Pinworms in children - treatment , symptoms , medicines , folk remedies


  • Transduction of pinworms
  • Diagnostics
  • Symptoms of pinworms in a child
  • Complications of pinworms in children
  • How to treat pinworms in children, what preparations?
  • How to withdraw pinworms in children folk remedies at home

Pinworms - a kind of aschelminth, one of their representatives which Enterobius vermicularis, parasite only in the human body, causing a disease like enterobiosis.Moreover, infection with these parasites in children is from 25 to 100% on various statistical data.The fact that even with pinworms in children, the symptoms are not always pronounced.

No strong pain such bot causes.Only with a strong helminthic invasion on the child's behavior or his complaints, you can suspect the presence of him like parasites.The most basic symptom of pinworms in a child - is itching in the anus, which is most often at night, so this discomfort often leads to disruption of sleep in children.On the treatment of pinworms in children, drugs and folk remedies, we will cover i

n this article.

Transduction of pinworms

Fall eggs of worms in the digestive fecal-oral mechanism of contact-household by.At night, during sleep the child infected with pinworms, the female of the intestinal helminth creeps to lay their eggs in the anal opening.If you have an itch in the ass, baby combs itchy spot, and thus on the handles and under the nails accumulate pinworm eggs.

further transmission mechanism pinworms around children and adults, as well as re-autoinfection this child understand if the child is not washed immediately hand, did not change underwear (which also are eggs), they apply to all the items concerned by the kid - toys, clothing, food, household items, all around.When you touch these objects, a handshake - infected healthy children and adults, parents, teachers (see pinworms in adults.).If there is a pet, its wool can also be located pinworm eggs, so after any contact even with pets, wash hands.

no personal hygiene, lack of habit to wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before eating, contribute to the fact that the eggs of pinworms is easy to fall into the mouth and then into the intestine.Because pinworm eggs that have fallen into the intestines in just a few days, hatch into larvae, which are 2-4 weeks grow into an adult, and they live not long, only 2-3 weeks, and with the right treatment and personal hygiene, re-infestation (autoinfection) stops and the child is released from the worms.

often teach a child to strict compliance with the rules of personal hygiene parents sometimes only manage to school age.Therefore, while the child attends kindergarten, through close contact between the children and the lack of strict hygiene is very difficult to get rid of pinworms.After treatment there is no guarantee that will not happen reinfection from other children.One of the easiest ways of schooling and expressions of interest in the child's hand-washing, use of soap may be in the form of figurines, colored, interesting soap, so washing your hands to turn in an exciting game.


most basic, however, is not 100% method that is used in our country to determine the presence of pinworms in children, is scraping on enterobiosis.This is a smear, which is taken from the perianal folds, and examined for identification of eggs.A special feature of this analysis is that it should be taken in the morning before a bowel movement, and you can not make any hygiene before.Particularly well to take a scraping on the day when the child showed anxiety at night, complained of itching in her ass.

should not be complacent with a negative analysis of scraping, as they are often false negative, as not every day pinworms lay eggs.If you suspect the presence of pinworms, with complaints of child for itching in the anus, pain in the abdomen, with the appearance of allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, and eosinophilia in the blood analysis - preferably take scraping a few times, 3 times a day - then the result will be more reliable.

Common analysis of feces, which shall be to determine helminthic invasion, is not effective for pinworms as the female lays them near the anus, but not in the intestine.

When visual diagnosis in rare cases can be detected pinworms, as well as traces of scratching.The body of the adult pinworms no more than 10-12 mm., White color, in the form of thin sticks with sharp ends.(. Figure look like pinworms)

Fence scraping is done in 2 ways: by means of a strip of adhesive tape, which is adhered to the skin near the anus, and then glued on the glass, as well as using a cotton swab soaked in liquid paraffin (a popular method).The resulting material is either examined immediately, or delivered within 2 hours in a laboratory for microscopic examination.

