but rather the oppositecontain awesome labeled "dangerous, toxic,

irritant" (see what dangerous household products, how to choose a safe.).Also, parents need to be vigilant of small children and store such products in inaccessible places, like drugs and other toxic, dangerous to health.

toxicological centers in the US for the period 2012-2013We received 17,230 reports of children under 6 years swallowed, inhaled, received poisoning from gel capsules with laundry detergent.In total 769 children were hospitalized for this reason, one child died, that is, every hour a child is playing with such capsules and one of them falls for a day in hospital with poisoning !!!

desire children play with the clear bright toy, try a bright object on a tooth in children 1-2 years - normal and if this happens, the blame for what happened falls on the parents who allow such negligence.In 30% of cases it is the children up to 2 years old, self-interested and moving objects around, not realizing the real threat from becoming victims of a new invention, the chemical industry.

Besides swallowing, even simple contact with the liquid detergent if damaged capsules are dangerous not only to the kid, it's super concentrated product is not safe for an adult.Gel for washing after spraying, swallowing capsules or other contact causes in children:

  • dry cough in 13% of children
  • vomiting in 48%
  • choking 13% of children
  • drowsiness, lethargy 7%
  • pain, irritation, burnseyes 11%
  • conjunctivitis 7%

Pediatricians strongly recommend that in families where there are children melenkie not use gel capsules for washing, and the US researchers believe that it is necessary to introduce national standards for packaging and packaging of detergents.Leading manufacturers of household chemical goods (but not all) have already begun to change their packaging, replacing it with additional non-transparent container snaps, as well as cause a warning on the label.