How to fall asleep quickly , What prevents a person to sleep soundly , methods of dealing with insomnia


  • main reasons that prevent fall asleep when it wants
  • Methods for rapid sleep
  • struggle with bad habits
  • dependence on hypnotics
  • Improved hygiene bedrooms
  • Troubleshootingthe impact of stress
  • Treatment and prevention of diseases that prevent falling asleep
  • Video: hygiene bedrooms, a sleep doctor's advice-

sleep problems occur in every other urban residents, and the longer he lives in the city, the stronger they are.Daily stress, psycho-emotional overload, violation of the regime of work and rest, work shifts or flights lead to insomnia.To cope with this should find out why and try to fix it or, or adapt to it and learn to fall asleep easily, no matter what.

main reasons that prevent fall asleep when it wants

Violation of sleep and wakefulness

This includes not only the frequent flights, when the day can vary with the night and have to adapt to the new time, but also the desire to catch up on sleep onoutput, ignoring the alarm clock.Each of us has at least once experie

nced difficulty falling asleep due to the displacement of sleep time.And everyone knows that sleep on Sunday in time in view of the fact that the work tomorrow, is practically impossible.As a result, the whole Monday, and sometimes all the beginning of the week goes to "vrabatyvanie".

For this is even a special term - "Insomnia weekend", "Monday syndrome" or "social jet lag."For violations of the regime and the group is attributed wrong planning of its activities: sports, work, rest, food.Ironically, the same applies to children who copy their parents.Therefore, if you wrestle with what to do, children to fall asleep quickly - start with yourself.

Bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, not to mention on Narcotic Drugs.By the way, the dependence on sleeping pills also contribute to insomnia.

Violation hygiene bedrooms

Hygiene bedrooms - a pillow, mattress, blanket, lighting and climate in the bedroom.This factor is often overlooked, despite the fact that in the dream, we spend a third of life.To choose a car in which a person spends a couple of hours to work out from a day to a month.And to buy a pillow?It is better to sleep on orthopedic mattresses and orthopedic pillows.

Influence of stress

very common problem, especially for the "white" collar workers, and for any resident of the city.According to statistics, the stress is getting to sleep problems in 50% of cases of insomnia.As a rule, it is a manifestation of anxiety or anxiety-depressive state after a strong shock or long unsolvable internal conflict when the obsessive thoughts about the problems in life begin to overcome it, when you go to bed.First sleep time increased by 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, and there are already up in the morning not far away.It does not happen all at once, gradually accumulates, eventually leading to daytime sleepiness, difficulties at work and even traffic accidents.

  • Most often fall asleep prevent pain that is felt more acutely in the evening, when all other stimuli are absent.
  • Another problem may be restless legs syndrome, in which in the feet or hands there are unpleasant sensations of pain to cramps, chills, which make search for a comfortable position or move.Sometimes in continuous motion passes all night and sleep can be achieved only after midnight.Sometimes it happens that the movement is stored at night, depriving of sleep finally.A person can not give yourself in this report, but on the morning of the sheets and duvet cover are randomly twisted, sometimes even torn.This is due to changes in the transmission of impulses along the nerves, and which is hereditary.

Methods for rapid sleep

main principle of good sleep - a regularity and a healthy lifestyle.A sleep task - not to appoint a sleeping pill, and teach the patient to sleep without pills.A man can handle it on their own, and medical attention is needed if the desired result is not achieved within 1 month.To understand how to deal with insomnia, listen to yourself and think about what can disturb you.If the cause is not obvious, then it will help to identify a sleep.

Planning sleep and wakefulness

Make it a rule to go to bed and get up at the same time, even on weekends.Remember that our internal clock is able to adapt to change and after two nights spent in front of computer, the body has been living on a different schedule, so there is insomnia and fall asleep as soon as there will be harder the next day.

To quickly go to sleep at night, you need to do it in time.For each hour of sleep time displacement required some adaptation night.Therefore, before going to 4 hours later, be prepared that will go to the restoration of the regime of 4 days.

course, easier said than done.What you need to be able to apply this counsel?

  • Firstly, know how long it takes for you to sleep

Criterion enough sleep - you do not want to sleep after getting up, so you get enough sleep.Based on this plan the sleep time based on its individual rules.It can be at everyone - 12 hours or 4 hours, and force yourself to fall asleep at the time, that you imposed, it makes no sense.

