As magnetic storms affect human health

a negative impact effects of magnetic storms predisposed according to various sources from 50 to 70% of the world population.Moreover, the beginning of a stress response at a specific person can be moved to different times for different storms.

Someone reaction occurs 1-2 days before geomagnetic disturbance when there are solar flares, one starts to feel bad during peak of a magnetic storm, some malaise manifests itself only after some time afterwards.

If you listen to yourself, to observe changes in health status and analysis may detect link poor health to forecast geomagnetic conditions.

What is the magnetic storm?

Magnetic storms usually occur in low and middle latitudes of the planet, lasting from several hours to several days.This occurs from the shock wave of high solar wind flows.From the sun flares in space emits large amounts of electrons and protons, which are sent at high speed to the land and within 1-2 days reach its atmosphere.Charged particles stream strong changing magnetic field

of the planet.That is, this phenomenon occurs in a period of high solar activity, disturbing the earth's magnetic field.

Fortunately, such outbreaks are not more than 2-3 times a month, which can predict the scientists, capturing flash and movement of the solar wind.Geomagnetic storms are of varying intensity, from mild to very aggressive.With powerful disturbances, like for example September 11, 2005, there were abnormalities in the satellite navigation and communication off in some areas of North America.In the 50's of the last century, researchers analyzed nearly 100,000 car accidents and as a result have found that on day 2 after the flares on the sun the number of accidents on the roads increased sharply.

most dangerous magnetic storms for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypotension or hypertension, a veto-vascular dystonia, or mental illness.Young, healthy people almost did not feel the effect of magnetic fluctuations.

As an effect of magnetic storms on human health?

Geomagnetic storms can have a huge impact on human activities - the destruction of power systems, communication impairment, failure of navigation systems to a higher incidence of accidents at work, air and car accidents, as well as on human health.Medics also revealed that it was during magnetic storms is 5 times increase the number of suicides.Particularly affected by geomagnetic fluctuations residents of the North, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, the inhabitants of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar.

Therefore, it is a few days after solar flares increases the number of suicides, heart attacks, strokes, hypertensive crises.According to various reports during magnetic storms their number increased by 15%.Exhibit adverse effects on human health can be the following symptoms:

  • Migraine (see Triptans migraine.)
  • headaches, joint pain
  • reaction to bright light, sudden loud noises
  • Insomnia, or vice versa, drowsiness
  • emotional instability, irritability
  • tachycardia (see. The causes of tachycardia)
  • blood pressure jumps
  • poor overall health, weakness, fatigue
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases in the elderly

Scientists explain the deterioration of the health of meteodependentpeople so that when the magnetic field of the earth, the body slows down the capillary blood flow, ie formed aggregates of blood cells, the blood thickens, can raise blood cholesterol levels, occur anoxia organs and tissues, especially hypoxia test the nerves and the brain.If magnetic storms come in succession with an interval of a week, the majority of the population of the body is able to adapt and respond to these repeated excitement they have not seen.

What weather-sensitive people to reduce these symptoms?

meteodependent people, and persons with chronic diseases should monitor the approach of magnetic storms and advance to exclude this period of any events, actions that can lead to stress, it is best at this time to be alone, relax and reduce any physical andemotional overload.What should also be avoided or eliminated:

  • Stress, physical exertion, overeating - increases the load on the cardiovascular
  • system Avoid alcohol intake, limit fatty foods raise cholesterol
  • Do not abruptly get up, it will strengthen the parentpain and dizziness
  • particularly strongly felt the negative impact of storms on a plane, subway (during heavy acceleration and stopping trains) - try not to use the subway in this period.It is noticed that the subway train drivers often suffer from coronary heart disease and heart attacks often occur among commuters.
  • And in the first and on the second day after the storm drivers slows down the reaction to 4 times, so driving should be very careful if you meteodependent - do not drive at this time.

What can be done to mitigate this negative impact:.

  • People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, vascular dystonia, etc. should take care in advance and always have the usual medicines on hand
  • If there are no contraindications, it is recommended to take0.5 tablets of aspirin, which thins the blood and may reduce the risk of problems with blood vessels and heart
  • very well reduce the influence of magnetic storms ordinary water - showering, even better contrast shower, even a simple washing may alleviate the condition
  • If a person in suchperiods of experiencing anxiety, insomnia, irritability, requires reception of sedatives -. valerian, motherwort, peony, etc.
  • Good help tea with mint, raspberry, tea from the leaves of wild strawberry, broth hips, St. John's wort, lemon balm
  • of fruit, it is desirable to use the apricot,blueberries, cranberries, currants, lemon, banana, raisins.

As always, any opinion on almost any issue is both supporters and opponents, this also applies to the influence of magnetic storms.Opponents of this theory argue that the gravitational perturbations, which has on the human Moon, Sun, and other solar system planets are not so strongly affect the human body, much greater harm to the person delivering the daily stress in everyday life - a sharp rise or descent (rides, roller coasters,air travel), sharp braking and shaking the vehicle, a loud noise, emotional stress, fatigue, lack of proper rest, lack of sleep.