How to choose a drink and food for the New Year , in order to avoid a hangover or food poisoning ?

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New Year is perhaps the most highly anticipated, favorite family holiday, but an abundant feast, overeating and alcohol can cloud his appointment.How to choose a drink to a celebration on how to avoid a hangover in the morning and what to do when arisen food poisoning?

How to avoid a hangover on January 1?

Hangover or alcohol syndrome occurs when alcohol abuse is manifested by the following symptoms: dry mouth, headache, weakness, delayed reaction, limb tremors, memory loss.Typically, a hangover develops:

  • from
  • overdose when consuming alcohol without meals, on an empty stomach
  • the combination of alcohol with some drugs
  • with a combination of different types of alcoholic beverages
  • after consuming low-quality drink with a high content of isoamyl alcohol, fusel oil
  • most severe hangover occurs af
    ter the abuse of sparkling wines and strong drinks (brandy, cognac, whiskey) produced by long exposure and after the red wine because of the high content of tyramine is often a severe headache
  • hangover from nondrinkers -this poisoning ethanol drinkers - abstinence (withdrawal) when alcohol is not supplied.

reason for a hangover - it is a reaction of the brain cells and blood vessels at the time when the alcohol is no longer flow, since you need some time for adjustment and the possibility to do without it.So that in the morning there was no hangover drink is necessary so that the brain has reached the smallest possible amount of alcohol, ie,should drink slowly.In the human mouth to digest 5% alcohol, 25% in the stomach, and the rest is absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestines, so good snack alleviates intoxication and hangover in the morning is less pronounced in those who firmly himself to eating the day before.

Many of us know a few rules that do not allow to quickly get drunk and to avoid a hangover the next day, but it is not superfluous to recall them:

Mixing different alcoholic drinks is possible, but made of the same raw material

basic rule - do not mix grain andberry drink, the more varied the composition of alcoholic beverages during the evening, the greater the burden placed on the liver and it is more difficult to deal with toxic substances:

  • whiskey and beer (barley) - mix can
  • wine and brandy (grape) - is also possible to combine
  • can not mix the following drinks: vodka (wheat), bourbon (corn), rum (cane), tequila (agave), sake (rice)
  • but if you have to mix, then this combination as vodka + beer or whiskey + beer willbetter than beer + wine + vodka cognac, vodka + wine

must start with low alcoholic drinks

This is also the well-known rule, when used after strong drink is weak, the ethanol effect will be stronger and will manifest soon.And if you increase the degree of drunk alcoholic drink, the alcohol slows the absorption and intoxication occurs later, when the drink held in the intestine (1-2 hours).Because they accelerate the movement of the alcohol molecules and it is absorbed faster and more actively to intoxication was not strong, it is best not to drink carbonated drinks, lemonade, carbonated mineral water.But the New Year is not possible without the champagne, which is sparkling (carbonated) drink!In order to avoid the consequences - do not abuse it!

Eat a piece of butter before the meal

to alcohol is absorbed more slowly and intoxication was not rapid, it is possible before the meal to eat a piece of butter or other fatty foods.Fat coats the walls of the stomach, which does not allow alcohol quickly absorbed, so intoxicated will not be too harsh.And in general, to drink you need to eat something to drink slowly absorbed.

Drink some alcohol for 5 hours to feast

for 4-5 hours prior to the anticipated feast, you can drink a small amount of an alcoholic beverage and snack (50 grams of vodka or an equivalent amount of other alcohol).

Take activated charcoal, drink strong tea with lemon

order to neutralize the effects of alcohol can have a cup of strong tea with lemon, mint, black coffee as lemon tea or coffee in a little neutralizes alcohol.It is also well absorbs alcohol activated carbon Polisorb, Filtrum STI.

As alcohol is derived from the body?Only 5-7% is excreted in the urine, breath and sweat, and 90% destroyed by oxidation in the liver.Women alcohol decay is slower because in women greater body fat and the liver smaller.Usually alcohol excretion occurs within 15-90 minutes after administration, is best utilized alcohol with 20-30% alcohol, but the higher the concentration slows down the processing time and more irritating to the stomach.

Hangover - What to do?

