How to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth , after weight loss , the abdomen, the hips

upcoming maternity and stretch marks on the skin - often inseparable concepts (see how to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.).Many women take this cosmetic problem as a tribute for the happiness of being a mother, while others are stubborn fight with them, starting with prevention and ending with dramatic events, just to remove stretch marks on the skin.

What is more correct - to put up with stretch marks or to try all possible measures for their prevention and elimination?Of course, to prevent stretch marks is easier than cure.All treatment methods are not always effective, however, reduce the severity of stretch marks can be uniquely.

main thing - do not risk your health in the struggle for beauty and abandon questionable and dangerous methods of prevention and treatment.Whatever it was, stretch marks appear in places hidden from the eyes of others (abdomen, hips, butt, chest), so the aesthetic side of the issue is somewhat exaggerated.

Causes Stretch

Knowledge of the reasons for this phenomenon allows us to understand the nature of the occurrence of stretch marks in a different way to look at prevention and treatment.

  • The most basic reason - a hereditary tendency to striae, which occurs in several generations (grandmother, mother).In this case, to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy is very difficult, but it should take measures to prevent them.
  • dramatic weight gain - stretching of the skin in the process of growth of the abdomen, chest and overall weight gain.
  • Hormonal changes , directly affecting the skin condition.Progesterone is actively produced during pregnancy, reduces the synthesis of collagen - the main protein responsible for skin elasticity.

Precipitating factors

  • Overweight;
  • Quick, abrupt weight gain during gestation;
  • large fruit;
  • Multiple pregnancy or polyhydramnios;
  • weakness of the muscular layer of the anterior abdominal wall;
  • Diabetes;
  • striae, are not related to pregnancy;
  • Smoking.

mechanism of stretch marks

stretching the skin leads to a thinning of the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue tear formation of micro.Damaged tissue is gradually replaced by connective - outwardly it looks like a maroon or reddish bands of different thickness and length.The reddish color due to the presence of blood vessels under the skin damaged, which also gradually decline - the color changes to light close to the color of healthy skin.

What is the difference of striae scars?

And they both have the same origin - the connective tissue.However, scars or scars after surgical scalpel provided competent crosslinking postoperative wounds look neat and tidy, striae are also randomly distributed and not always the correct form.This stretch marks - a superficial phenomenon, but the scars - literally be felt through the skin, as the section is exposed to the entire dermis and underlying tissue.

What happens to stretch marks after giving birth?

Some women after six months to a year after childbirth stretching almost completely disappear, leaving a barely noticeable thin strips on the skin.In most cases, stretch marks remain, however, pales, decrease in size and become inconspicuous.

There is another category of women who have stretch marks after weight loss becomes more pronounced than before delivery.This is due to the fact that the intensive dropping extra kilos excess skin is formed, which does not have time to cut and reduced in size after the adipose tissue.In this case, it is sure to hold side events for skin toning: hydrotherapy (Charcot's shower, circular), massages, body wraps.

How to remove stretch marks on the abdomen and other parts of the body

Ever since this problem started to bother women, medicine and cosmetology develops a variety of ways and means to get rid of stretch marks.However, it should be understood that to get rid of stretch marks is almost impossible!That there is not promised dorogushchie cream or newfangled procedure to remove stretch marks until the complete disappearance of the skin is not possible, because the connective tissue at the base of stretch marks - is irreversible skin change.

cosmetic and pharmaceutical remedies for the treatment of stretch marks

Most of them can be applied to pregnant women, and nursing.

  • cream with glycolic acid 10% CREMA CORPO from Guam

more effective for the prevention of stretch marks on the breasts, for the treatment applied at the beginning of their formation.Do not use before tanning.
Composition: glycolic and hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and moisturize changed tissue, algae extracts and macadamia oil to nourish the skin, activating regeneration processes.
applied on stretch marks 2 times a day.

Price: about 3150 rubles, Italy.

  • Cream Kelofibraza (Kelofibrase) from Sandoz

most effective at the earliest extensions, but rather - as prophylaxis.
As part:

  • urea, soothing and moisturizing stretch marks;
  • heparin sodium, which improves blood flow to adjacent tissue and the metabolism in the connective tissue.Provides smoothing and leveling of the scar, the disappearance of the tension effect, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, accelerates tissue resorption.
  • D-camphor, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves tissue trophism.

applied striae on 2-4 times a day.It can be applied as a compress overnight.
Price: about 1400 rubles, Germany.

