From Snoring special ring should be worn on the little finger

Before Christmas, a leader among the Christmas gifts in Europe was a ring on the little finger, entitled "Good night."The uniqueness of this decoration is that if it is worn on the little finger, it has a magical effect - reduces or even completely eliminates the owner of snoring.

Briton Michael Carter Smith - saxophone, invented an accessory.Ring snoring valid for all well-known principle of acupressure.Traditional ancient Chinese practice states that a connection is established through the meridians to specific organs of the points on the human body and activate the special points of the patient can be cured from various diseases.Conversely, when pinch, blocking this regard, there is a decline in health and disease occur.

To reduce this unpleasant discomfort such as snoring, which affects millions of people, enough to affect only 2 points, which are located at the base of the little finger of the hand.Ring invented to reduce snoring, created in accordance with these points on the inner surface d

ecoration specially made 2 convexity.According to acupuncture theory, that the person has ceased to snore, he improved nasal breathing due to the expansion of the nasal passages, it should put pressure on these points, and the person will breathe through the nose rather than the mouth.To effect was the ring should be worn overnight.

In order to confirm the action ring snoring, produced a study in which 20 volunteers participated, much snoring at night.Ring snoring participants were required to wear not only on the little finger, but also on the index finger and ring finger to avoid self-hypnosis, the placebo effect.85% of participants, that is, 17 people with sleep with the ring on the little finger was a sizeable decrease in snoring intensity.The experiment was a success, and he proved that on the point of impact has a positive effect.

«Good Night» - ring snoring is quite expensive, 30 pounds, or nearly $ 50 made in 3 sizes and quite beautiful, many believe it is very elegant.Payment of the experiment paid the manufacturer of the ring, but the study was carried out by employees of an independent test lab Aspen Clinical.