Can I get rid of the stones on the big toe ?

Valgus deformity of the foot - this is quite a serious orthopedic disease.In the region of the first toe base form unsightly bumps which is popularly known as pits on his feet.

In the medical world such a pathology called Hallus valgus, which literally translates from Latin as bent first finger.But external deformity of the foot - it's not so bad.

The main danger is that such a deformation of the foot increases the load on the knees, hips and spine, which provokes additional health problems.

Why develop valgus deformity stop

Every disease has its own reasons.Valgus deformity of the foot - is no exception.The bone inflammation occurs mainly in women.

The most common cause of hallux valgus foot is acquired or congenital flat feet and weakness musculo-ligamentous apparatus feet.In this case violated the anatomical proportions of the foot flattens her vault and redistributed the load.Other factors in the development of bone legs are such as:

  • foot injury - mostly on the formation of bone affec
    t injuries in children than in adults, because children's bones are thinner and more flexible.
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes - it is a very common factor in the development of various orthopedic foot problems.Very often it affects women, as they are sometimes high and tight hairpins.A few years after wearing such shoes is very likely a bone deformity.
  • Overweight people , are more likely to have orthopedic problems.The fact is that when overweight greatly increases the load on the legs.
  • osteoporosis , in which bone density is reduced and bone easily deformed even when the usual load (see. The symptoms of osteoporosis).
  • Genetic predisposition - doctors recently discovered law lies in the fact that people with a genetic predisposition is almost guaranteed to have a problem with the bones.This means that if the mother has a valgus deformity, then his daughter, most likely, it will develop also.

mechanism of bone protruding

This strain arises and develops as follows: thumb deviates toward the other toes and "lies" on them.After that, in the area of ​​the joint between the thumb and the foot starts to form a small bump, which is due to head protruding phalanx.Further possible redness, as well as an increase in bone due to proliferation of periosteal bone head.The development of hallux valgus foot is divided into three stages.

stages deformity, where A is the norm, B-1 stage, B-stage 2, G-3 step

  • The first - early stage, formed lump of small size, and rejected only the thumb
  • The second or middle stage - is when a bump has an average size thumb increasingly turned to the others, forcing the second in a row finger.It may appear discomfort after a long walk if load.
  • Well, the last - an advanced stage in which the big toe bone growth reaches a peak, all the fingers are curved.Pain and discomfort may arise under load and at rest.Aching and bone during the night hours.

first bells

Since improper load on the foot affects not only the bones and joints, and soft tissues, their changes may be the first signals of the impending disease.Corns and calluses of the sole, especially in the projection of the fingers, warn about possible distortions feet.

to learn about if you face valgus deformity, you can spend on a home test flat.To do this, wet or smeared with cream soles put on the floor or a piece of paper and stand up straight.Then evaluate prints.If a footprint in the middle third of the whole holds more than a third of the sole width, fit to go to the orthopedist.

What can be confused hallux valgus foot

For specialist is not difficult to recognize the hallux valgus feet, but the patient usually can be difficult to understand why the sore or swollen leg in the area of ​​the thumb.Let us consider the main differences from the typical Hallus valgus joint syndrome or injury affecting this area.

cause of the disease lump on his leg Pain
Valgus deformation
  • cross flat
  • violation of the anatomical structure of the arch due to heredity
  • overload
  • weak ligaments
  • orosteoporosis
gives protrusion dense bone only at the base of the first phalanx of the thumb and the first metatarsal bone (under the skin bulging head of the phalanx).Education dense, does not move under the skin and is not welded to it.The skin over the lump is usually not changed (may blush), ambient temperature and humidity Pain under load in the second stage, pain at rest at the third stage
Gout metabolic disturbance of uric acid, which is deposited in the tissues as crystals and causesinflammation inflammation metatarsus-phalanx joint of the first toe of the skin and swelling of the joints, limited mobility.The skin over the swelling and red hot pain occurs during arthritic attacks in the form of a strong attack, which subsides after a few days.When the feeling of the joint, tenderness
Osteoarthritis deformans degenerative cartilage degenerative changes metatarsophalangeal joint-falanggovogo 1 toe affects the cartilage and bones of the head in the metatarsus-phalanx joint of the thumb.Skin changes.The mobility of the joint is reduced, and the shape is strongly altered in the later stages pain in osteoarthritis occurs towards the end of the day or after exercise
Rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune inflammation defeat of the first finger joint combined with multiple inflammations of the joints of hands, ankles, knees,tazoedrennyh joints.There symmetrical lesions of the joints, swelling, and their mobility violation Ranneutrennie pain, morning stiffness.The joint is painful on palpation
psoriatic arthritis gives arthropathy, which provokes smoking, medications for hypertension, stress gives an early defeat of the first toe, with its swelling, limited mobility.The skin in the area of ​​joint or bluish red.At the foot affects the joints of the fingers, whereby the fingers are like sausages pain stress and at rest, pain
fracture traumatic breach of the configuration of bones and joints Fracture of the first toe and metatarsal bones givesdifferent types of changes in the shape of bones or joints.Under the skin can be determined by the mobility of bone fragments and a distinctive crunch pain at rest, sharply aggravated by movements, pain

feet thumb bone treatment at the same time need to change physical activity, the selection of orthopedic shoes, massage and gymnastics stop receptioncourses of anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective drugs.

About ointments, creams, gels

means to eliminate valgus deformity prompted a lot of feet today.Of course, patients want to believe that it is sufficient to anoint the foot ointment or cream and a large bone in the toe gradually decrease or disappear.This naivety struggling to capitalize parafarmakologicheskie offices that carry different dauber like Valgus ointment pro Valgusostop, Stop, etc. Shishka-.

smear If the problem area of ​​any cutaneous form of the medication (gel, ointment, cream), it will not penetrate deeper into the subcutaneousfiber and virtually no blood will suck.And, then, in the joint concentration of the substance is not enough to suppress inflammation.And that the ointment in place of the head of the phalanx and generally speaking in a strange way.

