Why is one of 68 American children has autism ?According to forecasts of 10 years every 2 children in the US is autism

Dr. Stephanie Seneffe - Researcher at MIT at the presentation of his research has made an amazing statement.The study was designed to investigate the effect of herbicides on human health."Today the situation is such that in 2025 in the United States every 2 children is autistic in one form or another," - says Dr. Seneffe.

The widespread use of Roundup (herbicide, the active ingredient glyphosate) for sowing leads to what is its accumulation in the products, in particular in maize.Then the corn syrup is added to all industrial products from wheat flour, they sweeten the water, candy and other products.Those products, which are the country's population is eating every day in large numbers.That is, toxic substances enter the body every day for both children and adults, and not just with corn syrup.

Dr. Seneffe has been studying side effects of medicines, dietary supplements, food additives, environmental toxins influence on health, she is the author of a lot of articles in medical journals on disease

s and modern medicines.In this study, it draws a parallel between the increase in the number of American children with autism and the use of glyphosate when planting.And today, we have shown that children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive accumulation of harmful minerals, and as a consequence toxic glyphosate herbicide effect.

To date, the US statistics of autism reveals a terrifying trend growth of this incurable disease: in 1975, the number of autistic children was 1: 5000, today it is 1: 68. And the extensive use of glyphosate began in 1990, and its use does not decreaseand built up.

Until now, there is debate about the toxic effects of the herbicide on weeds Roundup and its impact on the development of obesity and celiac disease in the population.Dr. Seneffe also states that gluten intolerance is also a consequence of the active agricultural use Roundup (see. Celiac disease symptoms).

Unlike the Europeans, the US population of glyphosate content in the urine is 10 times higher, that's why American children are so susceptible to autism, celiac disease (see. The list of gluten-free foods).The research results and the forecast growth in the number of patients with autism should encourage the US government to take measures to restrict the use of herbicides and comprehensive study of their influence on the nation and the consequences for the health of the environment of their use in agriculture.

As for Russia, it is similar conclusions and we do.Today in our country the number of patients increases the number of people with gluten intolerance, allergic reactions autistic children increases (children with asthma), there is simply no accurate statistics are not kept, and no research and no parallels.