List of harmful substances in cosmetics, creams, deodorants

Buying a variety of cosmetics, we rarely look into the description of the composition.It is much more attracted to the colorful lettering on the front of the bottle, broadcasting on how many vitamins, natural oils and other utilities in the product.

supercomponents All these make up a tiny fraction of what is in the bottle, and about 90% of all cosmetic products - it is water.It turns out that a disproportionately large amount of money we pay not only for the water in the composition of funds, but also for dangerous substances in cosmetics, voluntarily poisoning your body.Moreover, research scientists have found that women who abuse cosmetics, personal hygiene products, household chemical bring its climax.

As a rule, manufacturer specifies them as a part of the fine print, or in English.Own negligence works on the arm and producers themselves against us!Harmful substances in cosmetics - learn to read the composition of cosmetic products (see the composition and harm to the health of household chem


very dangerous

Mineral oil or Paraffinum Liquidum

in creams, emulsions, oils, milks


in creams, emulsions, oils, milks

DESCRIPTION Under these sort of hiding innocuous names harmful component - technical oil!Most of the products referred to specifically as Mineral oil, relying on illiteracy and the perception of the name as a mineral component. Petrolatum or technical fat
ORIGIN industrial oils derived from petroleum, in fact it is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons refined products
PROPERTIES Creates a water-repellent film on the skin
  • addition to water, the oil film retards toxins, carbon dioxide and other harmful metabolic products, which are normally output from the skin;
  • prevents oxygen from entering into the dermis;
  • slows cell growth;
  • increases dehydration, dissolving the natural sebum;
  • contains carcinogens.
WHAT PROMISES TO MANUFACTURER If moisture will not leave skin, the skin will be smooth, youthful and soft Positioned as a perfect softening component (popular due to its low cost)
  • desiccate the skin, leading to cracking, irritation and hypersensitivity;
  • skin becomes thinner and faster aging;
  • clogging the pores, causes the formation of acne and rashes;
  • can cause cancer.


Rropylene glycol

in creams, moisturizers, oils


in creams, moisturizers, oils

DESCRIPTION Propylene glycol - diatomicalcohol, natural organic substance. Glycerin
ORIGIN petroleum derivative. chemical compound fat and water.
PROPERTIES attracts and binds water molecules. Pulls the water molecules.
  • replaces the nutrients of the skin, includingwater;
  • can damage the liver and kidney by doing it through the skin;
  • with humidity below 65% (which is certainly seen almost in every apartment) pulls moisture from the deeper layers of the dermis, ie,young cells and keeps it on the surface.

gives the skin youthful and fresh appearance.

ideal moisturizer, taking away moisture from the air and give it to the skin.
  • lead to allergic reactions and irritations;
  • the cause dermatitis;
  • causes the formation of acne and rashes
  • desiccate the skin, giving it an unhealthy form excessive moisture dead stratum corneum cells leads to its loosening


means with moisturizing and rejuvenating effect


funds with rejuvenating effect to the skin, hair products (balms, shampoos, serums)

DESCRIPTION collagen protein. Elastin, a protein.
ORIGIN obtained from cattle hides, as well as from the plantar side of the clutches of birds.
PROPERTIES settles on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture evaporation.
harmful effect Due to the large molecular weight can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, but remains in the epidermis, clogging the pores.
  • improve the collagen structure of the skin;
  • excellent moisturizing effect.
  • wrinkle removal;
  • restore skin structure.
HOW DOES ACTUALLY desiccate the skin, clog pores, resulting in a fine and irritated skin with blackheads and cracked.

Lauramide Dea

shampoos, cleansing foams and gels


lipsticks, shampoos, perfumes, conditioners, lotions, deodorants

DESCRIPTION Loramid Day. Phthalates, salts and esters of phthalic acid.
ORIGIN Chemical semi-synthetic nature. Chemicals.
PROPERTIES Thicken liquid Fix odors associated components of cosmetics, create a moist film on the surface, good solvents.
harmful effect dries hair, skin and degreasing them, removing the natural protective layer
  • suppress the action of testosterone;
  • possess allergenic activity;
MANUFACTURER THAT PROMISES safe skin cleansing and hair. security components to improve the properties of cosmetic products.
  • causes allergic reactions
  • leads to dry skin and hair
  • can lead to defective development of the male reproductive system of the fetus, gynecomastia in adolescents;
  • cause asthma and allergies.

Alpha hydrox acids - AHA's

exfoliating agents, cream

Sodium lauryl sulfate - SLS

shampoos, foams for washing, balms, toothpastes, bath foams, gels and liquid soaps

DESCRIPTION Lactic acid, other acids sodium lauryl sulfate
ORIGIN formed during fermentation of sugars surfactant, sodium lauryl acid
PROPERTIES destroys the top layer of the stratumepithelium Active foaming agent
harmful effect

destroying dead epithelial cells, making vulnerable young skin cells that are exposed to environmental factors

particularly harmful long-term use:
  • accumulates in the tissues, the brain and the eyes, causing cataracts;
  • oxidized on contact with the skin and hair, leaving them annoying film;
  • reacts with other components of the means to form nitrates
WHAT PROMISES TO MANUFACTURER fresh complexion, soft leather dense and useful foam
  • Skinbecomes dry, aging faster
  • causes allergic reactions, leading to flaking and promotes kamedonoobrazovaniyu;
  • irritating to skin and hair, making it fragile and dry;
  • worsens the dermatitis;
  • can cause stomatitis (toothpaste)