  • Second, we must understand that if you observe the regime there is no way, it is better to sacrifice sleep time than the morning rise.

And there is nothing wrong if one night you barely nedospite.One day you can hold out, and in the evening accumulated sleepiness, which will allow to fall asleep without any extra effort.The most difficult to comply with the principle of owls, who need to dream more and they feel a constant sleep debt during the week."Otsypanie" on weekends - a way out for them to somehow get some sleep, but the next day they are ready to sit up till morning, without thinking that the Monday to get up to work.Unfortunately, owls are forced to constantly observe strict sleep.

Daytime sleep

Daytime sleep 10-15 minutes will be spent only in the plus, it improves memory, enable switch.But a longer time may prevent sleep easy at night.Therefore, if you have problems falling asleep, it is better not to sleep during the day and accumulate until the evening sleepiness.

work in shifts

some cases - shift workers, their sleep and wakefulness is interrupted evening or night shifts.And in order to live a normal life of their family they must sleep in the afternoon after work.It is important to provide an environment to sleep and help the body to develop melatonin, the sleep hormone.

  • for this purpose at the end of the shift can be reduced
  • lighting does not load, and came home from work, get comfortable, so that no light, no noise, no pets, do not distract from sleep
  • earplugs and a mask over his eyes will notredundant

to develop your own melatonin recommend taking melatonin tablets (melaxen, Tsirkadin Table 21. 550-600 rub.), which is rapidly broken down and eliminated from the body, giving impetus to the process of sleep.To recuperate enough sleep 1-2 hours daily, in the evening you can also take melatonin and sleep in the normal schedule.

new product developed at Stanford University - Spray with melatonin.Man sleeping enough 0.03 mg.melatonin, and in its most modern tabletkok hundreds of times greater.Works much softer spray tablets as spraying occurs on the skin, the body can absorb it gradually overnight and the dose is much lower tablet.

Change belts flights

What to do to get to sleep easily after the flight?It all depends on which way you flew.

  • On the west - if arrival was morning, the first day getting longer, so only need to hold out until the evening, take your drowsiness.
  • East - it is more difficult, so it may be useful melatonin.Take it for 30-40 minutes before desired bedtime 3-5 days after arrival, and your internal clock to adjust to the desired time.
  • falling asleep is also very well to sunlight, ie stay on the street in the morning and evening wear sunglasses to accelerate adaptation.The same applies to physical exercise - it is better to move in the morning.

In ordinary life, physical activity is one of the most effective means to quickly fall asleep.And it does not matter when there are classes in the morning or evening, as long as training ended for 2-3 hours before bedtime, and was repeated at least 3 times a week for at least 30-40 minutes.

should give preference to aerobic exercise of moderate intensity when the pulse is kept at submaximal at least half an hour.It is calculated: 75-85% of maximum heart rate (220-age).

Sports are recommended for improving sleep:

  • Biking, ellipsoid
  • Walking, walking
  • running, Nordic walking Ski
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics

Rule the same - for 2-3:00 not to overeat.If necessary, you can eat salads, protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese, yogurt), bananas or berries.In these vitamins and minerals are necessary for a good sleep potassium, magnesium, iron and protein.It is necessary to limit the intake of caffeine in the afternoon, because it activates the nervous system and is more suitable for the early morning.

Products with caffeine:

  • Coffee Black Tea, Green Tea Chocolate
  • Energy drinks
activities before bedtime

It is very important what the person before going to bed, especially 2-3hours before bedtime.Write down what you normally do at this time.Then exclude the following classes:

  • Watching TV
  • Work at
  • computer use gadgets
  • Using Phone
  • Movies with emotional content
  • work, complex logical operations (computing, strategic planning)

All these actionsexcite nerves and lead to insomnia.This is due in part to the involvement of the brain in the process, especially with emotional content, in part with exposure to white or blue light and flickering screen.As a result of reduced levels of melatonin and sleepiness as a hand shoots, leave these classes in the morning.

