New cure for herpes and warts scientists create snail

Researchers in Australia have found that certain types of shellfish can help a person get rid of viral warts and herpes infection.Snails that live off the coast of Tasmania, is not only considered to be an exotic gastronomic delicacy, but also have a strong antiviral effect.

Gastropods of Vetigastropoda subclass live mostly on the reefs and rocks in the intertidal zone in the shallow water, but there are deep, they feed on algae and detritus.These contain snail protein that can inhibit herpes virus (see. Lips herpes, herpes on the body).

From history: the alchemists of the Middle Ages believed that if shells shell sea snail crushed, the obtained powder can remove age spots, freckles and whiten the face.And new and interesting properties of these sea creatures are opened to date.Antiviral properties "abalone" was discovered quite by accident.

When scientists (just a few years ago) worked on the production of sera from cancer and clinical trials of this agent of mollusc, patients who participated i

n the experiment, a new drug has been found to decrease antibody titers to herpes simplex virus.

At the same time one of the laboratory staff who worked month with clams (including carrying out loading and unloading operations), discovered that he had disappeared warts on the hands, on which he could not get rid of a few years.These facts have finally convinced the Australian scientists (University of Sydney) to begin a serious study of marine snails for antiviral properties.

And now, a group of Australian bioengineers working on synthesizing isolate this protein from marine snails.Yet to be decided in what form will be made a new drug - the patch, cream, ointment for herpes, spray, but scientists are confident that they are developing an innovative antiviral drug, which has no analogues.New cure for herpes and warts should not only facilitate the course of a viral infection, relieve symptoms, but also to reduce the risk of relapse or reinfection.