Symptoms of pinworms in a child

Very rarely, when a powerful helminthic invasion, pinworms can be seen near the anus of the child or children in a pot.But often, on the contrary, as the child is not always possible to suspect the presence of pinworms, even a one-time scraping on Enterobiasis can be negative, and the child is infected with pinworms.However, sometimes circumstantial evidence, attentive mother can suspect the presence of pinworms in a child, the symptoms of which may be as follows:

  • most obvious symptom - itching in the anal area
  • night anxiety, the child with difficulty falling asleep, fidgeting in his sleep, often wakes up,screaming or crying (in young children)
  • sharp loss of appetite, nausea
  • Sometimes, on the contrary, increased appetite, salivation
  • pain in the abdomen, usually near the navel
  • disorder stool - diarrhea, constipation, intestinal dysbiosis
  • Headachesdizziness
  • child gets tired quickly, irritated appear whims often unreasonable, there is pallor, bluish circles under the eyes
  • There is an opinion (not shown) that the gnashing of teeth at night is one of the signs of the presence of helminthic invasion

main concern with pinwormsa child - a symptom of irritation and itching of the anus, which is worse at night - it is dangerous because at long helminthiases from frequent scratching may occur bacterial infection of the skin, resulting in inflammatory processes.

nausea, even vomiting, abdominal pain is the case strong enough invasions and constant self-infection, also with symptoms of pinworms in children supplemented toxic damage to the nervous system, because the more a colony of pinworms, the more toxins they release.Therefore, children become irritable, restless sleep, capricious.Increased fatigue and disorders of the nervous system lead to lagging behind in studies, lack of attention.Upon detection of pinworms in a child, treatment with drugs or folk remedies should be immediate.

Girls symptom of pinworms is the emergence of enuresis - incontinence, it comes from the urethra irritation.Pinworms can also creep in the genitals, then profuse discharge may occur in girls.With long-term defeat pinworms in children may show symptoms of allergic reactions - dermatitis, eczema, then increased eosinophils in the blood.Prolonged infestation may be accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin, then the child appears pale complexion.

Complications of pinworms in children

If pinworms in children, treatment is not performed in a timely manner, the continued existence of the colonies of worms deprive a child of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, toxins poison the body, leading to intoxication and sensitization.Prolonged infestation, especially growing organism, severely deplete it, sometimes leading to serious complications, consequences:

  • Vulvovaginitis when girls start an inflammatory process of the external genitalia and vagina at zapolzaniya pinworms in the genitals
  • Oophoritis and salpingitis alsomay develop when pinworms penetrate the top to the fallopian tubes and ovaries
  • Such intestinal damage, as eosinophilic enterocolitis may develop during long-term infection and high sensitivity to antigens pinworms
  • Appendicitis - it is believed that a large gathering of pinworms in the cecumperhaps its development
  • Peritonitis - may occur when a massive infection, when the worms through the intestinal wall penetrate into the abdominal cavity
  • often parasites, and not only the pinworms, cause sensitization of the body of the child
  • pinworms sometimes penetrate the bag foreskin in boys, raising to pathogens
  • With strong stimulation of the urogenital organs produced pinworms in children, can lead to masturbation, early awakening of sexual desire, balanitis, dysuria, leukorrhea.
  • Children with neurological disorders with prolonged presence of pinworms, become even more nervous, irritable, lose weight, are lagging behind in development and growth, against the backdrop of Enterobiasis may develop epileptiform seizures.

How to treat pinworms in children, what preparations?

When pinworms in children, drug treatment alone is appointed the doctor, with the selection of the exact dosage and taking into account the individual characteristics of the child.Typically, re-treatment is shown at 2 weeks after the first, as the active ingredients of drugs most often affect only the adults, larvae and eggs against them ineffective.

Since the infection occurs very easily and a high risk of re-re-infestation, it is important to carry out any and all members of the family, as well as others who have frequent contact with the child.Than to treat pinworms in children?(. See details about all the medicines for worms for kids) .On today, from most used drugs are the following:

  • Piperazine - 30 rubles.(Low efficiency, but the most secure, low emission)
  • Pyrantel - analogue Gelmintoks 80-120 rubles, Pyrantel 30-50 rubles..
  • mebendazole - Vormin 20 rubles, 90 rubles Vermoxum..
  • Levamisole - Dekaris 70 rubles.-also has a strong immunomodulatory effect
  • Albendazole - Nemozol suspension and chewable tablets (120-140 rubles) - a strong worming agent that has a number of side effects, most often it is prescribed for mixed parasitic infestations (giardiasis in children with giardiasis nemozol)or expressed enterobioze only appointed doctor.