  • thirst quencher - morning loss of fluid in the body is about 1.5 liters, so it is very important to make up its deficit and speed up the elimination of toxins from the body.To prevent vomiting should not drink a lot of fluid in one gulp, the 1.5-liter to be drunk within the first 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • loss of electrolytes also should fill (magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus).They are rich in folk remedies for a hangover as kvass, cucumber pickle, dried apricots, pickled cabbage.You can take medication and - Magne B6, Panangin, Asparkam.
  • Ascorbic acid - as if the hangover blood pH shifts in the alkaline side, needs acid intake.In 3 hours you can drink 3-4 g of vitamin C.
  • glycine and vitamins B6, B1 - to improve the condition of the nervous system can be taken nootrop Glycine, and vitamins B6 and B1 (you can drink the solution from ampoules), Limontarsee. pill hangover.
  • Enterosobrenty and alkaline mineral water .Sweating, weakness, nausea - are consequences of intoxication, for a more rapid cleanse the body of toxins is very good mineral water Borjomi, Essentuki, or just water with baking soda (3-5 m), also should take any enterosorbent - Polisorb, activated carbon, Enterosgel, smectite, Filtrum Ste white coal.
  • Take a shower - hot showers will improve sweating and metabolic processes.

Choice spirits


  • Price - if vodka is worth less than 200 rubles a surrogate, poured in a dirty garage manually as legal vodka can not be cheaper, and this underground vodka is dangerous forhealth.
  • Appearance cork and bottle - legitimate producers use cork and bottles of non-standard type, and fake vodka is usually bottled in ordinary bottles with cheap plugs (click on the right in Fig.).
  • Content - the liquid should not be cloudy, clear, free of impurities.
  • bottom of the bottle - when the bottle is held on the conveyor belt in the production, at the bottom of the bottle is nearly invisible oily layer, share it and hand remain transparent trail.
  • excise stamps - FSM or federal special mark, even expensive vodka in the unusual bottle can be fake, it can be distinguished on the errors of the underground, which, instead of a rectangular draw a square barcode, hologram blurred.At the center of this excise stamps must be enclosing metalopolosa have fake just sticker.

Whiskey, tequila, cognac

As the demand for high-quality imported alcohol increases every year, is also growing and the number of counterfeits produced in Russia.Typically, these drinks do not contain toxic and hazardous substances, it is normal spirits, but much inferior to the original branded alcohol - Formulation and accordingly the taste, smell, etc.

When used falsified expensive alcoholic beverages increases the risk of allergic reactions impart color, flavor and taste in their crooks add various chemical additives and impurities.Basically all counterfeits produced in the North Caucasus, Voronezh, Moscow regions, and wholesalers are open and do not conceal the illegal origin of the goods.

Since counterfeiting usually recognize after opening the bottle, when return the item is not possible, it is important to know some of the signs by which one can distinguish a counterfeit brandy, tequila or whiskey still on the buying stage.

Whiskey Jack Daniel's

you buy a fake, if:

  • have bottles metal cover - the original Jack Daniel's is made only with a plastic cover with a plastic shell
  • have bottle round and smooth "shoulders "- in the original from 2011, a new look on the" shoulders "of the bottle has a relief inscription« Jack Daniel's »from four sides have
  • bottle" curve "label - in the original label is placed exactly.

Whiskey Jack Daniel's

Recently, widespread counterfeiting Jack Daniel's in new bottles, which are difficult to distinguish from the original, but signs of tampering have:

  • have bottle missing «Registered trade-mark» icon on the neck, onoriginal bottle it is
  • have a bottle neck nasty - in the original faces have the entire length.

Whiskey Jim Beam

  • cover - in the original Jim Beam top smooth, does not cover the ribs
  • lower part of the cover - in this whiskey 2 strips of golden color on the word trade mark "Jim Beam »
  • neck of the bottle - in the original faces are only on the lower part of the neck, and a fake faceted along the entire length of the neck of the bottle
  • shoulders - in the present beverage inscription« Jim Beam »embossed on 4 sides on the shoulders of the bottle.

Whiskey Jameson

  • have fake plastic shell on the lid - from the original only metal cover uncoated
  • have fake no raised lettering on the bottle - the original is the same 2 inscriptions at the bottom of the front of the «Product of Ireland» bottles,and at the bottom of the back of the «John Jameson»
  • Forge mainly bottles of 0.7 liters, if in doubt, buy a liter bottle.

