Break the energy-saving lamp : what to do , how dangerous to health

Energy saving light bulb almost completely replaced "bulbs Ilyich" from use, they are used as an economical light source, and in the production and living conditions.Unfortunately, with all the advantages of this type of lamps there is a minus - when accidentally dropped it breaks just like an ordinary light bulb, but carries a risk much greater.

often hear the question: if the house was broken bulb - it is dangerous?Of course, it is dangerous, but not to the extent that it is necessary to cause panic or MOE.But if broken 20 light bulbs at the same time - this is serious!

fact that inside the energy saving lamps are mercury vapor or mercury almagama substances first hazard classes: they are located inside the tube and leave it only when the lamp integrity violation.

Many people confuse the mercury content of lamps and fluorescent coating inside the glass tube, which in the course of operation or have broken bulb can fall off and stay inside.This situation is absolutely not dangerous to health, th

e lamp becomes a source of mercury vapor only in the division!


mercury vapors are dangerous to health because they can cause chronic poisoning, which manifests itself by hand shake, gingivitis, disturbances in the central nervous system.At high vapor concentrations (mass splitting of energy-saving lamps) possible acute mercury poisoning, which manifests weakness, abdominal pain, vomiting and bleeding gums (cm. Of mercury poisoning symptoms).

mercury in the vapor state is most dangerous for children and pregnant women, so it's important to know how to act in such a situation.Heavy damage to a broken lamp will not bring, but it does not mean that precautions can be ignored.

How much mercury is contained in 1 light bulb?

Each energy-saving lamp is from 1 to 400 mg (the industrial design lamps) of mercury, the real threat to health is created when the mercury vapor concentration of 0.25 mg / cubic space.For comparison, 1 mercury thermometer contains 2 grams of mercury.Light bulbs and domestic Chinese production contain mercury vapor lamps in by European producers mainly used less dangerous mercury almagama, iealloy with another metal.

It is clear that the risk of a broken energy-saving lamps is greatly exaggerated in the media.But well-sequenced actions to address the effects of "emergency" should be the rule, and to the children, and the surrounding understood that the lamps of this type should be treated carefully and accurately.

What is more dangerous - a broken mercury thermometer or whipped energy saving lamp

In this case, the more damage brings the thermometer as metallic mercury in the form of tiny balls can roll under baseboards, in cracks, under furniture, etc., long-term poisoning the air of premises (cm. what to do if the house is broken thermometer).The energy-saving lamps, mercury is in vapor form, ie,no balls on the floor search is not necessary.

What to do when the light bulb burst or broken?

  • close the room in which the incident occurred, to bring out people and animals.
  • Open the window, closing the window in other areas, to prevent draft.This is the main event, which is the most important of all actions of the algorithm.The vapor mercury should leave the premises.Ventilate need at least 2 hours and preferably 12-24 hours.
  • In a suitable size jar pour cold water, if any, add potassium permanganate in water.
  • Wear rubber gloves or plastic bags on your hands.
  • Collect visible remains of the lamp in the bank, including the basement.
  • Small pieces of glass and fluorescent coating collected using a wet cloth or fleece, which soak the surface.Cloth and cotton wool should also be put in a jar with water.
  • Close the jar and put in a dark non-residential premises.Later, call the MOE and to find out where you can take the waste.
  • again carefully examine all the places where there were pieces of glass from the lamp (niches under furniture, cracks, etc.).
  • Wash the floor with chlorinated detergent or soap-soda solution.
  • Take a shower.

Discard clothing and shoes, which are cleaned, there is no need, everything is pretty washed in a separate basin.

If broken on the carpet - it is dangerous?

Broken energy saving lamp, in this case more dangerous small pieces of glass, that can get stuck in the pile.All visible glass pieces need to be collected, as described above.Carpet gently twist into a tube, and to make a place where there are no people (forest, wasteland), a good shake or knock it.You can leave for reliability carpet outdoors at night.

What not to do?

  • include air conditioning, if any - mercury vapor will settle inside the device.
  • collect the remains of a vacuum lamp - again, the mercury settles inside.
  • Do not use the whisk - sloppy movement can throw small pieces of glass around the room.
  • Drain the jar of water, and the glass remains in the sewers.
  • Discard broken lamp, a jar with the remnants of the lamp to the trash or garbage disposal.

can not be disposed of with household waste and waste (burnt), the whole energy-saving lamps - should be submitted to special collection points.