Efficiency pinworm treatment in children depends on the child's body pre-treatment to receive medicines from pinworms.The day before receiving the drug should be abandoned foods that have a pinning effect, from the dense food suhomyatku, it is better to eat soups, dairy products, should be in the evening a light dinner, desirable fruit.

morning dose of medication should be taken according to the prescribing physician, and the evening should drink a laxative, to accelerate removal of the affected bowel pinworms.To avoid re self-infection, and during the treatment of the child by pinworm drugs in the future should observe good personal hygiene, and not only the child but the whole family:

  • Fingernails should always be cut short
  • Underwear desirablechange in the morning and evening, as well as ironing panties after each wash, because when washing eggs pinworms can be stored, and the hot iron of their destroying
  • after the toilet, before eating thoroughly washed with soap
  • Do not allow your child biting his nails
  • It should be possible to process more often the toilet seat disinfectants
  • Perform wet cleaning in the apartment, preferably every day
  • Failure to observe personal hygiene is not no drug treatment pinworms in children an effective, since the risk of re-infection is incredibly high

When strongly pronounced itching andallergic manifestations, should take antihistamines (list of the most effective and safe tablets from allergies for children), it may be syrups and drops Tsetrin, loratadine, Zodak and so on. Itching is necessary to remove not only because of the discomfort, but also because of the riskthe development of inflammation of the skin and spread the eggs on clothes and on the body.

With very strong itching can make microclysters with a weak solution of soda - 0.5 tsp baking soda in 1 cup of water, a child can make 1-3 cups depending on the age.

When death pinworms, most often occurs toxicosis, to prevent it only a day after taking the medicine by pinworms can take a variety of chelators such as Polisorb, Enterosgel, Filtrum STI, Polyphepan, Activated Carbon.Not earlier than one day, otherwise, sorbents reduce the effectiveness of anthelmintic agent.Take sorbents can be 1-2 times, not more, since helminths violated the absorption of minerals and vitamins, and eneterosorbenty also reduce their absorption.

How to withdraw pinworms in children folk remedies at home

If the question is to the parents to get rid of pinworms in a child folk remedies that are used by our grandparents, the following methods:

  • Pumpkin seeds from pinworms

best known and proven way to get rid of pinworms in children and adults - pumpkin seeds.They should be there with plenochkoj, which is between the peel and seed.It is there that a large number of substances, a detrimental impact on pinworms.Therefore, do not buy peeled pumpkin seeds.After purification, 100 g.raw seeds crushed 100 ml.olive oil.This mixture should be drinking on an empty stomach and then 3:00 nothing to eat, and so within 3 days.Then break 2 to 3 days, and repeat the course again.

There is also a treatment option for the child from pinworms using pumpkin seeds.Two days before the treatment in the morning put an enema every day, in the evening the day before the treatment given saline laxative, enema morning repeat.Treated seeds with gray-green plenochkoj in the amount of 75 grams for 3-4 years old, 100 grams for 5-7 years, 150 grams for 8-10 years, is ground in a mortar and then thoroughly mixed with 50 100 t.honey.In the morning on an empty stomach the baby for an hour to eat a lot of this, do not eat 4 hours and then drink a laxative, and after half an hour again to do an enema.Once the bowel can be completely free to eat.

You can also take a decoction of pumpkin seeds, fasting and 2 hours to drink a laxative for children under 5 years of decoction prepared from 150 grams of seeds, 5-7 years - 200 grams, children 10 years - 300 grams.

  • garlic to treat pinworms in children

Such treatment is possible only with a healthy stomach, if a child gastritis, this method should not be performed.Grind 2 cloves of garlic and mix with 1/1 of water, before going to sleep drink a mixture, drinking plenty of water, and since 3 pm, then 7 days later, repeat the course.

  • Beet and carrot juice

Of all the vegetable juice, beet juice is the most biologically active, strong, it purifies the blood, removes intoxication, it should be used more as an auxiliary natural remedy.After squeeze it, give it should stand for at least 3 hours in a refrigerator, since it is necessary that some toxic substances evaporated.Since the juice a little unpleasant to the taste, to treat a child, you can dilute it with fresh carrot juice, mixing it with the already-settled beet juice.Before going to bed on an empty stomach in the morning and you need to drink 100 ml.this juice for 2 weeks.

  • Bow

About 100 gr.onions, minced in a blender or meat grinder, should be mixed with 50 ml.sunflower oil and 1 h. spoon of salt, give the child to drink this mixture before going to bed, and so 5 days.

  • When pinworms in children, treatment of enema is also possible

How to withdraw your child pinworm quickly?To the child slept, sometimes it is enough of one microclysters to 200 ml of cool water.Also among the folk remedies method enema with garlic and milk it is very relevant today, but for the children of its use should be careful.In 1 cup of milk should boil 1 head of garlic until soft, drain, microclysters 0.5 cups make the child at night for 1 week.