Cleansing Mask and preparations


Cleansing Mask and preparations

DESCRIPTION Bentonite, mineral Kaolin, white clay
ORIGIN Natural
PROPERTIES forms a gel on contact with fluid, zasyhaya in airtight film has enveloping and adsorbent action
harmful effect Createson the skin of a dense film, depriving oxygen skin dehydrates skin
WHAT PROMISES tO MANUFACTURER skin cleansing, liberation from the keratinized epithelium, blackheads
  • retains toxins and carbon dioxide in
  • skin due to the presence of genital particles traumatize the skin

  • retains toxins and products of metabolism in the skin;
  • desiccate, clogs the skin, not allowing oxygen to penetrate deep into the dermis

Useless Supplements


Almost all cosmetics


Anti-aging agents

DESCRIPTION hyaluronic acid, glucosamine liposomes, phospholipids
ORIGIN is extracted from animal plants and tissues are obtained from fats
PROPERTIES engaged in tissue repair It is easy to penetrate into the cells due to the similar structure (cell membrane)
harmful effect due to the large molecular weight can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin Does not improve the condition of the membrane of old cells, since the structure of the membranes of old and young cells equally.
MANUFACTURER THAT PROMISES skin rejuvenation, accelerated cell division Merging with cells, fill them with "life" and moisture.A radical way to rejuvenate the skin
HOW DOES ACTUALLY remains on the skin surface.Added to cosmetics in very small amounts, often only to indicate in its composition.In fact, the dummy Fitting into cell membranes without changing the structure of the last

Rlancental extract

anti-aging skin

Royal bee jelly

moisturizing, nourishing products for skin and hair.Rejuvenating cosmetics

DESCRIPTION Placenta extract Royal Jelly
ORIGIN Extracts from human placental tissue or animal bee products
PROPERTIES has a rich composition (vitamins, biologically active components)
harmful effect may contain hormones, the introduction of which in any quantity is dangerous for the body not absorbed by the skin
WHAT PROMISES tO MANUFACTURER rejuvenation of the skin, tissue repair, accelerating cell division Hydration, nutrition andskin rejuvenation "natural" product
HOW DOES ACTUALLY placenta while in the womb of the body - is a source of future life.But the isolated extracts from already "dead", dysfunctional placenta not profit.Another empty.
  • gives agents a more pleasant texture and appearance;
  • not the active ingredient, ie,is not absorbed into the skin

Harmful substances in deodorants


Dry and liquid deodorant sweat


Dry and liquid deodorant sweat

DESCRIPTION aluminum, lightweight metal Triclosan
ORIGIN chemical element Antiseptic chemical nature
PROPERTIES Tightens pores, preventing sweating Destroys bacteria
harmful effect
  • long-term use can get into the internal organs
  • destroys normal skin biocenosis;
  • cause resistance of bacteria;
MANUFACTURER THAT PROMISES Secure protection against sweat during the day
HOW DOES ACTUALLY absorbed by the skin and enters the internal organs that can lead to:
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • hematological diseases;
  • breast cancer;
  • cardiovascular disease
  • provoke contact dermatitis, a skin irritant;
  • can cause hormone disruption and dysfunction of the thyroid


Dry and liquid deodorant sweat


Dry and liquid deodorant sweat

DESCRIPTION Amina talc, hydrous silicates
ORIGIN Chemicals Soft mineral
properties Converts acid salt adsorbent
harmful effect
  • toxic substances havecarcinogenic effect.
  • may contain asbestos fibers.
MANUFACTURER THAT PROMISES Adjust the pH value Absorbs sweat
  • cause allergies;
  • damage the kidneys and liver;
  • are carcinogenic (in the presence of asbestos)

Other harmful substances in the shampoo, soaps, creams, deodorants


This is a required component of products containing both water and fat (and it's almost all cosmetics).They are surfactants and make a homogeneous emulsion of substances which do not react with each other.

  • cytotoxic;
  • Destroy the lipid barrier of the skin;
  • cause dermatitis and eczema;
  • accelerates skin aging.

Preservatives are chemicals that make cosmetics has a long shelf-life, ie,antiseptics is essentially not giving bacteria to multiply in a nutrient medium.Most often presented parabens.

  • have a proven carcinogenic activity;
  • cause irritation and allergic reactions.


They are responsible for the pleasant smell of funds, masking the smell of the main components of a chemical.

  • most common allergens;
  • can provoke asthma and asthmatic bronchitis.

Conclusion: Many may say - everything is relative, even a meager amount of harmful substances are not dangerous.But this is not the case.Harmful substances in the cream, which you use for many years, even if it comes into the body in scanty numbers, but tend to accumulate.A stochastic effect has not been canceled!

And yet - in the struggle for youth and beauty should not lose common sense.The aging of each person - is genetically inherent process that affect any creams and serums is impossible, and correct existing wrinkles can only surgeon's scalpel.