Fear is transmitted from person to person by smell

modern civilized man often does not listen to the body's internal signals, which give 5 senses and uses only the intellect.The scientists, however, argue that such a signal about the dangers as fear of man is transmitted not only through speech.

This is in addition to the main signal intelligence system.According to scientific research, we know that bodies that are no longer subjected to intense stress over time will atrophy, so the modern human sense of smell is much weaker than that of carnivores, vision worse than eagles, hearing and gives even the cat.

However, some ability, inherent nature, people are still preserved.US scientists say they are very frightened man with then allocated at bay, through the skin distinguishes such substances which capture other people cause in the body response - the same fear and the thought that you need to escape or defend themselves.That is, by smell, one person can betray another alarm.

With a single experiment, the Dutch scientists from the University of

Utrecht was able to confirm this fact.It was attended by 10 men.First, they took samples of sweat in a relaxed atmosphere, then they took a shower and viewed very creepy scenes from a horror movie "The Shining" by Stephen King's famous novel.

They also viewed a scene from the movies, which caused disgust.sweat samples were taken from the armpits scientists during playback (see. the causes of excessive sweating in men and women) and placed them in a sealed container.

next stage of the experiment was as follows - 36 women, without explaining the reasons and goals of the experiment, were given to smell all the sweat samples.At the same time with just a few video camcorder with participating closeup eyes and facial expressions.

Dutch scientists claim that the smell of sweat in men who watched the horrors caused in women an appropriate facial expression, pupil dilation - the involuntary reaction of fear.In assessing the reaction of women's sweat after watching the men disgusting, unpleasant scenes - on the faces of the participants of the experiment there were grimaces of disgust.

head of research Gun Semin claims that could prove not only with gestures and shouts of people can pass on to others their feelings, for example, disgust or fear, but also through the allocation of smell, informing fellow of the danger.