Causes of dry skin of the body , the face , elbows , feet .What to do , how best to moisturize and nourish the skin

Dry skin gives a lot of problems to their owners.As a rule, only the dry matter does not end there, in parallel there are other symptoms: faintness, irritation, itching, peeling, contraction.Dry skin is more susceptible to the effects of natural and domestic factors rather aging and more inflamed.

objective sensations owners of dry skin are also far from pleasant.Irritation causes and clothing in contact with the skin, and touch, and the type of skin, resembling a desert land, depressing mood.

problem should not be ignored because it is not only aesthetically ugly, but it is often a sign of some diseases.

Why skin water

Moisture provides elasticity and firmness of the skin, as well as the power cells.The degree of wetting depends on the state of the stratum corneum and the amount of sebum, which are responsible for moisture exchange between the dermis and the environment.Moderate stratum corneum and fat create a lipid film on the skin, which does not allow moisture to leave the skin, aggressive

environmental factors press oneself into the skin.

aborted protective lipid film due to external or internal factors, leads to excessive evaporation of moisture, which means - dry skin.In parallel, blood microcirculation deteriorates and trophism, affects the collagen fibers.The skin is not only dry, but also sagging.

Causes of dry skin

Dry skin is caused by decreasing sebum production in the presence of precipitating factors.Sometimes ineffective salovydelenie is hereditary characteristics of an organism.

  • If a problem is detected in young people, it is likely that a genetic feature.
  • In mature people, such as the condition occurs on the background of certain internal and external factors.Hormonal changes lead to a decrease in activity of the sebaceous glands, which is reflected once on the skin.Lack of proper care exacerbates the problem.

should be understood that when dry skin is caused by internal factors (diseases or conditions of the organism) any external influences - creams, bath and other procedures for hydration and nutrition of the skin does not lead to the desired effect.Only treatment of the underlying disease can improve the skin condition.

Internal reasons

External causes

  • Skin diseases: keratosis, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, fungal infection
  • Hormonal disruptions (hypothyroidism, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy)
  • Dehydration, which is a consequence of inadequate fluid intake, digestive disorders, hyperthermia, diarrhea, vomiting, and others.
  • metabolic disorders
  • Chronic renal failure
  • diseases of the central nervous system
  • gastrointestinal disease
  • Autoimmune
  • disease
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Natural aging skin
  • Hypovitaminosis, especially A and E
  • Long-term treatment with antibiotics and some other drugs
  • Lack of supply of nutrients, grueling diet
  • passion for coffee and strong tea
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol)
  • frequent stress
  • dry climate
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Dry air
  • Frost
  • hot or cold water
  • impact of household or industrial chemicals
  • Improper care: frequent use of alkaline soap, alcohol lotions, household chemicals, cosmetics aggressive, frequent peels.
  • work on the ground, and others. Without protective gloves
  • work at high temperatures (hot shop)

Dry skin can be general or affect certain areas of the body (face, hands, feet, etc.)..Localization dryness may directly or indirectly, to talk about the reasons for its occurrence.

manifestations of dry skin

There is a simple home test to help determine if there is a dry skin: put pressure on the skin with your fingers, so that the traces - if they have not disappeared, dryness is a problem.

Other features:

  • tightness.In case of accidental or deliberate tension such skin appear visible cracks on the stratum corneum;
  • Itch.Dryness and itching of the skin go together, the phenomenon exacerbates one another;
  • Subtle erased pores, if slightly powdered;
  • irritation, redness;
  • Peeling of the skin up to a significant, when the skin is literally littered with flakes.It becomes most noticeable when to wash the skin and then it dries.
  • Complication infection penetrated through microcracks: areas of inflammation with swelling.

Treatment of skin dryness and flaking

should be understood that to find out the cause and then prescribe treatment should be qualified - dermatologist., It will be simply useless in the case of cream diseases and other means if a harmless skin dryness can be dealt with and without medical care.

If dry skin occurs with complications in the form of irritation and micro-cracks, the basic therapy must include an ointment with dexpanthenol.Only after removal of irritation can move to cosmetics and lotions.They should be excluded alcohol-based cosmetic products, harsh peels, masks film.It is impossible to actively wipe the skin with a towel after washing.

hands Dry skin In most cases, the cause of this phenomenon are the external factors.If there are cracks and dryness in addition to fingers, this may indicate vitamin deficiencies, allergic contact dermatitis, fungal infections, and so on. (See. The causes of cracks on the hands).When moist cracks between the toes should see a doctor - it probably is eczema.