  • Contractubex from Merz Pharma

noted good efficacy in the treatment of fresh stretch marks, returns the elasticity of the skin and restores its function.
Composition : extract sulfur (onions) - reduces swelling and decreases the synthesis of connective tissue, heparin softens and moisturizes the tissue stretch marks, hold water, allantoin helps to heal tissue.
applied striae on 1-3 times a day.It can be applied as a compress overnight.

Price: 400 rubles, Germany

  • New secrets of the Golden baleen cream drug of Handicrafts

low efficiency, has the greatest effect at prophylactic use.
Juice golden mustache contains flavonoids possessing P-vitamin activity, and restore blood circulation in the tissue adjacent to the stretch marks.Allantoin, keratin, onion extract, horse chestnut, arnica, ginseng helps to smooth scars and tissue regeneration.
applied on stretch marks 1-2 on the pre-steamed the skin once a day.

Price: about 100 rubles, Russia

  • Cream of scars and stretch marks KLIRVIN

recommended for the prevention and correction of stretch marks.
contains extracts of herbs (basil, sweet, madder, etc..), Vitamin E and natural antioxidants, moisturizes and smoothes stretch marks, making them less noticeable on the background of healthy skin.
applied on stretch marks 2 times a day (required 1 time at night).

Price: about 70 rubles, Russia


procedure Almost all have strict contraindications such as pregnancy, lactation, infectious diseases, pathology of blood cancer diseases, etc. Many of the procedures are painful, require.multiple repetitions, and most importantly - very expensive, but do not give 100% effect.


This introduction of substances that stimulate the production of proteins elastin and collagen in the middle layer of skin, the dermis.Substances administered to the skin, are complex, which may contain antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, embryonic drugs very often - collagen and hyaluronic acid.Designed for inside nourish the skin, stimulate the metabolism, softening of the connective tissue, skin renewal.

carried out as injectors - hand special syringes with long needles or using mezoinzhektora apparatus, and no injection method, in which the therapeutic composition is applied to the skin surface and processed by the device mezorollerom.Conducted from 5 to 15 procedures subsequently needed prevention courses.The best effect is achieved in the treatment of fresh stretch marks.

Fractional photothermolysis

This laser effect on stretch marks.There is a warming up of micro-skin, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.After one month of the procedure for the activation of cell division, improving the texture of fabric, stretch marks are reduced and shortened.Rezultativen striae when fresh, but even they are not going extinction.

Chemical peeling

Removing old layers of skin by means of special drugs, as well as the stimulation of collagen production.The strong acid (trichloroacetic, alpha hydroxy and phenolic) are used as active agents.Burning the epidermis occurs and activates collagen production.After the procedure, which is very painful and is performed under anesthesia, it takes a long restoration of the skin.A few months after peeling the skin refreshed, stretch marks become less pronounced.

Mechanical peeling

There is removal of the surface layer of the skin by the action of the air stream with a finely divided sand.Unpleasant procedure also requires a long recovery, but the effect is sometimes may not be noticed.

Microcurrent therapy

Impact on striae weak pulse currents of low frequency activates the metabolism and cell growth - stretch marks become thinner and paler.A minimum of 15 procedures that result was noticeable.

Abdominoplasty Plastic surgery to remove sagging abdominal skin with the formation of aesthetic seams.This is a full operation that requires general anesthesia and appropriate training that is always associated with risk for life.

How to remove stretch marks on the pope by a mummy

This method has a popular origin, but many women say a good effect, especially if the stretch marks on legs, hips, and other common areas were not more than 6 months ago.

The normal body cream (or preventive stretch marks) was added 2 tablets mummy, previously ground, and every day is applied to a cream on stretch marks after water treatment.The effect is noticeable already after 2 weeks.

Stretch marks do not affect the status of women's health, but the ways in which women are trying to get rid of them unsafe.If you are planning a child, the point in the treatment of stretch marks is absolutely not, becausethey appear again.The greatest importance is the prevention of stretch marks - here and persistence is absolutely justified!