Pinworms in adults - treatment, symptoms , tablets , medicine


  • How do you get infected?
  • Symptoms of pinworm in adults
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Pinworms - the most famous and common parasites that infect the human intestines.During the multiplication of the nematode disease occurs, which is called Enterobiasis.The most vulnerable to infection with pinworms are children, and, infestation levels among preschool children according to various sources is 25-90%.Infection of other people pinworm eggs going through everyday contact and, therefore, pinworms are in adults, whose children are infected with nematodes (most often it is the kids who attend day care centers).pinworm treatment in adults is similar to treatment of children, the same as anthelmintics drugs or traditional methods.About the symptoms of pinworm in adults, the treatment enterobiosis - will be discussed in this article.

How do you get infected?

Carriers enterobiosis it children or adults who are infected with pinworms.Infection occurs fro

m person to person through a handshake, through household items, door handles, clothes, all the things that touch the patient, if not after exposure to wash their hands and eat with dirty hands.pinworm eggs can also get on food from flies and cockroaches, or be on the pet hair.

female pinworms enters the human intestine by the oral route, through dirty hands, which are then helminth eggs.Then she mates with a male representative, and then migrate to the large intestine of man, which is powered, and 4 weeks later she moved to the rectum, where at night crawls to the anus and lays up to 15,000 eggs on the skin near the anus.

child or adult then itching in the anus, itching and scratching places contribute to the ingress of pinworm eggs on the hands and under the fingernails of the patient.Further, self-infection and the mechanism of infection of others is clear.If you have regrown long nails, do not wash your hands after scratching, after using the toilet, before eating, on everything it touches an infected person, settle thousands of eggs.This contributes to the further spread of nematodes, getting out from under the nail bed, underwear on the hands of other children and adults.

Getting rid of parasites is not easy, because often in the presence of children in the family attending kindergartens, all infected family members.In addition to medication by pinworm, should always handle the patient's underwear, isolate it from the other carriers of pinworms, and to comply with strict rules of personal hygiene that preschool children are very often not easy.To teach your baby from an early age to wash their hands after using the toilet, after the streets, the food, you can buy soap in the form of toys, colorful, interesting, making hand washing a game.Also, from an early age should be taught not to take the baby in her mouth nothing but eating, and, with clean hands.

Symptoms of pinworm in adults

In cases when a person was infected recently, by chance, not by family members, a small number of pinworms, adult enterobiosis symptoms may be absent altogether or be accompanied by a minor is not noticeable discomfort.Moreover, the subject of personal hygiene, namely:

  • daily intimate hygiene
  • change of underwear in the morning and evening
  • washing hands before any meal, after using the toilet

In this case, re-infestation (self-infection) occurs becausepinworms only a few weeks, they die and replenish the colony does not occur lifecycle.This is assuming that the environment is not an adult or child suffering enterobiasis.

In other situations, when there is a powerful attack and strong nematode infestation, the most common symptom of pinworm in adults is itching near the anus, which is amplified in the evening and night, during the release of female pinworms to the anus.

And itching may disturb the person only 1-2 days and then resumed in 2-3 weeks.This periodicity is precisely indicates that gives way to a generation of pinworm reinfestation occurs.

Prolonged untreated pinworms, with constant contact with infected children or adults, with failure to comply with hygiene, very fast the growth of colonies of pinworms and then back in the anus may be more persistent and in some cases, be very painful.

Frequent combing microcracks, scratches, abrasions, in which can easily penetrate pathogens causing dermatitis (see. Dermatitis cream), develop a secondary bacterial infection, which complicates the clinical picture and treatment.

At constant invasion of pinworm in adults, untreated may experience intestinal disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, or vice versa (see. The list of tablets for diarrhea), mushy stool with mucus or even particles of blood, intestinal dysbiosis.

not proven, but there is an assumption that the aggravation of appendicitis in adults and in children there is a large gathering of pinworms in the cecum, in combination with the addition of a bacterial infection.

more dangerous pinworms?If enterobiosis adult untreated, prolonged infestation leads to intoxication, exhaustion, to irritability, fatigue, sensitization of the organism.Often blood tests indicate a worm infestation - a decrease in hemoglobin level and increased eosinophils.Therefore, a person may experience headache, dizziness, tired quickly, bad sleep, suffer from insomnia, there may be a variety of allergic reactions.