  • better to choose work, reading or not the hard work of
  • house Very nice relaxing treatments - massage, baths with aromatic oils, douche
psychological comfort

family Communication with relatives, family, children, friends, a beneficial effect onfalling asleep.Scientists have long said that it is best to sleep those who love each other, especially after the close.This shows the trust and acceptance.If the situation is tense in the family, try to avoid conflicts before bedtime.It is better to enclose the temporary cease-fire and leave the argument to the next day.

struggle with bad habits

Forget about smoking and alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime, smoking constricts blood vessels and prevents relaxation.In this case nervously smoked cigarette will not be hypnotic, and will only lead to another, and tar contained in cigarette smoke damage the mucosa, leading to snoring, which causes insomnia your loved ones.

Alcohol has long been considered a domestic anti-depressant and sleeping pills, as the person relaxes and sleeps better.BUT!

  • Firstly, it concerns small doses of alcohol, allowing to achieve the first stage of intoxication.
  • Second, alcohol is not compatible with many medications and can lead to tragedy.
  • Third, muscle relaxation occurs in the throat, leading to snoring or stop breathing during sleep, especially dangerous for people with a full daytime sleepiness.
  • Sleep alcoholic strong, but brief, alcohol relaxes only the first half hour, then it begins to have a toxic effect on the body, disrupting sleep.

dependence on hypnotics

Everybody knows that sleeping pills should not be taken for a long time, that is, it means at once, since there is a risk of dependence.It is for this reason that most of the pills to sleep on sale at special recipes for 7-14 tablets.Yes, hypnotics improves falling asleep, but at the same time:

  • broken
  • natural sleep pattern may appear nightmares
  • heaviness in the head
  • drowsiness in the morning
  • nausea and eventually, snoring and sleep apnea.

Thus, hypnotics as a means of first aid for insomnia is not considered too much of a risk to break the dream final.They apply only in severe cases of chronic lethargy lasting more than 1 month, when the consequences outweigh the side effects of insomnia receiving hypnotics.

Improved hygiene bedrooms

Pawn quick sleep - comfortable and safe bedroom.The principles of selection of all components of the bedrooms are similar:

  • Nothing should distract (including noise, light or smells)
  • colors should be calm, muted or dark
  • All the materials from which made bedding, pillow and mattress should behypoallergenic, it should not be wool, down, feathers, latex
  • Everything should be comfortable and not cause discomfort
  • Try that choose (to touch on feelings, on usability)

on the basis of these rules easy to pick up a pillow,mattress, blanket, bed linen.Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom, keep the humidity of at least 50%.Buy air purifier and humidifier.

Eliminating stress influence

When stress causes insomnia, it is important to take it easy.

  • Try to solve the problem until the evening
  • Transfer all alarms to "hour experience" and take for him the most inconvenient time - while driving to work, in the afternoon or in the morning when nothing useful to do not get
  • Do not be afraid to fall asleep
  • Excellent help energy techniques, tuning to positive - it's pronunciation of affirmations, customize (for example, "everything is going as it should be," "I will succeed, I am successful and happy person," "I can not change the circumstances,but it will give me something great, just what I need ").Find the positive in everything that surrounds you, do not worry about trifles, nothing in life is worth it to you are wasting your energy strength and health.

Sometimes the cause of insomnia may be a strong desire to sleep more (before an important event in the life or future, waiting lack of sleep ahead).We need to calm down, "if I did not get to sleep right away, sooner or later it still happens and there is nothing wrong."If you can not sleep - do not need to lie in bed, it is better to do something useful.

In severe situations when cope alone does not work, falling asleep is improved by psychotherapy or medication ksenonoterapii.The choice falls to not sleeping, and antianxiety drugs, herbal sedatives or antidepressants because they cause drowsiness.

Treatment and prevention of diseases that prevent falling asleep

Movement disorders, such as restless legs syndrome, it is easy to prevent at an early stage:

  • Before going to bed to do foot massage and hand or take a walk, play sports, to give a small load on the muscles tothe appearance of discomfort, disturbing sleep
  • Make contrast baths, which will reduce or prevent discomfort
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol in any form

If that's not enough, check with your doctor to select a drug for the treatment of restless legs.If it is chosen correctly, additional medicines for sleep is not required.

So to easily fall asleep you need to know the reason, which prevents to do it at once, and try to deal with it.If after a month you are not satisfied with the result, see your doctor for a sleep-support.

Sleep tight and having fun!