Tequila Olmeca

  • have fake top cover has an edge - in the original cover with a smooth riding
  • have rigged smooth bottle - from the original felt corrugated bottles, particularly on the "shoulders".Glass bottles in the original should not be smooth.

Whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label, Red Label

most often counterfeited Scotch - Johnnie Walker Black Label, to recognize counterfeits should look at the embossing on the label and on the cover.Click on the picture to see the differences.

Hennessy X. O.

is believed that the sale of Hennessy cognac in 3-4 times higher than its production, which means that only 3-4 each original bottle, the rest is fake.Signs of counterfeiting Hennessy XO:

  • original drink is made only by the 0.7 and 0.3 liter, if the counter Cognac 0.5 liters - it is a fake.
  • shell plug - in a fake cover like cheap wine produced domestically.In the original shell adheres to the glass, and cork and shell are made by special technology, with laser engraving and holographic Holosleeve.

Hennessy V. S. O. P.

Most of the counterfeit accounts for 0.5 liter bottles in the shape of a jar, so when in doubt, it is better to buy cognac in a round bottle.If there is no alternative, we must pay attention to the following features:

  • cover - from fake vodka she recalls, but the manufacturer Hennessy concerned about protecting their product and production caps and shell pays a lot of attention (engraving, a hologram).
  • have the original at the top of the front of the bottle there is a relief image of a hand with a halberd.

champagne Choice

  • well researched label acquired the beverage, as buying in a hurry, you can buy either sparkling wine, or just flavored fizzy drink (alcohol, sugar, water, flavoring), which is especially rich in carbongas.In the latter case, the beverage ensures heartburn and totally has nothing to do with the champagne and the label may indicate that it is "the Soviet semi-sweet", "sparkling" instead of "sparkling", "Semi-sweet sparkling wine".

    Champagne Martini Asti (Italy)

  • About a champagne cork can say - it is better to give preference to wine, corked cork, not plastic stopper.Cork does not have a strong impact on the quality of the beverage, but does not indicate the severity and unscrupulous manufacturers, causing suspicion as the contents of the bottle.
  • on drinks should not be labels indicating the presence of extraneous aromas and flavors - this is not champagne.
  • At the bottom of the bottle should not be flakes, muddy sediment, which may indicate either a qualitative not drink, or a violation of conditions of storage.
  • Champagne should not be cheap if the price of a particular bottle is significantly lower than the prices of other producers, it is better not to buy.
  • Champagne should be poured only in bottles of dark glass, when the champagne in a light container - do not buy this drink.

champagne quality can be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Pouring a drink into a glass, forms a thick foam, it quickly settles and after leaving a small ring of foam.
  • If you leave a drink in a glass it is not "out of steam" for a while.Champagne good if sparkling maintained for 10 hours.The best brands of wine and sparkling retain in a day.

If you purchased real champagne, then you should know:

  • drink served at a temperature of 8-10 C, in which the perception of taste and flavor best.
  • for cooling it should be left in the fridge for an hour or use special bucket with ice, you can not put the champagne in the freezer.
  • is not advisable to store wine in the refrigerator for more than 2 days as the cold drink destroys and distorts the game its flavor.
  • Champagne is not stored more than 2-3 years, lost its quality.
  • Glasses of champagne to wash without detergent in cold water.

How to uncork the champagne?

  • Cool the bottle to 8-10S
  • Remove the foil, hold the cork hand
  • wire plug is not removed, but only loosen
  • Hold the plug in the wire in your hand and turn the bottle (not the cork!)

presentchampagne made in the champagne (France) from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier on the complex, centuries-tested technology.Only until 2022 the Russian winemakers have the right to produce the sparkling wines under the name "Champagne", then it will be called the drink produced only in the Champagne region, and the rest - simply "sparkling wine."Maturation of the champagne occurs within 9 months or more directly in bottles.And in the production of Russian champagne grape varieties are not regulated, fermentation takes place in large tanks on a fast track technology for 1 month, and sparkling obtained by adding carbon dioxide.


  • products very first item - a product selection with not expired, in a hurry and with a large list of purchased products, often the hostess does not have time or forgot to consider the markings carefully, buy the most fresh products, especially confectioneryproducts, fish, meat, cheese, sausages.