From domestic cats possible human infection with bovine tuberculosis views

Ministry of Health reported the UK reported cases of human infection with bovine tuberculosis-type contact with sick domestic cats.This study was written in the journal Veterinary Record.

Not many people know that in addition to M. tuberculosis M. tuberculosis, which hit a person, there is a kind of closely related mycobacteria - Mycobacterium bovis, which causes the so-called "bovine tuberculosis".These mycobacteria affect farm animals, dogs, cats (cattle most often).

However, M. bovis can affect not only animals, but also by ignoring the species barrier to cause tuberculosis in humans - a disease with similar clinical picture that caused by M. tuberculosis, including its extrapulmonary form (tuberculosis of bones, joints,spine, kidneys, urogenital tuberculosis, etc.).

infectious disease caused by M. bovis mainly affects farm animals, the transfer of human infection occurs most likely through an infected cow's milk is not boiled, in contact with animals - in violation of the integrity of the ski

n, by inhalation and in contact with mycobacterium infection on human mucous membranes.

Last year Animal Protection Agency and the UK Department of Health in the counties of Hampshire and Berkshire have registered and have conducted studies 9 cases of infection of domestic cats "bovine tuberculosis".

After discovering sick cats found that they had contact with 24 people, all of them have been screened in the near future.As a result, it was found latent TB cases 2 and 2 cases of active tuberculosis.

When latent person is not contagious, but left untreated, this form may become active.Laboratory data obtained after molecular analysis revealed that mycobacteria Mycobacterium bovis, cats identified in patients and persons with active were identical.This suggests that infection with mycobacteria is derived from infected animals.

Individuals with active TB is currently being treated in both cases, the body responds well to anti-tuberculosis treatment.These are the first documented cases of transmission of TB infection from cats to humans.The head of the department for control of zoonotic infections Dilys Morganza comforting that the cases of tuberculosis is a rare phenomenon among cats becausemainly affected livestock and the risk from infected animals, though it is, but not high.