General recommendations

  • Protect hands with rubber or cotton gloves when working with corrosive compounds or on the ground, washing dishes.
  • Protect your hands with warm gloves or mittens in the winter.
  • Use PH-neutral means for washing hands and body.
  • use sunscreen while tanning in the sun.
  • normalize diet, be sure to include vegetable and animal oils in the menu.

Recipes of traditional medicine

  • Potato mask .Boiled potatoes in their skins clean and mash, add a spoonful of warm milk.In the form of heat to apply the mask on your hands 2-3 p per day for 4-5 days in a row.Soaking up the cooling.
  • Mask of olive oil with lemon juice .The basis is a hand cream (1 tsp), add 1 tspoil and half tsplemon juice.Apply before going to bed, on top of the dress fabric gloves.Repeat weekly.
  • Honey-glycerol compress .Mix 1 tspglycerol, liquid honey, flour and water and apply the mixture on your hands, on top wearing cloth gloves.It is recommended to do a couple of times a day every day, to withstand 20 minutes.
  • Sour compress. About 200 ml of sour cream with a fat content of 20% is mixed with egg yolk and lemon juice.Clean gauze soaked in this mixture and apply to hands, over wrapped with cling film and a towel.After 20 minutes, wash off the remnants of clothes and cloth gloves on his hands.It is better to do before going to bed for several days.
  • oil bath .Any vegetable oil is heated to a warm state, and immerse it in the hand for 20 minutes.Held twice a week.

Wound healing, nourishing and softening cream:

  • Astroderm

healing cream on the basis of D-panthenol, Vinylinum, allatoin, vitamin E and extracts of yarrowand calendula.Quickly restores the protective function of the skin, heals cracks and regenerates the skin.Price about 85 rubles.

  • Doctor with aloe

healing and eliminating dry cream.Aloe extract regenerates the skin, accelerates regeneration, prevents cracks and softens the skin.110 rubles.

  • Velvet hands for very dry skin

Eliminates irritation, dryness and flaking.Ingredients: cocoa butter, D-panthenol, allatoin, glycerin and olive oil.75 rubles.

  • cream restoration rest Belita

soothes, restores and softens the skin thanks to extracts of lime blossom and sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn oil and wheat germ, glycerine, vitamin E. Price 85 rub.

  • Oil Cream Vitex

eliminates dryness and flaking.Ingredients: extracts of calendula, chamomile, burdock seed oil apricot and shea butter.90 rubles.

Treatment cracks

  • ointment from honey and turpentine .The metal pan mix 10 g of resin and honey, add 30 ml of vodka and beeswax '15 put on fire, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth.Cool and refrigerate.The ointment is applied directly to the crack and stick with bactericidal plaster for 7-8 hours.
  • of calendula ointment .About 100 ml of dried flowers of the plant triturated and mixed with 200 ml of melted lard.Bring to homogeneity in a water bath to cool.It is used similarly.
  • plantaginaceae ointment .Dry grass grind into a powder and added 9 parts of petrolatum and vegetable oil 3 drops.It is used similarly.

For more information about the treatment of cracks on hands, read our article.

Dry elbows

often occurs as a result of mechanical action (working posture, with emphasis on the elbows) or baths hobbies.Dry elbows can be a symptom of:

  • hypothyroidism
  • iron deficiency anemia
  • diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases
  • skin diseases.

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  • Honey-coffee scrub .In the coffee grounds from the freshly brewed beverage add honey, stir and gently massage the scrub obtained steamed out skin elbows.Rinse with water and liberally oiled.
  • compress sunflower oil and sour cream - ingredients are mixed in equal parts, soak in a mixture of clean gauze to put it up on one elbow, wrapped a warm cloth for 20 minutes.
  • Milk bath .Heat the fresh milk and put it in his two elbows for 20 minutes.

