How much time per day you can sit at the computer , the computer impact on the health of children and adults

Global computerization - it is an undeniable technical progress.To work on a computer and know how elderly people, and even a two-year kids than their parents are incredibly proud.Both children and adolescents are willing to spend for inviting the monitor around the clock.

At the same few people think, where all of a sudden come from children's tantrums, why adolescents suffers from headaches and where healthy, not burdened by problems of children with sleep problems.

refuse completely impossible from the computer, as in the modern technogenic world PC has become an indispensable element of life.But as with any technical gadget, a computer must be used wisely, strictly observing the time, conditions and work stoppages.

Injury caused by a computer, sometimes exaggerated.The negative impact is created by the non-normalized operating time for the PC, iethe person aggravates the risks.

Electromagnetic radiation

Any appliance emits EMR, but a person does not sleep next to a refrigerator or microwav

e running, does not watch TV at a distance of 25-40 cm from the eye, but when working at a PC all emitters are concentrated close to the body: monitor, operational unit, mouse, keyboard.

independent study of computers distributed on the market of the product, which is carried out by employees of EM Security Center (Moscow), allowed to make a disappointing conclusion about excess biologically dangerous levels of EMR in the user's location area.

PC increases the total EM pattern created by household appliances and "irradiated" is not only someone who sits behind the screen, but also others.The zone within a radius of 1.5 meters from the computer is considered dangerous.

Increased EMI background is:

  • headaches
  • fatigue, nervousness
  • reduced resistance to infections ranging from skin and ending with the internal organs
  • in the growth of malignant tumors increased EM background also makes a recognized contribution.

PC monitors, manufactured in cathode ray tubes

They are proven sources of ultraviolet, soft x-ray, visible, infrared, radio-frequency, supersonic and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.Above all emit EMR rear and side walls of the monitor.Every year adopted more stringent rules on emission power monitor manufacturers also go for a cunning step, without reducing that same capacity, but improving the quality of the protective coating applied to the front of the screen.Rear and side walls with all also emit electromagnetic radiation.

System unit System unit

also a powerful transmitter.The human body is most sensitive to EMI in the range of 40-70 GHz.At these frequencies the wavelength is comparable with the size of the cells, so - radiation easily penetrates into the fabric.The peculiarity of modern PCs:

  • is to increase the operating frequency as the processor and peripheral devices
  • increase capacity to 400 - 500 Watts.

Because of this block the radiation level in the frequency band 40-70 GHz is a thousand times increased over the last 2-3 years.

Notebook and LCD monitors

LCD monitors and notebooks, made on the basis of liquid crystals are positioned to be safe because it does not generate that "bouquet" EMI characteristic of the cathode ray tubes.Not only is the emitter tube - is able to generate adverse field power converter and voltage during operation of the network, and the control circuit, and other elements of the apparatus.

This laptop is always located closer to the user, and some users have the habit of positioning the PC on your lap.

Study: testing centers "CYCLONE-TEST" and "elite" investigated 5 types of laptops from major manufacturers.Measuring EMR conducted in 8 directions from the equipment, including a keyboard, because it monolithically connected to the laptop.This distance measurements were taken from a PC smaller than the normed MPR II standard.

Studies have shown that the power of the device and the network, and the battery is not performed MPR II standards in the majority of the samples in all 8 directions.Especially significant excess observed in the front and right of the PC.

Effect of EMP on children and pregnant

medulla in children is more conductive, and the bones of the skull is thinner, which leads to higher specific absorption capacity as a result.EMP penetrates deeper into the parts of the brain.

EMF is a biologically active factor in relation to embryos.As is known, the embryo sensitivity to any damaging factors is several times higher than in adults, and Amy is no exception.Prenatal damage when working at the computer most often occurs in the early stages of development, resulting in miscarriages or flogged development.


Modern monitors have previously denied the characteristic problems - flickering, but this does not mean that your computer does not have eye strain, which is subject to the standard time of work on PC is comparable with similar when watching TV.