As for pain relief, as a symptomatic treatment can be used local drugs with NSAIDs - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (. Such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, numesulid see a list of salves in pain or in the article how to treat heel spur), but this is only temporarygetting rid of the pain and the treatment of the disease is not.

Foot Support, orthopedic footwear and interdigital rollers are good for initial correction of flatfoot

For the initial stage of hallux valgus may also be effective in the first toe clips (subject to extended wear and if the bone corrector worn day and night).Lock feature - keep your finger in the correct position and hold it so as long as possible, training ligaments and muscles, accustoming them to keep a finger on the spot.If the bone on the foot is already visible, the finger is bent, the big toe bone fixator will not solve the problem, as it was not advertised in pharmacies or social networks.

Tires and tie

addition to clips used to tie orthopedic foot or bus, which tighten the fingers, straightening the arch of the foot, the position of the phalanges and metatarsals.

Valgus bus

valgus bandage

valgus bandage

Interdigital rollers

Massage foot massage is very useful not only for the restoration of blood flow and activate the receipt of nutrients, it also contributes to the removal of tension with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, helps to relax and cope with stress.Moreover, the foot is all the points associated with each body and foot massage simultaneously point will improve overall health.Ideal to massage 20 minutes each day for 10 days, followed by 3 weeks break and repeat the course.


As for the gym, then doing every day simple and available for exercise, gradually being strengthened foot, reducing the influence of the factors leading to the development of inflammation:

  • collect toes small objects scattered on the floor
  • take your toes a pencil or a pen and draw on paper numbers or letters
  • can also be put on the floor crumpled fabric, and only the toes to try it spread
  • walking on toes, barefoot

shoe Choice

not fit - heels higher than 5 cmnarrow shoes, boots, shoes with pointed toes.Need a comfortable leather shoes with arch support, a round toe, heel and 4 cm and a thick sole.Good shoes should properly distribute the load on the foot, to unload the problem area, to reduce the high voltage of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Often orthopedic appliances are complemented by physiotherapy: laser, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, the main purpose of which - the suppression of inflammation, they improve blood circulation and metabolism in tissues of the foot, reduce pain, swelling.However, no sound or electromagnetic waves bone in place does not deliver.

Orthopedic surgery

Thus, the large bone in the toe can be eliminated only by means of orthopedic surgery.Cosmetic centers and clinics that promise to get rid of the problem of out-patient and go home on their own feet in the day of the operation simply earn money by performing an operation to remove bone Schede build-up through the incision of soft tissues.

Then doctors of these clinics to pretend that the arch is not necessary to form and fingers miraculously themselves hold out in the normal position.As a result, without the full orthopedic intervention of the money thrown to the wind, the problem comes back again and again.

Earlier in the trauma wards growth of bone on the head just cut away under anesthesia, if not cleaned the entire head of the phalanx.phalanx then placed in an anatomically correct position and secure it with screws to the bracket and the adjacent bone of the foot (first metatarsal).At the same time support the thumb suffered greatly, needed a very long healing period and heavy rehabilitation.

Over time, the operation was modified, reducing injuries and the recovery time.

Today there are more than hundreds of methods of operations to eliminate the curvature of the thumb.Their main point - the correction of the angle between the bones of the finger and foot.That's only part of the procedures.

Chevron surgery (osteotomy for Austin method)

It has been known since 1962 and is very effective at 1 degree of pathology.It is relatively easy to perform and gives long-term results.With this operation, a slit of 5 mm, the head 1 and two metatarsals converge and are fixed by bolts or wire, which eliminates subluxation thumb bone.

For efficiency correction combined with bone surgery on soft tissues.Already on the second day after surgery, the patient can walk on his heels, he does not need a long bed rest and a plaster boot.On day 12 can extract.In the next month the doctor recommends the patient to go to the main building on the heel.

metatarsal osteotomy

metatarsal osteotomy with an open wedge involves the conversion of the first metatarsal bone.

  • In the first stage (Schede surgery) cut down on the head of the bone overgrowth.
  • second stage of making an incision above the saw cut.This opens the middle portion of the first metacarpal bone.From it peeled the periosteum and two cuts a circular saw cut a wedge, so that the thumb gets to its rightful place.After that fix several metacarpal bone needles for a period of three to four weeks.
  • third step is drilled through the course of the metatarsal bones and passed it suhozhilie- transplant, which cause inflammation and scarring further tightens plyusnevaye bones, forming the arch of the foot.

scarf osteotomy for

It is indicated for moderate to severe deformities.This incision is carried out from the base of the toes to the first metatarsal bone.Side cut its Z-shaped wedge, and bone head put in the right position.At the same time adjust the tendons pulling the thumb to the center.The bones are fixed with screws from nealergennogo titanium.The operation allows you to get up on the second day and was discharged on the fourth to sixth.

recovery period

Time during which the legs are completely restored, is approximately four to six weeks.In the early postoperative period are shown analgesic, anti-inflammatory agents, and compression stockings to prevent thrombosis.

first days of active walking may require reliance on a cane or crutches.

further need orthopedic shoes with wearing wide shoes for the entire period of rehabilitation, as well as massage and exercises for the legs.

Overall, the early recourse to competent orthopedist in the early manifestations of the disease will not only achieve positive dynamics of disease, but will save energy, time and money to get rid of severe joint problems in the future.