Wound healing, nourishing and softening cream:

  • SOS cream-concentrate for very dry skin of hands, elbows on Evelyn - has an intense effect on the rough, over-dried skin, helps in retaining moisture in the skin thanks to the active complex: proteinsgoat milk, wheat germ oil, vitamin A, F, E, H, proelastin.Price about 70 rubles.
  • Ointment Radevit - eliminates peeling, nourishes and softens the skin actively regenerates the skin.The composition of vitamins D2 and E, glycerin, mineral oil, etc.. Components.Price about 370 rubles.

Dry skin

Very often, this feature of the skin inherited.Due to the fact that the person -. The open part of the body, environmental factors such as wind, sun, etc., provoke skin dryness.Age-related changes of the skin and sebaceous glands malfunction also aggravate the situation.

Several pathologies gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system and endocrine system are among the symptoms and dryness of the skin.Hypovitaminosis E and A have a negative effect on the skin.

General recommendations

  • To minimize the harmful effects of environmental factors: wearing a wide-brimmed hat in summer, warm in winter scarves wide.
  • use sunscreen, from March to September.In winter, use the cream of the special "winter" series, protecting the skin from the effects of wind and cold: ZIMA by Faberlic, winter care of Biocon, Winter from Floresan.
  • Wash only neutral agents, delete bar soaps.
  • regularly nourish the skin creams intended for dry skin.

Recipes of traditional medicine

  • fruit and berry mask .Crushed melon, plum and jojoba oil are mixed in equal quantities and applied to the face on the quarter hour.Wash off with warm water.Repeat if necessary.
  • Egg-oil mask .Beat 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tspoil (any vegetable) and gently put into a mixture of 1 tspchamomile extract.The mixture was put for 15 minutes, then rinse.
  • Oatmeal mask. 3 tbspboiled in milk oat flakes mixed with 3 tablespoonsolive oil, apply on face thick layer for 15 minutes.First, wash with warm, then cool water.

Nourishing and softening cream

  • Cream ekstrapitanie 24 HOURS face Nanosomes from Belita

- provides long-lasting hydration and nutrition through coenzyme, sesame seeds, apricot andwheat germ, nanosomes and lanolin;restores skin elasticity.Price about 170 rubles.

  • LOKOBEYZ lipokrem for dry to very dry skin

cosmetic product with a very high content of lipids.It forms on the skin fat layer and protects from drying out without clogging the pores and without the effect of visible oily sheen.In the active part liquid paraffin, macrogol cetostearyl ether.The price is about 650 rubles.

  • Night Cream Pure Line Intense Nourishing

contains wheat germ oil, and aloe and provides intensive moisturizing and nourishing effect.Thanks to aloe eliminates irritation and smooths wrinkles.Price about 65 rubles.

Dry skin of the body strong body dry skin rarely caused by external factors, often a consequence of any disease.Seasonal dry skin of the body is often associated with excessive enthusiasm sun tan.People are constantly visiting the baths and saunas are also at risk defeated dry body skin.

General recommendations

  • Establish drinking regime.
  • enrich the diet of dairy products, vegetable oils, fish, nuts.
  • nourishes and moisturizes the skin with special creams after taking water treatments.
  • used during tanning sunscreens.

Recipes of traditional medicine

  • peeling of sea salt, honey and olive oil - 4 tbsphoney take 1 tbspother ingredients.The mixture is gently massage the cleansed skin, then take a shower.
  • Bath of chamomile and flax seed. in 1 liter of water, boil 5 tspflaxseed separately in 1 liter of water, boil 2 tbspdry chamomile - simmer for 10 minutes.Strain the broth and add the two in the bath, which should take 15 minutes.
  • Milk-honey bath .In 1 liter of warm milk to dissolve 200 g of honey and 1 tspoil (olive, almond) - a mixture of put in a bath, which take 15 minutes.
  • Olive Mask .While taking a shower carefully massaging the body with heated olive oil, then wash off with warm water.

Nourishing and softening cream

  • cream oil intensive for Dove body, for very dry skin

Provides intense hydration of the skin due to the complex oil and special formula Cream-Oil.Price about 250 rubles.

  • Oil Johnson's baby

Helps retain moisture in the skin, creating a special protective layer on the skin.Hypoallergenic.Price about 130 rubles.

  • Body cream Nivea SOS-intensive

Regenerating Cream with panthenol, oils of grapefruit, lime, camellia, almond.Eliminates dryness and tightness while maintaining the effect of 48h.Price about 270 rubles.