In the language of can determine the internal diseases

In general appearance, color, moisture, density and so on. The characteristics of language status can assume the presence of a disease not only oral but also the internal organs and determine the state of human health in general.

Specialists Radzhalakshmi University in India have developed a method for rapid diagnosis of human diseases appearance of language.And today, with the help of a special program, which are defined and accounted for many of its parameters, you are likely to establish the diagnosis of 14 internal diseases (Crohn's disease, asthma, food poisoning, diverticulosis intestine, sinusitis, allergies, flu, bronchitis, strep infection, etc..), this list can be replenished over time.

Many diseases peculiar left traces in the form of color, plaque, swelling, cracks, creases in the language, so it is considered a kind of "barometer", which is quite sensitive to the deterioration of human health.It is known that:

  • sores on the tongue indicate Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, bowe
  • with iron deficiency anemia on the tongue surface appear tubercles
  • HIV infection, fungal infections in patients receiving antibiotics - a language can acquire a black
  • longitudinalgrooves on the tongue may indicate the presence of syphilis, and so on. d.

therefore invented a new test system based on the analysis of all parameters gives a preliminary diagnosis of the most likely pathology.For the diagnosis takes into account:

  • density, texture
  • dryness or humidity
  • tongue color, the presence of plaque
  • general view
  • presence of signs and symptoms of the patient

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have a 30-40 years in a number of chronic diseases, especially of the digestive system, which can not but be reflected in the state language.

Today everything - unfavorable ecological situation, pathologically proceeding pregnancy, aggressive virus infection leads to the fact that everything - from grudnichka to an elderly man taking a batch or on a continuous basis a lot of drugs that can not be considered normal (especially immunomodulators andantibiotics), since all drugs have side effects and disrupt the natural processes in the body.

And now, even in children, students, who should not be a chronic disease, often can be seen a white coating on the tongue, yellow coating, cracks on the tongue, bad breath, cracks in the corners of the mouth, dry mouth, which may indicatefor diseases not only in the mouth but also to the internal common disorders and adverse health.

new automated system for the diagnosis of pathologies of the language includes an assessment of not only the parameters but also takes into account the symptoms of discomfort, which complains about people.soon I wonder whether such a test system will be available for the diagnosis of the Russians?