  • Stress - uncontrolled computer use children whose health is rarely absolute, leads to stress the visual apparatus, which equates to a strong stress.The consequences of stress are all aware, this is a separate issue.
  • Reduction of - muscular weakness Eye unit with overvoltage results in view of the fall.Hooked on the picture on the monitor, the children forget to blink, which leads to corneal overdrying and eyesight.

On the final eye strain influence factor 4:

  • monitor quality;
  • work intensity;
  • duration of the work;
  • workplace organization.

screen images priori differs from natural.Unlike natural reflected light, it is self-luminous and has a small contrast, which becomes even lower due to external light.The image on the monitor is made up of individual points, constantly flashes.Clear boundaries, as in the image on the paper, in the computer image is not.

Ascending visual load is accompanied by the need for moving your eyes from the screen to the text of the paper or keyboard.Compounding the situation of poor-quality software incongruous selection of colors, unreadable font, unfortunate location of the monitor, poorly organized workplace (glare glare from the screen, failure to comply with the distance to the screen, etc.).

All this leads to the development of the so-called computer vision syndrome:

  • eyes begin to tear
  • image becomes blurred, doubly
  • fatigue occurs
  • concentration change.

survey of people working at the computer for a long time, has led to the identification of the following symptoms:

  • red eyes in 48%;
  • itching periocular area at 41%;
  • pain in front of 9%;
  • «flies" in front of 36%;
  • discomfort from 5 to 10%;
  • headache 9%;
  • weakness 3%;
  • darkening and diplopia in 2 - 0.16%;

addition to subjective feelings, in this group of people and physiological changes observed in the visual system:

  • violation of convergence in 52% of cases, the accommodation - 45% of users;
  • change of binocular vision in 49%, stereovision - 47%;
  • reduced visual acuity in 34%.

Sitting position

  • long sitting at the computer in virtually forced posture turns stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, contributing to the development of varicose veins.
  • load on the musculoskeletal system leads to a violation of posture and scoliosis in children, as well as the deposition of salts and osteochondrosis in adults.
  • Physical inactivity leads to muscle weakness, obesity.Sedentary life leads to increased levels of cholesterol as early as 35-40 years of age, that the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

With regard to children, the problem is more than serious.Parents faced with the problem bearing in their children know what to stop the progression of and cure began curvature of the spine is very difficult.Computer completely captures the children's attention, the child does not feel that sitting slouched.The pathological process is very fast runs in the growing child's body:

  • first appears barely noticeable stoop
  • child harder to keep your back flat
  • in a sitting position back becomes round
  • then muscle weakness and incorrect posture lead to curvature of the spine, which can progressbefore our eyes.

load on the joints of the hands

Many notice that after a long work on the computer (keyboard or mouse) the brush starts to go numb, especially in the fingertips, as well as paining.Hands always want to rub, as if they were numb.All this is a result of disruption of small hand joints, blood supply and innervation.

Exposure to dust, dirt and chemicals

PC at work attracts the dust and various dirt that accumulates in the system unit, settles on the keyboard and mouse.Cooling PC leads to dust circulation inside.

  • proved that the keyboard contains many times more germs than the toilet seat.
  • dust allergen as an active, leading to the development of hypersensitivity reactions, allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchitis.In turn, the pathogens enter with dirty hands into the body and cause a variety of overt or latent infections.

Swedish ecologists have found that within two years after the manufacture of the monitor into the air a chemical compound triphenyl phosphate, which is a strong allergen.This substance is a plastics composition, and heating the latter during operation of the PC starts to be released in the air.Triphenyl level ten times higher than the background while you work on your PC.

Effects on the nervous system and psyche

This factor is the most dangerous, and in some cases lead to irreversible consequences, and the formation of a complete mental depending on the computer.

Impact on children

unstable psyche of children and young people suffering from a tightening of the computer.The problem begins with a simple unwillingness to leave the computer to carry out the usual cases (walking, eating).Then, the child refuses to go to sleep at the proper time.

Later computer deprivation leads to irritability and temper tantrums.There impaired attention and memory, depression and even aggressive mood.

taste for life and the mood returned only during the game on the PC.At the same time, and what is happening around the child is not interested in the reference to it causes aggression or unnoticed during games.Literally dependent children fall into the computer world, becoming a zombie, and not interested in real life.

