Causes of itching in the anus

very sensitive subject - but often enough discomfort that may occur in each person - is itching in the anus.The reasons for this inconvenience can be serious if not banal factors, such as diarrhea or breach of hygiene or very serious diseases of the rectum.For obvious reasons, this situation is extremely negative impact on the mood, psychological state of a person, a negative impact on its performance, interaction with people, and so forth.

Any unpleasant symptoms and diseases associated with the anus and rectum, hardly anyone wants to talk to anyonehowever.And if there is a burning sensation, itching in the anus, the reason for which the person is not clear, he often draws on a visit to the doctor.This problem stops a lot of people, not only because of tightness, but also from ignorance to what doctor to address with such a confusing symptom.A doctor who deals with all issues related to the rectum - proctologist or coloproctologist and woman should seek the advice of a gynecologist, a man - to th

e urologist.

main possible causes of itching

  • diseases rectum

This is the main cause of anal itching.If in addition to the patient's itch do not bother, it may be genital warts, warts.However, the presence of pain and spotting possible that the reason may be, and the cracks in the anus, and anorectal fistula and benign tumors - polyps in the rectum.If in addition to pain, the blood after a bowel movement on the toilet paper, there is a feeling of heaviness in the anus, burning - it can talk about internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids of varying severity.The most serious and dangerous cause itching anus can be - Proctosigmoiditis chronic and malignant tumors in the rectum.


second cause of irritation, itching in the anus - the presence of various parasites in the human gut.The most common infestation caused by pinworms, especially often in children and adolescents (see pinworms in children, adult pinworms).When the baby sleeps, female pinworms lay eggs in the area around the anus, which causes discomfort and itching in the anus.Cause burning sensation it can also be explained by the presence of ascariasis infection and other types of worms, and the symptoms are most likely to occur after a bowel movement.Giardiasis may also cause itching, since the massive reproduction of these parasites in children and adults, there is diarrhea with intense cramping pains in the abdomen, and with frequent stool anal irritation and leads to itching.Giardiasis possibility of occurrence of rash on different parts of the body, including in the crotch area, is also a source of itching.

intestinal dysbiosis

Diarrhea, constipation that accompany many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, quite often cause discomfort in the anal area.When intestinal dysbiosis, for example, a violation of microflora leads to irritation of the intestinal mucosa, frequent diarrhea (diarrhea tablets), which is the cause of itching in the anus.(How to treat intestinal dysbiosis).

Gynecological disease in women, prostatitis and urethritis in men

Another cause of itching in the anal passage for women are various infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.Any STI, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia can cause any unpleasant sensations in the groin, itching, burning, pain.The most common and most harmless cause of itching anus - with thrush in women, because the vagina is near the rectum, and fungal infections are common in this area.Candidiasis of the vagina fairly easy to care and does not constitute a serious difficulty in diagnosis, in contrast to other latent infections and gynecological diseases.Sometimes the presence of pubic lice contributes to the emergence of itching in the entire perineum.

Itching in

kids When changing diapers rare in young children occurs staphylococcal diaper rash or itching in the ass can be caused by candidiasis.

Skin diseases and certain stimuli

When propensity of the organism to various allergic reactions and skin diseases, such as various types of dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, seborrheic dermatitis, scabies, lice (pubic lice), after violations of personalhygiene (lack of ability to take a shower for a few days), the use of coarse toilet paper with dyes and flavorings, wear synthetic underwear with rough seams, strings, causing irritation of the skin - also provoke itching and discomfort.In this case from scratching microcracks form in which they can easily fall into bacteria, causing a more serious infection.

Overweight - Obesity

People burdened with excess weight or excessive sweating, rubbing the crotch of having diaper rash and irritation of the skin, which also causes itching.


Itching in the anus can be a sign of diabetes, as this disease is often accompanied by constant itching in the genital area, the anus.

Liver disease

also discomfort, discomfort in the rectal area can talk about diseases of the liver, the pancreas (pancreatitis symptoms), biliary dyskinesia.

Allergic reactions

When allergy to certain foods, alcohol, chemical additives, as well as when taking certain medications (antibiotics) as a side effect can occur, and itching in the anal area.

Depression, anxiety, mental disorders

Some neuropsychiatric disorders that occur in people with obsessive desire to always be perfectly clean, compel a person thoroughly with soap and water to wash the anus several times a day, this leads to a degreasing, drying delicateskin, causing itching, and infection by pathogenic bacteria.Anxiety, stress and depression also create conditions for the emergence of itching in all parts of the body, the skin becomes sensitive the slightest irritation.

What itching anus

only on the basis of a series of tests, the doctors examination - proctologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist can establish the true cause of such symptoms.Therefore doctors to determine the diagnosis may refer the patient in the following areas:

  • examination proctologist skin, gynecology, dermatology
  • analysis of blood glucose
  • urinalysis and blood
  • biochemical analysis of blood
  • fecal bacteria overgrowth
  • intestinal fecal egg worms
  • colonoscopy or anoscopy

If itching is the only complaint of the patient, the doctor discovers the following features the appearance of discomfort.In - the first should establish the type of itching, it is a symptom of a primary or secondary, and secondly to determine the shape - wet or dry, as well as:

If itching is associated with defecation .This may be a sign of a weak function of the sphincter of the anus, it is hemorrhoids, postoperative, post-natal injuries, rectal prolapse, nerve disorders in children, during anal sex.
Depends power.If the itching worse after salty, spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, it indicates Proctosigmoiditis.
harmful external influences. may cause itching in the anus is domestic or industrial harmful chemical, radiative forcing.If a person is forced to work in the chemical industry, too dirty, dusty environment with high temperature and other unfavorable conditions, it can influence the condition of skin and perineum, causing such discomfort.
Have pets - may be the cause of helminthic invasion.
Patient history of genetic features. should determine whether the relatives endocrine diseases exist, diabetes, fungal lesions, dispepsiya.I only after the results of all examinations can identify the disease that caused the discomfort and start treatment.

treatment of itching anus

If it turns out secondary causes of itching, it is necessary to eliminate the underlying disease that caused its appearance.That is -. This STI treatment, dysbiosis, candidiasis, helminthic infestation, treatment of head lice and scabies, liver failure, etc. If in the course of diagnosis revealed anal fissures, hemorrhoids, papillitis, prolapse of the rectum or Proctosigmoiditis, you were under a comprehensive treatment of these pathologies.

There are cases where the patient's complaints except no itching disease tests do not detect, in such a case is suspected hidden within proctosigmoiditis and assigned diet, skin ointments, microclysters with colloid silver.In the case of symptoms of psychosis and neuritis, appointed sedatives sedative - valerian, bromine, Corvalol.In allergic causes shown antihistamines, ie, anti-allergy pills.For the prevention of itching of the anus, the cause of which is set and the treatment was carried out, you can use rectal suppositories with propolis About hemo.