Women worm infestation can cause endometritis and vulvovaginal as pinworms crawl in the sexual organs, raising pathogens and thereby causing inflammation.They can also contribute to irritation of the peritoneum, thus provoking pain near the belly button.

Diagnostics pinworms

Normal fecal helminth eggs for the diagnosis of pinworm infection quite informative, as the eggs are laid not in the intestine, and near the anus, so the analysis is used - scraping on enterobiosis.It is produced two ways - by using adhesive tape, which clings to the anus and a cotton swab with Vaseline.

These methods are not 100% diagnostic and may give false negative results.Because females do not lay eggs every day, if you suspect the presence of pinworms, you should pass similar analysis at least three times, for a fair result, and repeat it in 2 weeks.Especially it is necessary to persevere in the presence of children in the family attending kindergartens.

Than to treat pinworms adults - pills

doctor prescribes to treat pinworms adult medicines, tablets, the same as that of the children, only in doses according to the patient's weight.Today, from pinworms are not so many drugs that are effective against these nematodes (see. Medicines for worms for kids).How to choose a drug and how to treat adult pinworms?Your doctor may recommend any of the following tablets:

  • Levamisole - Dekaris (. The average price of 70 rubles) this drug from pinworms as an immunomodulator
  • Pyrantel - the price of 30-50 rubles, Gelmintoks 80-120 rubles
  • .mebendazole - Vormin 20 rubles, 90 rubles Vermoxum, Mebeks, Telmoks
  • Karbendatsim -.. Medamin
  • piperazine - a few effective drug, but it can be used by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the price is about 30 rubles.
  • Nemozol - very strong worming drug with many side effects, its use is possible only in the presence of other parasitic infestations, or giardiasis (nemozol with giardiasis, giardiasis symptoms in adults) or with a powerful enterobioze, poorly treatable.

For greater effectiveness of drugs, pills pinworm in adults, should be a day before the medication, do not use products that hold the chair, and in the evening dinner should be light.The next day in the morning to take the medicine, and in the evening it is desirable to use any laxative (all possible laxatives), it will improve the rapid elimination of intestinal pinworms, especially those who are not killed.A prerequisite of successful treatment of pinworms is repeated administration of drugs through 2 weeks, since not all drugs have an effect on the larvae and eggs, recently got into the body and destroy only adults.

with a strong itch, to facilitate the state shown antihistamines such as Tsetrin, Zodak, Loratodin (cm. List of the best tablets from allergies).It is also necessary to avoid scratching the skin and reduce the hit eggs on clothes, spread them throughout the body.

To reduce the itching can also be used soda enema, to carry it out enough 1 liter of water and 2 teaspoons of soda.

Besides medication to get rid of pinworms adult treatment must necessarily be accompanied by the observance of certain rules, and they must comply with all family members, regardless of the fact whether they have pinworms:

  • thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilet, beforeeating, after street
  • Nails should be cut short always
  • underwear is important to me in the morning and evening and after washing each time to iron iron
  • Disinfecting toilets, wet cleaning of the apartment

every day If these rules, drug efficacy bypinworm in adults is reduced to zero, the risk of re-infection and pinworm infection of others is very high.On the application of national resources when enterobioze can be found in our article Pinworms in children - treatment, symptoms.We will focus only on the known method of removing pinworm in adults using pumpkin seeds.

pumpkin seeds - this is the most well-known herbal remedy, it is believed that the main action against pinworms or other parasites, due to the properties of gray-green film, which is located between the peel and seeds.Therefore, you can not use for the treatment of already peeled sunflower seeds, and you need to clean them yourself.Within 2 days the patient make an enema every morning, in the evening give saline laxative and in the morning again repeat enema.Adult cleaned 300 gr.seeds were then ground in a mortar, mixed with 100 gr.honey mixed thoroughly.For 1 hour, the patient should eat this mixture on an empty stomach, nothing to eat, and after 4 hours drink a laxative, after 30 minutes again to make an enema.After a bowel movement, you can eat.