Effects on Adults Adults

users often run away from their problems, immersed in the virtual world and being there is already the winner of life.This game events are perceived as reality, with feelings and emotions.Produced during the game the adrenaline is not destroyed by the body, as there is in sports, cycling and so on. Nakalivayas in the body, adrenaline leads to the destruction of the nervous system, the development of neurasthenia and psychosis.

And for those who already have mental problems, the computer is absolutely contraindicated.Taste of murder during the game, such people are easily solved on the act in real life, including suicide.The famous case of suicide 6 Russian students - fans of "Final Fantasy", which occurred in 2001, not only the sad statistics is constantly updated absurd deaths, depending on the computer.

Computer dependence on the force is equal to or alcohol addiction!But if in the case of the latter two received different methods of struggle, beginning with the State level, gamers remain on the sidelines, destroying their lives and the fate of their relatives.

Harmful if radiation from the router's Wi-Fi?

wireless access point to the network for certain is in every apartment.It is convenient and economically, and those who went to vayfay, are unlikely to return to the wired Internet.

  • radiation frequency is 2.4 GHz router (slightly more than in the microwave oven).
  • radiation power -. 18 mW (for a mobile phone about 1 W
  • If the device is switched on all the time, respectively, the human exposure will also be constant Some people are not cut off the access point, even at night, sleeping in the room where the router that perfectly.unacceptable.
  • overabundance threatens the development of the radio waves of irritability, fatigue and other symptoms.

Working at a fairly high frequency, the router has a small capacity. That is a reasonable use of the device with the placement at a safe distance outside of the sleeping rooms is considered acceptable and comparable withthe influence of television, refrigerator and other appliances emitters EMR. The closer is healing generator to a person (in this case, a router), the longer it runs in continuous operation, the greater the negative impact it has.

in public access points Wi-Fi Freethe source is far away from the user, without causing health effects.In this case, it emits more than the device, through which the access to the Internet (phone, tablet).

Rules of work on a personal computer

All the above problems can be avoided by strictly fulfilling the rules work on the PC itself, and not giving concessions for children, allowing to play "well, another 5 minutochek".

Hours on a PC - how much time you can sit at the computer

for adult users cumulative operation time at the PC is 6 hours per day (maximum you can sit at a computer 8 hours due to the necessity of a professional).This does not mean that you can take the computer at 9 am and sit bezvylazno to 15.00.You must be complied with breaks, which we discuss below.

  • Teenagers 12-16 years old on the day you can spend at the computer no more than 2 hours;
  • children 7-10 years-12 years permitted 1 hour of work on the PC;
  • child 5-7 years old can sit at a computer no more than half an hour.
  • For kids up to 5 years, the PC must is prohibited.

Regulated breaks

order not to overload developed organs and systems, as well as mental discomfort, need to be interrupted at leisure.Those.simply look away from the monitor and looking intently out the window - not an option.

  • For each working hour, 15-20 minutes should be for 2-3 minutes avert their eyes from the screen, or even close them, making mini-unloading of the visual analyzer.
  • every 45 minutes of work on the PC, you need to do 10-15 minute break: warm up, walk.If it is possible - you can lie down with eyes closed.
  • After 3 hours of work necessary to pause for a half-hour rest - go for a walk, get some fresh air, eat.
  • useful to do exercises for the eyes - the rotation of the eyeballs, frequent blinking, translated with near sight on distant objects.

Workplace - how to properly sit at a computer

to work on a PC must be compatible furniture - computer desk and chair.Available in both adult and children's furniture, which can be adjusted according to the height.The height of the chair should match the height of the table.

  • Lighting must be even, contrasting light source near the monitor should not be.
  • best option placement of the monitor - a corner of the room, allowing the walls to absorb the EMI generated by them.The distance to the monitor should be between 40-50 cm, while it should occupy the position of a few centimeters below the eyes to look at the monitor was a top-down, and not vice versa.monitor screen update frequency should be at least 85 Hz.
  • System unit must be located at a maximum distance from the person.