Celandine in oncology

about the healing properties of this plant as the popular celandine known since ancient times.Russian name of this medicinal herb - Celandine - speaks for itself.In Russia, healers have used it on a variety of ailments - children bathed in broth celandine to treat diathesis and other skin diseases, periodontal disease, and they were treated with dysentery.When Vladimir Monomakh was discovered lip cancer, mentioned in chronicles that celandine helped him cope with the disease.And in our time in the treatment of cancer, many people herbalists resorted to the use of this interesting plant.

composition of celandine:

chemical composition of celandine is very diverse, and the beneficial properties of this plant is due to the presence in it of more than 22 alkaloids - substances containing nitrogen, which have a complex structure, so have high biological activity, some of which are able to exert an antitumor effect.Also in its composition there are vitamins that are essential in the human large quantiti

es - ascorbic acid, vitamin A, essential little acid - succinic, citric, malic.High activity and have saponins - has expectorant, diuretic, protivosleroticheskoe action, flavonoids - prevents the development and growth of tumors, allergic reactions, with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Using celandine in oncology

Today, medicine is available several ways to deal with the development and growth of malignant tumors in humans is:

  • removal of the tumor by surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • In hormone-dependent tumors - hormonal treatment
  • Radiation

therapy of these methods is the strong negative side effects on the human body has chemotherapy, no less aggressive action provides radiation and hormone therapy.However, many experimental tests, specific clinical cases in practice, doctors suggest that a person's immune system is able to handle itself with some forms of cancer not running.The official medicine still can not figure out how to start the mechanism of such a possibility the human body.Therefore, when a man finds himself face to face with this terrible diagnosis like cancer, he is looking for all possible ways to combat this insidious and relentless disease.And in addition to traditional methods of struggle with malignant tumors can be identified and the following types of assistance to a person in the destruction onkokletok:

  • Improving patient immunity oncology
  • use of plant poisons contained in herbs, ie drugs of plant origin, as part of which contains alkaloids
  • Psychologicalspirit of recovery, auditory training, meditation and so on. techniques of self-hypnosis and self-control.

So every cancer patient has a choice of a path of recovery, taking into account the diagnosis and medical opinion, its own ethical principles, material resources, their physical and psychological condition.

celandine, hemlock, aconite roots, vinca, milestones, ferrule - the plants, when insisting that in 40% alcohol, produced a substance called herbal poisons capable of providing anti-tumor effect.However, delivery of drugs into the body should be in dosages stringent, in small amounts, in a specific pattern, strictly individual drip so toxic herbal therapy takes a long time, at least 3 months.The patient should also understand that it is not necessary to hope for 100% of the effect of the treatment plant is only one means.Oncology - very serious, terrible disease that should be treated with traditional medical methods, complementing and continuing therapy with traditional medicine.

Moreover, the use of plant toxins useful when the first stages of cancer, when the tumor size small, as the ingestion of toxic drugs should only be done under control fitoterapevta because excess dosage can lead to poisoning.If the patient is found not the first, the second stage of the cancer when the tumor is already large sizes, and for the treatment of poisons need a high dose and a lot of time, a person should abandon this method of treatment, and only use traditional treatments offered by physicians.

it possible to constantly use celandine in treating cancer?

Use of the same plant poison constantly not feasible, should be alternated poisons every 4 months, because each herb contains various alkaloids, and changing them is expanding the range of action of poisons on the cancer cells.

To apply celandine is contraindicated?

In oncology use of celandine has contraindications for people suffering from asthma, epilepsy patients (see. Treatment, symptoms of epilepsy, causes epilepsy), certain neurological disorders, as well as people with angina.At the use of tinctures of celandine in oncology, hemlock and other poisonous plants inside, patients should listen to the body's reaction to the plant poison effect, in the event of unjustified nausea or vomiting should stop taking the drug, as it may be a sign of overdose.In case of overdose of celandine may develop paralysis of the respiratory center.You should also regularly monitor blood chemistry, liver function tests, as celandine and other poisonous herbs have toxic effects on the liver.

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