Abscess after injection : treatment of postinjection abscess on buttock

postinjection abscess is a complication of intramuscular or intravenous injection of drugs.The classification of abscesses is highlighted in a separate group, it has its own particular course and treatment.

postinjection abscess is characterized by the formation of the inflammatory focus purulent character at the place of injection with melting tissues.

reasons postinjection abscess

main cause abscess at the injection site is a violation of the rules of aseptic and antiseptic.The infectious agent can get into human tissue in three ways:

  • through the rough hands of the medical staff;
  • through supplies (cotton, syringe, medicine);
  • with the patient's skin is not treated at the site of injection or after such

Violation of safety rules at any stage of injecting the drug can lead to serious consequences, including infiltration and abscess are not the most serious.

Other etiological factors

  • erroneous drug administration

Introduction medicament for intravenous or subcutaneous injection in t

he gluteal muscle (Riboxinum, calcium chloride, and others.).With such erroneous introduction of drugs simply do not have time to dissolve or not dissolve, forming a first aseptic infiltrate and then infection due to fluid congestion in the tissues.

  • Violation of the injection technique

This use short needle (for example, insulin syringes for intramuscular injection), the lack of needle insertion (by one-third or half) when the needle just does not reach the muscle tissue.

  • Prolonged administration of irritating medicines tissue (antibiotics, magnesium sulfate and others.).
  • large number of injections in the same area, often with long-term course of treatment
  • Big layer of subcutaneous fat in people with severe obesity.Contact
  • needle into the vessel, thereby forming a large hematoma.
  • Big layer of subcutaneous fat in people with severe obesity.Contact
  • needle into the vessel, thereby forming a large hematoma.
  • of infection by the patient through the hands combing the site of injection.
  • purulent skin infection
  • Bedsores
  • Immunosuppression in patients with immune deficiency, elderly patients
  • Increased allergostatus
  • Autoimmune diseases

most frequent place of occurrence of postinjection abscesses

postinjection abscess gluteal region is the most common complication of shots, because itin this area spend most of intramuscular injections.The peculiarity of this region is well-developed adipose tissue serving as an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms caught in it.

second place, where there are post-injection abscesses, is the area of ​​the hip.Very often, patients who are administered medication themselves currently selected front or side surface of the thigh for injection.Violation of the rules or aseptic injection technique leads to abscesses of soft tissues of the thigh.

What is an abscess, inflammation symptoms

Severity of symptoms postinjection abscess depends on the depth of the inflammatory process: the deeper it is, the less obvious visible symptoms, but with pressure a person feels significant pain, which is not comparable with the appearance of the injection site.

postinjection abscess in a classic within manifested all the characteristic symptoms of inflammatory purulent process that takes place within the body:

Local signs of abscess

Common symptoms

  • Skin redness at the injection site
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness when touching the swelling under pressure.Later develops pain is touching the skin
  • Symptom fluctuation: fingers applied to the swelling, when pressed on the skin with your fingers of one hand lifted the cloth and fingers on the other hand due to fluid accumulation in the tissues
  • Fever affected area (skin hot to the touch)
  • in advanced cases - generalization of the process with the formation of internal and external fistulas, spreading infection
  • General weakness
  • fatigue
  • Reduced
  • performance Increased body temperature (up to 40C)
  • Sweating
  • appetite loss

abscess after an injection, even in the case of infection is not formed soon - purulent fusion precedes infiltrative stage.Early treatment can prevent the formation of infiltration purulent focus.Severity of somatic manifestations depends on the severity and prevalence of purulent process: they are stronger than, the greater the amount of toxic substances got into the bloodstream.

Features postinjection abscesses and complications

abscess after an injection, as well as other kinds of abscesses, is different from other diseases purulent-inflammatory presence of pyogenic membrane capsules or infiltrative.From the name itself it is clear that a purulent inflammation of the capsule is limited by the surrounding tissue, which protects the latter from getting infections.But the progression of the process leads to the accumulation of large amounts of pus and break the capsule.This pus penetrates the tissue and intermuscular space, forming an extensive phlegmon and fistulous passages.

Complications - most often complicated by the formation of extensive cellulitis.In severe cases, may cause osteomyelitis, and sepsis.


Usually, the diagnosis is established already during the first medical examination and on the basis of the patient's complaints.To determine the severity of the abscess conducted a number of studies: general urine and blood, biochemical blood analysis, crop infiltrate the microflora.

During the chronic pathology appointed ultrasound to accurately determine the location and extent of the inflammatory process.In complex situations, involving in the process of internal organs, performed magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography of tissues.

abscess treatment after the injection

How to treat an abscess after the injection?Without options, should consult a doctor as soon as possible.Soft tissue very quickly melted necrotic masses, increasing the area of ​​infection.

Surgery and local treatment

The most effective treatment is surgical necrectomy enzymatic necrolysis, formation of primary suture and vacuum aspiration of purulent masses through drains, followed by flow-washing drainage.Wound healing takes place 3 times faster than with an open jurisdiction.

Flow-drain flushing is performed using proteolytic enzymes and sodium hypochlorite.In addition to the direct functions washout of pus from the wound, this method is prevention of joining a secondary infection.

used before conducting an open wound without forming machinery primary suture leads to secondary infection every third patient with a prevalence of pseudomonas sticks in the discharge of wounds.

abscess after injections to the buttocks can be treated by puncture of the hearth, but lately this method loses its relevance in view of the frequent complications such as abscesses and purulent streaks, as well as the transition into the chronic stage.

General treatment

take into account the severity of the abscess and the etiologic pathogen, seeded separated from the wound.Apply broad-spectrum antibiotics with concurrent detoxification and analgesic therapy.Only general treatment does not always give the desired result, and leads to the formation of vast areas of necrotic tissue damage, threatening sepsis.The ancient saying that the pus has to be released - in this case the rule is the key to successful treatment.

treatment at the stage of infiltration

  • When an infiltration is necessary to stop the introduction of drugs in the area and begin aggressive treatment of inflammation formed.
  • shown physiotherapy dynamic currents, electrophoresis, gamma globulin and proteolytic enzymes in the area of ​​inflammation.
  • infiltrate observed in the dynamics: if after 3-4 sessions of physiotherapy there is no visible reduction of swelling, pain remains, and an ultrasound revealed fluid collection, go to surgery, as described above.


abscess buttocks and other areas even in the case of the successful and rapid treatment of the skin leaves an ugly scar from the deformation of the subcutaneous fat layer in the form of pits.Therefore, prevention of postinjection complications plays a crucial role:

  • Compliance with the rules of drug administration.This applies to a dose rate of administration, and the drug compatibility of multiplicity in one syringe.
  • Compliance with the injection technique: the needle should be almost completely immerse yourself in the soft tissue and muscle to achieve.
  • Gentle massage the injection area for better resorption of the drug.
  • Excluding the administration of drugs in the same spot.
  • Compliance with the rules of aseptic and antiseptic: treatment arms personnel disinfecting compositions, leather processing in the injection area before and after injection antiseptic, single-use, sterile supplies.
  • Proper identification of topographic points for the insertion of the needle.Complexity is administering injections for people with severe obesity, in which the outer-upper quadrant is a subcutaneous fat area.In this case, choose another location for the injection.